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Norton 360 5 Device + 8GB USB Drive $48.30 ($8.30 after $40 Cashback) @ Dick Smith


Available for click & collect only, but that's just fine seeing as the $40 cashback offer ends June 30.


I personally think this software is garbage, but for whatever reason some of you seem to love it so here you go :P

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  • I personally think this software is garbage

    sure is…

  • Do you see stock anywhere?

  • It is old. There is no stock in several postcodes I tried. Someone mentioned before in ozbargain, and it is typical phantom-ware of DSE: All sold out?

    Are you able to buy one yourself?
    If not I will give you a negative.

    • If not I will give you a negative.

      Please do. Nobody should buy this garbage. I would neg it myself if I could :D

  • Say no to norton

  • Norton is resource eating junk and should not be used by anyone.

  • A real bargain would be if Dick Smith offered to take the trial off new systems for free, rather than the $80 they were asking a while back….

  • What's more painfully stupid and irritating than installing Norton on your computer? Installing Norton on FIVE computers!

  • Hand up who is still using Norton? I stopped like ten years ago…

  • how can you comment on something you haven't used for 10 years?

    • I know how… because the mods allow it. It's against the Neg rules, and common sense… but it still stands.

      Go figure

  • Exactly.

    It's much improved in terms of speed and using less resources.

    There was a period around 10 years ago when there was a lot of viruses going around that the good products (such as Norton and Kaspersky) did bog down the system but that was to ensure you were getting good protection.

    I use both Norton and Kaspersky (not on the same computer) and have never been inflicted with a virus. I have had both stop me from entering sites with risks.

    • Internet kids, thinking it's "cool" to hate.

      Mob mentality.

      • I've been using and building systems since 1990, and utilising Usenet since '91, and UUCP Internet since '95.
        I don't think it is cool to hate. I have learned to detest the sight of Nortons flag of shame in the status bar through long and bitter experience repairing systems that have been totally borked by their updates, and stepping through the slow painful process of un-twining its tendrils carefully from any set-up using Outlook so the Office install wasn't totally crippled by following Norton's own instructions for its removal.

        In 1996, when Kapersky was active in the comp.talk.virus fora, I was supportive of his heuristic based ideas as vested interests attempted to mock, and was one of the many pointing out that Symantec had as firm a relationship with Peter Norton as the KKK had with Yoshua ben Yuseph, and was a lumbering ungainly behemoth.

        Kapersky is still standing and well respected. "Nortons" is still put on systems by manufacturers who are paid to do so, and utilised by businesses that have heard the name, and don't have the time to delve deeper.