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Hungry Jack's Vouchers - Valid to 5 October 2015 [National]


It looks like voucher expiries are overlapping over at HJ's. Enjoy adding to the collective OzBargain paunch!

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  • do they accept print out from the computer?

  • They took out the Grilled Chicken / Tendercrisp deals! Spewing!!

    The marketers are delusional at Hungry Jacks

    • That was my top favorite deal when these vouchers come out. This so-called chicken royale is crap compared to the Grilled/Tendercrisp chicken deals.

    • Just use shake and win, I very often win two tendercrisps or two grilledchick for $5.50.


    Is it true Hungry Jacks whopper has like 70 grams of fat?
    I have only eaten Hungry Jacks once in the past 15 years. I think I had the ocean or fish burger.

  • Is it just me or is there no value in these coupons any more?

    • 'the illusion of getting a bargain'

      the meals for two are still ok… two people can get f'ed up for $12… or one fat person

      • But it would be better to just get two pockitpal deals of $3 bacon deluxe with fries, and share a 1.25L coke from woolies for $2.

    • -2 votes

      Of course. It's $10 for heart disease in a bag.

  • the shake & win app that they have is pretty good as well

  • bring back the two whoppers for 5.95!

  • Good to see the brekky rolls added. They're a lot nicer than the muffins IMO.

  • Had my first HJ burger a month and a bit ago and I am hooked.
    HJ burgers>Maccas burgers!


      Look at the fat content.

      • There is nothing wrong with fat.

        You can eat two bacon deluxes and that is better then getting a large coke from them.

        A burger contains real energy, a coke does not.


          "There is nothing wrong with fat."

          Where did you learn that from? That sort of fat intake from processed food is actually very bad.

          "real energy?"
          Is that suppose to mean something? Both contain energy and the body converts the sugars into energy long before the fat is broken down.

        • @tendollar:

          Yeah but fat doesn't necessarily mean you'll get fat if you eat it. If anything, us men actually require some fat to keep our testosterone levels high


          Can you get your fat from somewhere else then? From more healthy, unprocessed and organic sources?

        • @tendollar:

          I suggest you look at the ingredients of a hungry jacks burger, its not as bad as you might think.

          As I said. Sugar drinks are bad. A hungry jacks burger is very filling for the nutritional value it has.

        • -2 votes


          I don't particularly care what it is in the burger anymore, because I know that Hungry Jacks has the worst track record. Do not be fooled by their advertising and "good" taste. Hungry Jacks is the most unhealthiest fast food joint in Australia. The ingredients you speak of are injected with artificial flavours and sweeteners.
          Both sugar drinks and high fat content burgers are bad for you. In this case, the burger is far worse for you.
          Look up the recommended daily fat intake for an adult then look at a whopper. If you don't believe me, go speak to a dietitian, because I cannot for the life of me understand why people like you think Hungry Jacks is beneficial to eat.

        • @tendollar:

          You sound like you read random stories on the Internet…

          You need to understand there are multiple ways for people to be healthy.

          You also need to understand that things are different in Australia then they are in America.

          And just for your information. Mcdonalds soft serve cones aren't made from pig fat, and their 100% Australian Beef isn't just a registered brand called "100% Australian Beef" but I bet you didn't know that.

        • @tendollar: so sick of the "it's bad for you because it's processed and unnatural" arguments, it's only bad for you if you eat it all the time and without adequate exercise, your abstinent attitude towards being healthy is what exacerbates anorexia

        • -3 votes


          Nah, I have spent all my years at uni studying the human body while working at the Charles Perkins Centre. It's pretty sickening to see your attitude towards fast food.

          I did not know that because I don't eat junk food.
          Just know that while you sit there and argue with me, you're arguing with someone that sees obese people walk into the clinics everyday. I really don't need to be educated by someone who thinks fast food is healthy.

        • @tendollar:

          Everything in moderation, gentlemen!
          However I do agree that the burger has more nutritional value than the drink. The burger at least has protein, the drink has sugar, sugar is the most useless thing your body can do without.

        • @montorola:

          The Burger has protein, fat, long lasting energy and vegetables.

          It also has a wide range of vitamins and minerals, simply because of the beef and vegetables.

          Not only is it 1000% better the a sugar drink. You can make a burger quite similar to a hungry jacks burger at your local supermarket.

          Hungry jacks burgers are not particularly unhealthy for a burger. If you want make your own beef patty, vegetables and wrap it in a lettuce leaf for maximum healthyness then you can.

          My point is that you wouldn't eat burgers every day anyway.

        • The "beef" that is used in these burgers has more saturated fat content than the "regular" mince you buy at woolies. The cheese used is also unlike any respectful slice cheese you can buy at woolies, it is just saturated fat injected crap. The 1mm single slice of tomato on these burgers in no way counts as a vegetable serving. I would wager the mayo is also the rubbish type (palm oil, soy bean oil) versus the sunflower oil mayo you buy at woolies. A home made burger would be infinitely more nutritious than this junk.

          In saying that, I still eat this junk, but I don't kid myself about it's nutritional value.

        • @TRANCE:

          I think you misunderstand what I meant.

          You can buy premade burgers at Woolworths that are not pure mince.

          Hungry Jacks beef patties are pure beef, its fatty beef and what its cooked in adds fat, but there is actually a decent chunk of fat coming from the mayo, bacon and cheese. These are not magical patties that have been injected with things ;)

          You can buy similar cheese at Woolworths

          You can buy similar mayo at Woolworths.

          If I'm making myself a burger for taste alone, I will be putting a similar amount of vegetables as Hungry Jacks for taste reasons.

