Help Me Buy a Lawn Mower?


I am buying a lawn mover very first time as never had to use before at my house buy bought a new house and have a medium size backyard so need to buy one soon. I had a look on bunnings website and found this two with many features and in my budget. Can any expert suggest which one is better or anything or anywhere else i should look for. Thanks in advance.


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    Aldi have one coming up next week $399 (sat 8th)

    190cc B&S motor
    Self Propelled
    Grass catcher

    You ahould see it on their website after tomorrow.

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    I picked up one of these recently. Only used it once so cant comment on long-term. Rover brand is a good one.

    $359 less 10% = $323.10
    Pay with discounted gift cards - 5% = $306.95

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    I bought a Firebrand lawn-mower for $199 at Mitre 10 about 7 years ago, and this this thing has mowed grass, weed, shrubs, tree roots, pebbles, rocks, fence posts, toes, cats, slippers, youeffinnameit and it is still going strong; if you can find one, get one!

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    When I did a bit of internet research on mowers a while ago, the consensus was roughly:
    - If money is no option, get a Honda
    - If you're going to be mowing for a living, get Honda
    - All else, get something with a Briggs & Stratton engine - both the linked mowers you give have this.

    The Masport does have the mulch option - where it cuts the grass up finer and leaves it behind. This is supposed to be good for a healthy lawn.

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      I would just add on the 'mulch' option that not only does it tend to promote a healthy lawn but it also saves you constantly stopping the mower to empty the catcher and working out where to put all the clippings.
      I find it handy and rarely mow without the mulching plug in.

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    If possible, look for a mower with rubber wheels/tread. Unfortunaley most mowers (including the one's you listed) all have those same plastic wheels with plastic tread, which simply don't stand the test of time


    If you have a medium size backyard. I suggest you get OZITO electric mowers also from Bunnings.Its light and easy to use.