October 13 Is The Day The AU Gov Starts It's Spying Effort on You

That date is set as the day ISP's will be required to store every piece of metadata you generate.

There's a "we (ISP's) aren't ready yet" provision that allows ISP's up to 18 months to implement this system if they can't afford it.

Source: http://www.acma.gov.au/theACMA/engage-blogs/engage-blogs/Tel...

So if you would prefer to avail yourself of what is a human right according to the United Nations

http://www.un.org/en/documents/udhr/ (Article 12)

you should first write a letter to you local MP expressing how wonderful it is to now have an additional cost on top of your existing internet service so that you can be assured you will not be spied upon when you merely want to communicate - and avail yourself of a VPN service (based outside of Australia of course).


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    I can't see where the UN has decreed that downloading someone else's property for nothing is a human right.

    Not having someone steal your property might be a human right, though.

    Would the discussion be better if we all discussed how to get what they want at a fair price, rather than steal it?

    Oh, and I wonder if someone from the 'AU Gov' has noticed your post - be careful when you answer a knock at the door……

    http://www.apostrophe.org.uk/ will help your posts, BTW.

    Got my flame suit on and charged up :-)

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      This is all supposed to be about 'protecting us' and 'national security'… nothing, allegedly, about pirating.

      • Not in this thread.

        The OP reckons that we should use overseas VPNs, and I don't see how that stops an agency knowing who we call, as the-mal correctly points out.
        It does help if you are downloading illegally, however.

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    July 1 is the day Terminator Genisys starts.

  • Don't use your Aussie ISP's mail service, use an over the top service which goes over https.

    Prefer IM apps to SMS. They are also cheaper for frequent correspondents. Use them for calls too if possible.

    VPN, nuff said.

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    You've got the outrage level turned up, that's good, because this is horrible, horrible, dangerous legislation. But simplifying this to ISP's is missing the real intrusiveness.

    Telco data. This is a Telco data retention law. Not just ISPs. Telcos.

    Sure, communication through your ISP can be routed through a VPN which will further obfuscate the content and give you content privacy. Easy.

    What about that one piece of tech that is on you right now? Is on you when you're in the toilet? Is next to you whilst you sleep and every waking moment? Your mobile phone.

    Telco metadata includes particular details of the CDR (Call Detail Records) of a call. This includes cell tower connection information which includes location. So you're soon going to be walking around with a Government tracking device on you 24/7.

    Think it only tracks you when you make a call? Nope. CDRs track data too. Every time you phone "phones home" for an app (which is multiple times a minute) you generate data for the Telco. This data is currently thrown out by telcos after a few days or weeks because of the volume and uselessness of it. Once it's retained the Government will be able to retrospectively track your movements for MONTHS or YEARS on end.

    Where were you on Oct 10th at 2pm? The Government can find out.

    That is the issue. That is why this is disgusting.

    If this isn't a big step towards 1984 I don't know what is.

    Edit: I should add, unfortunately, that contacting your MP will do precisely squat. For one the legislation has already passed, secondly it was passed with support of both major parties. When legislation has Lib/Lab support, they don't give a toss what you think because one of them will end up in power and it makes no difference who. Issues of "national security" nearly always get bi-partisan support because a controlled population works the best for all sides of government.

    Edit 2: I should add, I've worked with all 3 major Aus telcos on their data systems, I know precisely the data they hold, heck I know the database schemas for some of it. This is not tin-foil-hat stuff, it's just a shame the majority of the population aren't technically literate enough to understand the risks.

  • It is the next step in government intrusion, but nothing new really. Telstra are already selling our info to the NSA (as revealed by Edward Snowden). Not one Australian politician said a word at the time of the revelation!!
    Oz government happy for Oz company to sell Oz info to our American masters…….

    • Do you have a source for Telstra selling info to NSA?

    • Huh? Telstra selling info to the NSA? Since when?

      Telstra was involved years back in intercepting mobile data traffic and then crawling the content to profile people, but it was nothing to do with the NSA, it was really sloppy poorly informed marketing stuff. And it was so easy to spot.

  • Snowden reportedly found out from the NSA files which he accessed as an operative that Telstra gets paid by the NSA for info about Australian subscribers/consumers. You will need to go back to Snowden's revelations for more detail and background on this. I think there was reference also to arrangements that NSA have with Google, Yahoo, etc., for info to be intercepted from Australians via these US based search engines.

  • Discussed this spying stuff with some of my colleagues and been told that anyone using iPhone technology is also being spied on.
    Not sure how you avoid the gaze of big brother?

    • Easy… you go off the radar not touching any form of technology for the rest of your life… preferably living in the mountains and hunting/farming your own food.

      What? I said it's easy, I didn't say it was enjoyable…

  • I have a new idea to help our masters. We should all be required to wear a strap-on videocam which gets monitored back at the NSA. Cut out the middlemen (Telstra, iPhone, Facebook, Google., etc.). Maybe we could even claim the camera as a tax deduction (National Security Rebate)? The possibilities are endless………….

    • Strap on spy machine… do you mean a SPiWatch?!

  • I had been wondering about the date. VPN recommendations?

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    "War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, and Ignorance is Strength"

    “He who controls the past controls the future. He who controls the present controls the past.”

    “Big Brother is Watching You.”

    ― George Orwell, 1984

    • George Orwell was right and each year that goes by reinforces his views

  • So voting will happen soon about mandatory internet filter and blocking sites, also making it illegal to use VPNs to access sites.

    This Bill will make internet service providers police consumers’ downloads with an industry-run internet filter.

    But this isn’t just about stopping Pirate Bay - it covers sites for online tools like Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) that help consumers get around the ‘Australia tax’ and access legitimate content from overseas.

    The law will also prevent other parties from seeking to have site blocks removed, for example if it's in the public interest or it's blocked accidentally.