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Optimum Nutrition Whey Gold 8lb + BPI RX6 + Free CE Whey, Shirt & Shaker $149 @ Xtreme Warehouse


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Xtreme Warehouse have Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Whey Bag 8lb + BPI RX6 30 Serve for $149
+ FREE CE Whey 5 Serves, FREE Shirt & FREE Shaker which is an added bonus

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Xtreme Warehouse
Xtreme Warehouse

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    Personally I would spend a bit more and order elsewhere that's likely to give better service.

    If you receive your order from xtremewarehouse without problem then all well and good, however good luck if there's a problem as they are painful to deal with.

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    No Whey…

  • +2 votes

    ive always ordered by supps from xtreme warehouse and never had a problem.


      Ditto. Ordered from them for years. Order always comes within a handful of days to WA.


        Exactly, but the issues arise if there's any queries/problems- then it all turns to turd dealing with them.

        Perfect example is the Store Rep here has time to log in to +vote both your comments (and I would guess neg mine), surely that time would be better spent demonstrating they are interested in customer service and maybe trying to turn me back into a customer by addressing my point…


          First Thanks to livo81 & tantryl for your support. We extremely appreciate that and we would be always glad to help.

          Q2V3, I respect your opinion and I am sure there is a misunderstanding. BTW we didn't -vote you (2 others Did)

          Please privately message me your order details and if possible a phone number and We would be more than happy to actually address what happened with your order.

          We always like to see our customers happy. So please send these details through and we will assist you.


    I always order my wpi in kgs

    Fk the imperial system

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