TP-Link Archer D7 Modem/Router

Fellow OzBargainers,

In the market for one of these modem/routers - I've seen it as low as $139 with a free WiFi AC dongle (by redemption). Does anyone know where I could find one for the same price or cheaper?

There's quite a few people after this router as per this thread:

So if anyone has "connections" that could sort out a deal for us, that'd be great!

Thanks :D


  • You could do what TA does and contact the reps directly, most reps seem to be good sports about that.

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    Just an aside - I bought this router around 4 months ago and there was initial sync issues but TP-Link have done a great job identifying the issue and updating the firmware.
    I got mine from Wireless 1 on eBay about 136 I think

  • I have messaged TA about this and he says he has got heaps of request from other OZB folks for getting new deal for us :)
    So seat tight…hoping he will publish it asap

    • Thanks electricblue, I've messaged shopping express myself and the rep said they're "working on it" so hopefully we see a good deal pop up soon!

  • Waiting for tomorrow EBAY deal to go for D7 :)

  • Seems like an age I've been waiting for a good sale on this or the D9 :(

  • WHO IS Se rep?

  • Any update on this deal? Hanging out for a new modem/router.

  • Guys, check this out:

    They have it for $149, which is $20 off the 'going rate' on other sites, however I don't think it includes shipping.

    Anyway, perhaps you might want to try your luck and get OW to beat it by 5%?

  • Any D9 deal or sales?

  • Bump! Need a new VDSL2 modem.

  • EB Games have deal on at the moment for $128!

  • I bought the D7 - now realise it doesn't have VoIP. I bought it in a rush b4 Xmas from OW, thinking to just use the VoIP option I have on my current iiNet ADSL2 connection and benefit from WiFi for new tablet and Smart TV. I am now curious about Naked plans - and getting off land line rental to save money. I don't know if I am dependent upon iiNet to provide special modem - or if any other Modem Router is suitable for Naked connection ? Also curious about options for separate Modem and Router. My existing old Belkin Modem that came with my ADSL2 connection from about 7 - 9yrs ago ? still works as I send this - but I wonder if I get better performance from current WiFi Modem / Routers ? I am just living in a 2 bedroom Flat - connection for living room and maybe bedroom walls. Could anyone help ?

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