My 48GB Samsung Dropbox Is Expiring in 60 Days. Any Suggestions?

Almost 2 years ago, I got a Samsung S4 which came with 2 years of 48GB Dropbox space. This 48GB is due to expire in 2 months leaving me with about 7GB with DropBox that I got through other means. I've also got about 130GB from Microsoft's OneDrive. 100GB of this will expire in Feb 2017, while the remaining 30GB has no limit. The Dropbox and OneDrive accounts both sync via Wifi and onto my PC (daily) when it's plugged into my PC. I've also got a Google account.

I'm using about 46GB right now, and I think I'll need about 80GB total by Feb 2017. I'm not a professional photographer, so I don't need ultra high res pics.

I'm sure other Ozbargainers are in a similar position as I am. What are you guys planning to do? I'm thinking of letting Dropbox expire and then just use OneDrive and the unlimited Google storage option for the next couple of years. Then I'll reassess my situation. Any thoughts guys about this?


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    i've just let dropbox expire.. i could go through it and delete a large % of it but haven't got around to it

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    I had the same thing happen to me.

    I moved to Google drive and haven't looked back. App works great on android too. Prices below in AUD.

    Total storage Monthly rate
    15 GB Free
    100 GB $1.99
    1 TB $9.99
    10 TB $99.99
    20 TB $199.99
    30 TB $299.99

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    Microsoft Onedrive. So much better.

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    Google photos is free upto 16MP pics and 1080p video


    I'd just pay for google drive. Or if you're feeling naughty, set up BitTorrent Sync on multiple computers. (You might be a bit nervous about the name, but have a listen to Security Now 402: BitTorrent Sync )

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      Why if your feeling naughty? Surely just 'cos it's got the word BitTorrent in the name doesn't make it dramatically more likely to be used for storying pirated media than google drive or dropbox?


    Thanks! I think I'll just let use OneDrive and Google from now on, and let my DropBox expire.


    Not as well know as Google or Microsoft, but I have used MediaFire for a long time.

    Their price for 1TB is USD $2.49 / month.

    They have a Windows Desktop app plus iOS and Android app apps.


    Wild idea: buy a hard drive!

    Then you can own your pictures instead leasing your own pictures!!

    Instant uploads/downloads!

    Anticipated response: But what happens if a fire/tsunami/asteroid happens…

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      But what happens if the hard drive fails? It happens. What year are you from??

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        The year 2025.

        Everyone is now leasing all their tech gear and clouds for $2000 a month and still calling me crazy.

        My 1 Pentabyte SSD, which i purchased back in 2020, is still going strong and not paying anything per month.


      Good backup plan usually = 3 copies of your files including 1 copy at a remote location. So to have a good backup of all your files you buy 3 hard drives (let's say 2TB each for $99 each). That is $300 gone out of pocket. You keep 3 copies of all your memories (photos, videos etc)- two HDDs staying at one location (home) and one you keep at a remote location (parent's place). And 3 years later you replace a hard drive (4TB) for $99 (lets assume 3 year lifespan with regular use). I do not think that is better (or cheaper if you think about the time involved messing with setting up + checking backups & HDDs) than going with online backup or storage (like Crashplan $7/mth or Google Drive) as you do not have to mess with creating backups, checking to make sure they are done right and there are no errors, monitor hard drives to make sure they are not failing and have the technical knowledge to do it all.


    Buy Office 365, get hte cashback they have ATM. Buy 5 years of licence. 1Tb of OneDrive for ~5 a month. Enough said.


    If it's mainly photos, consider using Flickr as you get 1TB to use.

    I don't use it myself, but work colleagues recommended it, so may be worth a look.


    I moved all the stuff I don't actually need to be on Dropbox to HDD (with backup) and now I have 15GB Space or so in Dropbox again


    I don't really trust Dropbox with my data. Especially now that Condoleezza Rice is a board member.

    If you are interested in using a service like Dropbox but with added security/encryption, have a look at Spider Oak. They cannot view any of the files that you upload because of the encryption.


    One option that I almost considered, and maybe wish I just did, was to pay the annual fee for dropbox. If I was going to pay anyone, it would be them. I use One Drive and Google Drive, but don't believe the usability is in the same ballpark as dropdox.

    I first moved my photos to something similar to Flickr, but didn't fit everything in the free account so ditched that.
    So I've been putting them on One Drive, but just been told I'm out of space with that too. :(

    I didn't realise google drive was free for reasonably sized photos. I'll move them there now.

    But it is an absolute pain moving them around.Hence just maybe I should have just paid for dropbox.

    But dropbox is overkill for photos. A simple storage solution like One Drive is fine, because you don't need any version control, and act as a reliable and free backup (you won't be deleting, so no worries with mirroring the delete).

    Re using a HDD, obviously you need a backup, and I have never found a suitable local backup solution. (I never run the backup, or I run out of space so stop backing up etc). Cloud mirroring works well for me, especially for photos. For changeable documents, it must have version control, which dropbox's is excellent.


      Crashplan may be an option if it suits your needs. It keeps 3 old versions of any file + backs up all types of file, all for $7/mth (or $5/mth if paid annually). Unlimited space. Mobile accessible files.
      If you already have an offline copy of your photos, there is not much you have to do to back them up - install the app & wait until all files are backed up.


    If you want true security on your files where on you have the decryption key, have a look at something like SpiderOak.

    Dropbox and One drive are great, but employees at those companies can still see your files.

    I actually run my own FreeNAS server at home as well which has OwnCloud on it (which is essenilly DropBox but the folds are stored on your own hardware). I backup most of my files to that and SpiderOak.

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