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Aladdin Vacuum Flask Heritage Traditional Plaid 710ml $9.95 Delivered @ Your Home Depot


Been looking for a good Thermos, this one is from a reputable brand and the next best price I can find is $29.95 + postage. It says $7.50 shipping but is removed at checkout.

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    I'm a lumberjack and I'm OK

  • Someone should try rubbing one of these.

  • Thank you Ordered 3 for $22.23

    • How can that be? I thought it's $9.95 each?? Shouldn't the total be $29.85??

      • Add 3 to your cart and find out :)

        • calculation error in their system - order might be cancelled as price error.. I was able to do the same but did not feel good to rip them off by exploiting this system error, just a personal choice.

        • @spiderdash:
          I needed 3 and ordered. The system shown a discount. If that was pricing error I am ready to pay the difference.How that is exploitation?

        • @sachy:
          Hey mate I didn't mean that you exploited. I was just saying that for myself, (after understanding what was happening).

  • Put 3 in with PayPal, got $29.85, not able to place order for lesser amount. Likewise paying directly by credit card, makes you add in postage at end.

  • Thanks, just got one for 9.94

  • Sign up to their newsletter and get $5 off

  • I seemed to have placed an order, but now it's claiming the amount I ordered arent available and it doesnt seem to have hit my paypal.

  • These are a bit ugly but I have bought several of this size in a more modern format from Meyer for $15 and they always leak from the top where the seal never works. Aladdin probably do it better. I could not do Sachy's trick of 3 for $22.23 as you have to select shipping and then it cancelled out the discount for shipping.
    I do not think Sachy should feel he ripped them off as they made the same profit as if they had to discount the shipping to 3 separate customers.
    Can you get one for $4.95 by subscribing to their newsletter?

  • Sold out….

  • No discount showing for newsletter sign up.
    Out of stock

    • Looks like they got rid of that promo. I bought something a couple weeks ago and there was a banner advertising a $5 promo code for subscribing.

  • Out of stock

  • Has anyone received any communication on these? Normally they post out quickly so i'm thinking the orders might be cancelled?

  • Thanks op.

    Just got it this morning via auspost. You will be sent a tracking no. via email, check your junk folder.. Says on the bottom "ethically made in china" heh first time i have seen this, probably means they dont use kids to make it. Time to test it out vs my thermos, might keep hotter longer as it has a tin wrap around the double wall stainless steel.

  • The red tartan design is pertfect with its red color. Percfet for a big picnic with your besties.