expired Lenovo DDR3-1066 1GB $13.00 SO-DIMM for Notebook from Harris Technology


Capacity 1 GB
Memory Speed 1066Mhz
Memory Type PC3-8500 DDR3
Number of Pins 204
Form Factor SODIMM
Dimensions (w x d x h) 68 x 32 x 4 mm
Weight 0.02 kg

Features and Benefits:
- Lower 1.5V power consumption, compared to older 1.8V DDR2 memory, extends battery life
- Improved system-level thermal management that further reduces power drain
- Test-proven 100% compatibility listed for supported ThinkPad systems

Not a bad price considering static ice is 16.66 for the cheapest memory or 50.00 when you search for this part number ie 43R1987

Lots of stock for pickup

Business Centre Pickup
Osborne Park Business Centre (WA)20 units in stock
Fyshwick Business Centre (ACT)20 units in stock
North Ryde Business Centre (NSW)60 units in stock
Fortitude Valley Business Centre (QLD)20 units in stock
Hawthorn Business Centre (VIC)21 units in stock

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    wrong photo? looks like normal one, want 2X2GB DDR2 sodimm, Thank you.

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    Can some tell me if you can use this in any laptop or just Lenovo laptops?

    Will DDR3 fit into a DDR2 socket?

    Specifically I have an Toshiba R400.



      Nope.. you can only use DDR2. I believe they're also physically different, so you can't fit DDR3 RAM into a DDR2 slot.

      And no — you can use any brand of RAM in any brand of laptop, whether its Kingston or Lenovo — you just need to make sure it is compatible (i.e. specifications match. )

      DDR3 RAM is getting real cheap nowadays… even cheaper than DDR2. Good think I stocked up on DDR2 RAM and don't need anymore.


    Not many laptops that accept DDR3 from what i've seen. Anyway, it's only 1gb so i'm too bummed that i can't use DDR3.


    On a related deal: http://www.ht.com.au/part/R6797-Kingston-Memory-256-MB-SO-DI... unbelievable, they are selling it for a dollar!


      not such a good deal as the memory amount is too small for most systems min would really be 2gb for a decent system.

      also notebooks only have 2 slots normally so 2x 256 gives you 512mb in total which is too low for win xp or anything else okay maybe just win xp but very slow

      better deal was the toshiba 1gb for $8.00 but i bought them all :)


        well it doesn't really matter when you want your 6 year old laptop to run the latest ubuntu, a $2 upgrade might well worth it =)


        My mum's 2006 laptop came with 512mb ram and Win XP. Don't know what service pack it's running though. Regardless, i will propose to her that she upgrades the ram to 2gb while it's currently open for a HD replacement, cause it's a 12" Twinhead with a ram slot that's buried.

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