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Castrol Magnatec 10w-40 5L $19.99 @ Participating Autobarn


Guys, the Castrol Magnatec deal is back again after 3 months. $19.99. I haven't seen it drop below $18, so this is a good enough deal to stock up. Note: They do actually say prices may vary store by store on the catalogue, call to confirm price at your local store.

I know this is not the best oil in the world, but it is good enough to keep my cheap car running. Funny my car only take about 3.3L so 2 bottles last me 3 oil changes :D. Works out approx $13 each. I hope I can get an ozbargain badge for this lol

Also 30% off Nulon semi and full synthetic range.

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  • "Not the best oil in the world" - honestly I think it's a fantastic oil. People who bash it probably change it out every 50,000km and wonder why it sludges up! At $20 its a absolute bargain. Wouldn't run anything else at this price point!

    • I think the same as you lol what i mean not the best is comparing to full synthetic and stuff like that. People always bring full synth, Amsoil, Royal Purple, Mobil 1, to compare with $20 oil haha but yeah, for a semi, can't beat this price ever.

      That being said, some people have concerns over the magnetic property of this oil. Sometimes I kinda want to switch to Shell HX, another semi synth at similar price point. I'm sure Castrol engineers are just as capable as Shell's tho.

      Re: Sludge, in some cases, bad engine ventilation (pcv valve) can also cause sludge to build up. Too many factors to bring into play. People always seem to blame the oil first lol

      • haha funny how great minds think alike!

      • I used it in a good motor (Toyota V6) for 10 years and never experienced sludging… its a big beat up. Changed every 10k/k. My preferred oil…

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        Synthetic is only "the best" if your car requires it. On older cars mineral oil is often preferable. The frequency of oil changes is what's important :)