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Domino's - Any 3 Pizzas + Garlic Bread & 1.25L Drink $25 Delivered


Got this email today. Seems to be a pretty good price.
Expires tomorrow.

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  • Thanks OP, the voucher allowed me to order Traditional Pizza only.

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      I find with those, order through the app and add your pizzas to the order, then add the voucher code, rather than voucher code then order.
      I always find its then 'any' three pizzas.(apart from the prawn pizzas which are always a surcharge more.)
      Work around on that is to remove something mundane, like red onion, and then add prawns……

      If you add voucher first, only usually brings up the traditional pizzas menu.

  • Are chef best pizzas any better than traditional? Certainly smaller than them.

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      They are slightly smaller but delicious and packed full of toppings.

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          I guess it depends on the mood of the pubescent teenager making it but I've had a good run so far!

        • @cymon: Great for a group of teens on a Friday night.

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          each topping is meant to be weighed, apparently.

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          Doesn't stop my pizza looking like a barren wasteland half of the time, other times packed with toppings…

    • It's too small and not pan thickness.

      If they put chefs best on normal size circle pizzas then I would get it.

  • Good deal. Just a question that I just thought of.

    Are we supposed to tip delivery drivers in Australia? Typically I haven't because of minimum wage and all but do any of you do it for standard service (excluding amazingly good service)?

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    • Always tip $2 or $3, the drivers pay is low and they don't get extra on Sundays if working dominoes

      • I imagine every casual employee at Dominos would be getting the same award wage? I don't think being a driver is any harder than making the pizzas, quite the opposite in fact.

        • Driver's pay used to be low starting somewhere from $9.70 in 2007 but now they get paid $18 if you're over 18 similar to David Jones…but tip is always a good sign of your satisfaction with the delivery time and service.

        • Different award, not sure why they have set their business up like that. In-store staff receive additional pay on Sundays. That's why you see a lot of drivers working public holidays and Sundays.

    • I've always paid online so never really even thought about tipping.. As a general term though, no, tipping isn't expected.
      Minimum wage for a job that requires you to have a license and deal with customers in semi-risky situations (delivering to their house) pays an alright wage as it is. It's far from an ideal pay, though it's not majorly low for the low requirements.

    • I don't deliver for Dominoes but for another company and not pizza. Tips are appreciated but of course are not expected. Even if you only tip $2 or so it adds up for the driver over the night if a number of people tip.

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      this is ozbargain, im surprised anyone mentions tipping lol!

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        Doesn't mean we're a bunch of frugal jerks. Some of us here might want to simply not be spending too much if there's a cheaper alternative.

    • It may not be expected but it's the decent thing to do. We tip 10% for food delivery drivers and 15% in restaurants (if happy with the service). We also ask our waiter if they have to share their tip with management and if they do we quietly give the tip to them in cash as we leave. The reason we tip is because most hospitality workers and drivers are students and/or immigrants and they're doing it tough on casual wages. Tipping makes you feel good, too.

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        I find the cost of living high enough as it is. Food price inflation is on the up and up. I don't get a tip or bonus or anything where I work, and I consider it the responsibility of any other staff's employer to ensure they are being compensated for their work.

        Last thing I want to see is a US-style tipping system!

  • Thanks OP, just got a $53 order reduced to $25.

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      you don't order without coupons though, r-right?

      • Nope, not even once. Usually I'll drive there and pick them up too but yesterday was the first time I ever got delivery.

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    My size 32" pants aren't fitting my waist anymore. Time to make a change.

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      Any ozbargainer has good belts deals please keep tendollar posted.

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      Buying a pair of 34's should solve the problem nicely.

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        Any true ozbargainer would have bought 34-36's and pegged them in to cater for expansion without wardrobe upgrades.

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    Thanks dinner sorted

  • I can order any pizza I want, not just traditional.

  • What flavour do you guys recommend? I always seem to choose the ones that ended up tasting bad.

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      Got the godfather, meat lovers and chicken&camambert last time, all arrived nice and hot + were delicious.

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      Love Chicken & Camembert. Supreme is also good, usually get rid of the whole tomatoes and add more meat for both.

      • BBQ chicken pizza without the surcharge: Designa - 2x roast or seasoned chicken, red onion, rasher bacon + bbq sauce.

  • By any, does that mean chicken and prawn pizzas as well, or this is similar to those "any pizza" in the past where you could order only selected (traditional) pizzas?

    Edit: Nah. If you order any of the chicken & prawn pizzas each will cost you $2.95 surcharge so it isn't 'any 3 pizzas' for $25. Still not bad by the way.

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      If you make a Design your own pizza, you get to choose 4 toppings, including chicken and prawn without paying a surcharge.
      Or order a supreme or something and swap out a few ingredients for the 'premium toppings'.

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        That`s the way I do it.
        Supreme, remove mushroom oregano beef and add prawn and anchovies or chicken and leg ham.

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          Ah! Great tips. Thanks, wherestheid & Bargin Boy.

  • Haven't ordered pizza for ages. Ty OP, good deal.

  • Great deal, too bad the only pizza shops here charge upwards of $40 for 3 pizzas pickup :(

  • Ta OP, ordered and delivered quickly. Friday night TV watching food sorted. I'll see how many of the three I can get through…

  • Awesome.. Thanks ozb

  • thanks mate. was about to spend $32 on the same deal!

  • Pizza night tomorrow night.

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    for those that dont know, you can remove things like spinich, pineapple, onion and put on seasoned chicken, prawns or any other more expensive pieces.

    • and no surcharge?

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        correct. i do it all the time

        • thanks for the trick

          The question is since Domino knows the trick
          would the pizza matter give you less of those surcharge ingredients to compensate?

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          I just found this trick does not work, if you swap with a "free" ingredient.

          You need to remove an ingredient that cost money e.g. $2 for another ingredient e.g. season chicken which also cost the same amount.

          Else you get charged extra.

    • Thanks for the tip I didnt think it worked anymore. So what pizza has the most toppings? Remove them all and start from scratch?

      • supreme

      • Pretty sure you can only swap 2 ingredients

  • Thanks OP, tomorrow's meals sorted :). First time eating pizza in months!

  • Thanks OP, that's tea sorted on this cold day!

  • cheers just ordered.. been ages since i had dominos !

  • anyone know how to get the gps tracker?

  • Noooooooooooo.. I just spent $35.90 and saw this, could haev saved an extra $10. Damn.

  • Yay, just ordered this for dinner 5 minutes ago. Thanks OP. :3

  • Still works in Townsville, thanks again OP! :)

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