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Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey Gold 4.5kg + Amino Energy Tub Delivered for $135.53 @ eBay (Supplement Empire)


This is the cheapest price I have every seen for ON 10 LBS pack which I consider to be one of the best Whey protein available . Although you might get a bit of fluctuation on the discount with AUD rate going up and down.

I actually bought it from below listing for $131.12 as i didn't need the free gift but since they are not a top rated seller or have their own website I can't submit a deal for them

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    Currently they have more than 10 available for rockyroad flavour and 6 for cookies and cream

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    This is a wicked deal, last deal people were happy with $140 with just the tub


    Not a bad deal OP, the 24 grams of protein per 30 gram serve is pretty good but I can still get similar 1kg bags delivered at that price.


    Question - just looking at the nutritional info and noticed there's 3 grams of creatine mono per scoop. So i take it people don't take any extra creatine when using ON Gold? Also interesting to see it has other additives (caffeine, beta alanine) that are usually in pre-workouts rather than protein powders - do people use ON both pre and post workout?

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      I think you must be mistaken? I've never seen any 'extra' creatine or creatine at all in ON Gold.

      Are you looking at the wrong label?

      edit: Oh right. I noticed where you went wrong lol. You clicked on the 2nd eBay link. Which displays a pic of some nutritional label.

      It's the wrong label. The dude is either stealing bandwidth by using a photo from suppsrus and they're probably messing with him by changing around the pic. Either that or the guy is drunk.


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        Ah, yep that's exactly what i did. Cheers, i was freaking confused!!

        Hmm.. that seller is only selling ON protein, Dyson vacuums, and GoPros. Bit strange?


      I do. It's fairly efficient at both. Buying specialised pre/post workout seems unjustifiable now


    How do you enter the code? Do you have to commit to buy first?


    This is better if you wanna buy C4 s well :)
    $165 (After $5 cashback)


    Just got my protein bag. Looks legit

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