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Inner Armour Anabolic Peak 6.8kg Premium Protein Only $100 Free Shipping at CSAACTIVE


Hi Guys,
Its Matt Cheesman, Founder of CSA. We want to give our customers a HUGE DISCOUNT TODAY. For just $100 you will get Inner Armour Anabolic Peak 6.8kg in any FLAVOUR packaged and delivered to your door absolutely FREE. Its an absolute bargain price for a premium brand supplement.

The cheapest of this product I found online is $119. We are taking further $19 off this price with Free Shipping. This is the lowest price you will buy Inner Armour Anabolic Peak and its 6.8kg BIG!

All you need to do is enter coupon code: FLASHSALE after adding the Inner Armour Anabolic Peak 6.8kg here: https://csaactive.com.au/inner-armour-anabolic-peak-6-8kg/
We have all 4 Flavours available for you to purchase today. Chocolate, Cookies & Cream, Strawberry and Vanilla. They all taste superb!
Here is some information about this product. Inner Armour Anabolic Peak is a great post and pre workout protein for people trying to gain weight and muscle mass. We highly recommend Anabolic Peak because it is a CSA tested product. This product works and will bring you results. And for $100 its a true bargain!

At this price, we know that it will sell out FAST. There aren't many left in the store, so ACT FAST and grab it before we take it down.

The coupon code FLASHSALE only works with ANABOLIC PEAK. This coupon cannot be used in conjunction with other coupons. Postage will apply to NT customers. All other states in Australia, shipping is $0. Product ships from Sydney via Express.

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    What are the health benefits of taking Anabolic ?


    What's the nutritional info for this product? I can't seem to find it anywhere.


      With each serve providing 50g of protein required for muscle growth and 260g of Carbohydrates for sustained energy to train harder, the benefits of having a Quality branded Protein such as the Inner Armour Protein are significant. Inner Armour products are also informed SPORT stamped and banned substance FREE so they are clean and high quality.

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        the benefits of having a Quality branded Protein such as the Inner Armour Protein are significant

        That's great. Can you name the significant benefits of this WPC over unbranded WPC?


        So how big is a serving size? Fat content? Amino acid breakdown?
        Most protein powder serving sizes are 40g, so your serving size is 10x that?

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          it's a mass gainer, so its chock full of carbs and other things: http://innerarmour.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/IABlack_US...


          Nutritional info is here http://www.nutritionexpress.com/inner+armour/bodybuilding/in...

          Just another garbage milk protein isolate and maltodextrin blend. The components can be purchased cheaper from Bulk Nutrients. This isn't a deal.

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          @ComfortablyNumb: 30g of sugar!


          @ohhidayo: Plus lots of waxy maize, which "technically" isn't a sugar (it's absorbed much faster).

          Seriously, the product is just 14% protein. If you want to gain weight, buy a decent whey (or casein, or blend of the two), and get some real food into you (a few slices of bread or some oats). Much cheaper too.



          Plus lots of waxy maize

          Actually, although OP advertises the product as being "loaded" with waxy maize, it appears in the ingredient list after creatine monohydrate. Considering there's only 4g of creatine, there would be a negligible amount of waxy maize and the carbohydrates would consist primarily of the cheaper maltodextrin. Including minute amounts of an expensive ingredient just to be able to advertise the product contains this ingredient is a common scam in the supplement industry.



          I actually have the 2 serving version of this protein (a friend gave it to me a while back) and it is seriously the sweetest protein I've ever tasted. I'm guessing the 2 serving version is basically the same since it has 15g of sugar and 3 grams of creatine.


          @ohhidayo: It's not really a problem, people will have a cry about glycemic index, but the reality is that index is only accurate when consuming the foods themselves in a fasted state. Your GI tract is dynamic, you consume fast digesting carbs like sugar with protein and it will slow the absorption rate, throw in some added fats and in the mid arvo pizza has a lower GI than whole oats.

          That being said, these products are great as a post workout shake.


    Here is the link from Inner Armour US site:

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    Can you change the description to make it clear that it is a mass gainer. Any shake with ~1200 Calories per serve is applicable for a very small proportion of athletes/gym bros.

    Claiming it is 6.8kg of premium protein is a joke. It having a protein to carb ratio of 1:5 makes it 'Premium Carbohydrate' but that is questionable, depending what carb source (s) are used.

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    Serving size is 4 scoops and servings per container are 20 ($5/Serve) ONLY!

    Also, roughly 1300 calories per serve!!

    One must be really idiot to buy this Premium Protein!

    There are better options for hard gainers!!!

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    Hi rep,
    I was wondering exactly how ripped taking this will make me?

    I tried some samples that were advertised a few weeks ago and didn't see any results.


      It would depend on training and nutritional habits complementing your supplements consumed and own individual metabolic rate of burning calories consumed. Thanks.

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    4 scoops you say? C'MON GET BIG


    Those stats are pretty terrible


    As others have said, this is definitely not a deal. Much better options elsewhere.

    335g per serve to get 50g protein??

    I'll pass

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