Do Banks Know about your Other Credit Card Limits & Balances?

I am wanting to borrow some money from the bank for an investment property. I am wondering if the bank will know about my credit cards, their limits and balances with other financial institutions. I don't want to disclose all my credit cards debt so as to maximise my borrowing capacity. I know banks can get some information from VEDA like if someone's credit history is negative etc but does VEDA know anything more if one has never had an issue with their credit history??

I understand I am responsible for my whole debt in the end but most of my credit cards are balance transfers & I will be paying them once the interest free period ends.


  • They know, will find out, everything from everywhere.

  • I believe that they will know what cards you have and their limits. I doubt very much that they can ascertain the balances.

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      In short most bank don't care about the balances, there are exceptions. If you have 10k limit and own $0 on it, banks will still use the 10k in their calculation against your borrowing capacity.

  • Before March, they could not share credit information. Now they can.

    • Their new system is in a mess. They cant figure stuff out themselves. I believe it is going to be much longer before the new system actually works.

      • True.

  • If you want to hide it, you better do a good job at erasing all traces of where the fund are from in your account statements and transaction export. Then most likely they will still find out.

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    Banks at this point can see the number of enquiries but aren't able to see limit/balance or if you've proceeded with getting something out of the enquiry.

  • Thanks for the responses guys. Really appreciated.

  • When you apply for a new loan they ask you about debts. I've noticed if you don't mention you have a credit card from XYZ Bank they don't pull you up on it, they could probably find out somehow, but don't bother. They want their comission they don't give a flying goat about what debts you have even though by law they are meant to.

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