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Castrol Magnatec 10w-40 5L $19.99 @ Participating Autobarn


Guys, the Castrol Magnatec deal is back again after 3 months. $19.99. I haven't seen it drop below $18, so this is a good enough deal to stock up. Note: They do actually say prices may vary store by store on the catalogue, call to confirm price at your local store.

I know this is not the best oil in the world, but it is good enough to keep my cheap car running. Funny my car only take about 3.3L so 2 bottles last me 3 oil changes :D. Works out approx $13 each. I hope I can get an ozbargain badge for this lol

Also 30% off Nulon semi and full synthetic range.

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    "Not the best oil in the world" - honestly I think it's a fantastic oil. People who bash it probably change it out every 50,000km and wonder why it sludges up! At $20 its a absolute bargain. Wouldn't run anything else at this price point!

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      I think the same as you lol what i mean not the best is comparing to full synthetic and stuff like that. People always bring full synth, Amsoil, Royal Purple, Mobil 1, to compare with $20 oil haha but yeah, for a semi, can't beat this price ever.

      That being said, some people have concerns over the magnetic property of this oil. Sometimes I kinda want to switch to Shell HX, another semi synth at similar price point. I'm sure Castrol engineers are just as capable as Shell's tho.

      Re: Sludge, in some cases, bad engine ventilation (pcv valve) can also cause sludge to build up. Too many factors to bring into play. People always seem to blame the oil first lol


        haha funny how great minds think alike!

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        I used it in a good motor (Toyota V6) for 10 years and never experienced sludging… its a big beat up. Changed every 10k/k. My preferred oil…

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        Synthetic is only "the best" if your car requires it. On older cars mineral oil is often preferable. The frequency of oil changes is what's important :)

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