          My point is that by going to Hungry Jacks you are in no way getting some magical unhealthy burger. I am trying to help people understand that there are so many worse things you can do by simply going to the supermarket and making a more unhealthy burger, buying ice cream, etc.

          I would also say that hungry jacks is no worse then any other takeaway place depending on what you are ordering. All takeaway places offer sugary, fatty food that is often just a box of simple carbohydrates that does not fill you up and makes you crave more.

        • @tendollar:
          I eat out twice a week, that's 2/21 meals, I think I can afford to be a little unhealthy if I want to be. I too, studied nutrition, physiology as well as the neuroscience behind obesity. I believe everything in moderation. But good on you for giving up junk food. Some people find joy in eating healthy food and doing exercise ( like my sister) and others, like some indulgence once in a while.

          Damn woke up too late to print these vouchers :(

        • Ahhhhh, I don't think you are correct there, chief.

        • @samfisher5986:

          Hungry Jacks is a way for people to be healthy? Oh really.

        • @samfisher5986: "Pure beef", Yes it all comes from a cow, but mince is a mix of fat and meat, the ratio of fat to meat is skewed towards fat in the mince from hungry jacks versus woolies mince.

        • @TRANCE:

          I agree, however I wasn't comparing it to Woolworths mince, I was comparing it to the patties you can buy some of which have the same high fat content.


          @Mr Wowtrousers:
          I like your display pic.

        • @tendollar: at the end of the day it is a restaraunt that serves a meal that is no more unhealhty than a meal you get at most other restauarants! italian, indian,fish and chips shops , these are probably worse! all these probably have more calories! just because its cheap and fast doesnt mean you have to eat it everyday day of the week! you wouldnt eat at italian restaorant everyday why would you eat hungry jack restaurant? is there fault that they sells these meals cheapily so people can afford to eat it everyday? anyway these people are severley obesse not because of a whopper meal with a diet coke at lunch or dinner time. its the complete lack of excersie, drinking soft drinks. alchol, chocolate crisps, coffess full of sugar m cakes and snacks between meals.

        • @tendollar: Where is your proof there is a problem? The Heart Foundation has no proof, so they might like the info as well. The line is they are just playing it safe.

        • @tendollar:
          "The ingredients you speak of are injected with artificial flavours and sweeteners."

          FYI - There are strict food labelling and information laws in place in Australia. The beef patties are 100% Beef (Australian), but can be seasoned on the grill with salt, pepper and soy oil. The Lettuce, Tomato and Onion are just that, no added dressing or preservatives.

          Flavours (natural) ARE used, but only in the Pickles and Ketchup, however this is fairly standard for pickles and ketchup across the board. If it bothers you, remove both.

          The bun contains NO artificial or natural flavours, NO artificial sweeteners, however a large amount of salt (iodised) and sugar.

          Onto fat intake. A whopper is 40.1g of fat (11.8g saturated). Daily intake reference value is 70 grams. So a whopper is 57% of this. So if you eat it for lunch, it leaves 30g of fat for the rest of your meals. So I'm not entirely sure what your point is on fat intake? Given that for this 40g of Fat you are getting 30g of protein, let's look at how the Coke compares.

          A large Coke is 1096kj, and 62.9g Sugar. Given that your daily reference value for Sugar is 90g, this is a whopping 70% of recommended intake, with 0g protein, and NO vitamins.

          So tell me again how the burger is worse than the coke?

          Ok, and as for"I know that Hungry Jacks has the worst track record" please state your source.



          Replies to a 3 week old thread, pathetic.

          Go stuff a whopper where the sun don't shine.

        • @tendollar:

          My most humble apologies for only just getting around to printing out these coupons and reading the post.

          Thank you though for your well formulated argument and analysis. I am so glad that you took the time to ponder the information presented and not just pig-headly ignore facts in favour of personal opinion.

          It is good to see young people today getting such a fantastic education, and a real understanding of thier subject matter.

          And FYI, the thread was bumped on 16/Sep/2015 @ 11:22am. So, it is a 1 day old thread.

          Thank you once more for your time in replying though.

          "Go stuff a whopper where the sun don't shine."
          Such a polite young person.

        • @tendollar: Being so educated you are probably aware of the Bloomberg ranking system for determining the "healthiest" country in the world, as published by the OECD's health division. Lo and behold it is Qatar that takes out first place as "healthiest" nation. Qatar also happens to be the 2nd most obese country in the world. Australia is ranked tenth, and again has high rates of obesity and alcohol consumption.

          My point? Well simply put, you are entitled to your opinion, but you need to look at ALL the facts, and not just cherry pick the ones you want to use. Because if you do that then you could choose to pick the above and live a life of over indulgence, in the style of Qatar, and then wonder why you have heart disease.

          I am actually quite impressed at how passionate you are toward the subject of health and obesity. I suggest that you need to simply temper your delivery somewhat.



          Didn't read any of that. Move on. Tired of dealing with fat ozbargainers

        • @tendollar: Better to be fat than pig-headed ignorant.

          Have a nice day. :)

          You're welcome.

  • anyone else still going hard with the pokitpal $3 bacon deluxe + small fries coupon posted up on here not long ago? cause i sure am haha.

    • anyone else still going hard with the pokitpal $3 bacon deluxe + small fries coupon

      Mate I agree it's a great deal, but it just doesn't do anything for me in that way… Cheap Viagra it seems =p

    • Only a few days left to enjoy it (ends 21st September)

  • Still no chicken nuggets and 2 medium drinks with the Mega Meal like McDee's has. :(

  • Thanks OP.

  • I feel like these should all be normal prices.

  • Vouchers expired :(

    any new ones yet ?