expired [Steam] Counter-Strike: Global Offensive $7.49 USD (50% off)


CS:GO is on sale again at 50% off. It is normally $14.99 USD
Sale ends on the 24th August

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    I uninstalled CS:GO 6 months ago, because of cheaters. These sales only anger me even further.

    Nevertheless, you get your +1


      Rarely play with cheaters nowadays. More foreigners, smurfs and mic-less people which annoys me.

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        You must hate people like me then. I have a microphone stuffed in my drawer, but never use it.
        At my rank people are always unfriendly. I get kicked for not having a microphone sometimes or for typing to people and not calling. Especially when I join a team that is lobbied together.

        Battlefield 4 is my game now and on PC it is mostly played by people who are over the age of 20. They rarely use their microphones.
        THere are less ethnic people and stupid kids so I rarely get called a "(profanity)" and people don't say "rekt" every minute.


          Geez. People take it way too serious now days.

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          When I played CS 10 years ago, not many people had a microphone and it was okay to say "I don't have a microphone". Nowadays, CS players think it's mandatory and would probably argue for it to be put in the system requirements. lol

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          Honestly, just don't play during peak times. Play after 11pm and it's honestly great.


          Rubbish game and rubbish community.

          It's basically the CoD scene on PC.


          I was playing CS when it was released 15 years ago, back then everyone played in the gaming cafe thingy, only a handful played at home, it was way worse as not only I had to deal with yelling and profanity, but bad odour, fart, food, smokers, etc…


          I remember those days. I stopped going to the internet cafe shortly after CS:S was released.

          I couldn't bear the smoke.

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    1.6 for lyfe.


    LOL. so. I was waiting around for the ESL to get the deal on this… but these comments… -_-