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J.burrows 51cm Upright Hard Case Cabin Rolling Suitcases Red or Graphite $35 @ Officeworks


Pretty good price on these, shows in stock @ selected stores :)
J.Burrows 51cm Upright Hard case Cabin Rolling Suitcase Red Was $79
J.Burrows 51cm Upright Hard case Cabin Roll Suitcase Graphite $35 Was $79
J.Burrows 45cm Hard case Laptop Trolley Black $30 Was $59

  • TSA Approved locking system
  • Strong & Lightweight ABS construction combined with high impact polycarbonate aircraft wheels allow the suitcase 360 degree spinning and rolling
  • Detachable and washable interior lining

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    The first one weighs 4.3kg, which does not leave you too much weight for your stuff before getting the 7kg hand luggage limit.

    • Agree it's not light, and but how often do they actually weigh your bag? Don't you just e check and go straight on? (haven't travelled ugh for a few years but I had never had my carry on weighed before and used to travel weekly)

      • You would be right a couple years back. But now Jetstar hires staff to weigh your bag at the boarding gate. I had that unpleasant experience last year when the combined weigh of our bags, mine and my partner's, were over by the weigh of two ipads. And yes they had to include the ipads because by their definition, we couldn't fit the ipads in our pockets.

        • Is it just jetstar? I never usually fly them unless I have to, happy to spend and extra $20 and fly Virgin

  • +2

    Lightweight my arse. 4.3kg for a cabin bag is stupid heavy.

  • +2

    4.3kg for the case, right?
    Add a laptop to this and you'd already be over most airlines' limits for carry-on baggage.

    No deal :(

  • +1

    Lightweight 4.3kg for just the cabin suitcase itself? Think again… It is pretty heavy. No deal for me.

  • +2

    apart from weight this does not meet the size dimensions, as it's 110cm

    Qantas = 105cm for domestic
    Virgin = 105cm Int and Dom

  • too heavy and too big, yet already up voted 11 times?

    • It's still cheap.

      • but not useable for travel by air, unless you carry jocks only, or are ready to pay for excess weight (which negates this 'deal'). Big W now have superlight suitcases (1.8kg carry on) for bargain prices too ;-)



  • I think the international and domestic luggage have different weight limits - at least that's what the strandbags girl said

    • depends on airlines and if economy vs business v first class

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