Cheap Data Plans for iPads

Any suggestions on where to start on getting cheap data Sim for an iPad?


  • How much data do you think you'll use per month?

  • if you're with optus you can share the data from your mobile plan.

  • "Any suggestions on where to start"

    Google is your friend……………..well obviously not for apple users.

    "cheap data Sim for an iPad?"

    Do they use different sim and data to the rest of the world's devices?

  • 2-4 gigs a month,

    Yeah am with Telstra, they have the same share option even though its quite expensive, hence the topic. Was wanting to know if there are any cheap providers out there.

    Wow Google? you serious? guess where google brought me, Ozbargain.

  • TelstrA and fortunately Vodafone are $10 & $3.75 per Gb at about the $30 price point, respectively, and of the better mbb networks; 3GB, 4+4GB (2015).
    Only Telstra includes Google play credit ($30). ive no complaint as an android.
    Go for -$15.