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Xbox 360 Gears of War 2 (GOTY) and Fable II (GOTY), Halo 3 ODST (with Controller) from Game UK


Hey there. It's my first time posting so if this has been covered before, I apologise. Full credit to 'linton' for introducing me to Game UK.


Gears of War 2: http://www.game.co.uk/Xbox360/Shooter/~r343488/Gears-of-War-...
Fable II: http://www.game.co.uk/Xbox360/RolePlaying/~r343487/Fable-II-...

Game UK has Gears of War 2 (Game of the Year Edition) for 15.98 GBP. Delivery is another 4.95 GBP (but if choose to pick up other games as well like Mirror's Edge for 4.98 - http://www.game.co.uk/Games/Xbox-360/Mirrors-Edge/~r334039/, then delivery still remains at 4.95). I recommend Mirror's Edge too. It's really fun haha. They have some other great deals too on like Tekken 6 and Fight Night Round 4.

That works out to be around ~$38. The great thing about the Game of the Year edition is that it has one deleted campaign scene (involving Marcus, Dom and Dom's wife Maria) along with all 19 multiplayer maps in an addon (DLC) called 'All Fronts Collection'.

This addon costs 1600 MS Points: http://marketplace.xbox.com/en-AU/games/offers/0ccf0007-0000... (1500 MS Points from Gamecard.com.au costs $24.95 - http://gamecard.com.au/my/shopexd.asp?id=4).

Ebgames has Gears of War 2 for $59.95 (http://www.ebgames.com.au/xbox360-142809-Gears-of-War-2-Xbox...). But that's not the GOTY edition so if you purchase the addon as well, that'll be around $84.90 (I'm calculating it as 1500 MS Points instead of 1600.)

JbHifi, I think the game was around 50+ as well but Jbhifionline.com.au has Gears of War 2 listed at 89.99 (http://www.jbhifionline.com.au/game/xbox-360/gears-of-war-2/...)

Game AU has Gears of War 2 (Standard and Limited at $69 http://www.game.com.au/search?search=gears%20of%20war%202). Again the addon would be another 1600 MS Points.

I think this is a great deal and I just bought it. Since it's PAL format, it'll definitely work on Australian Consoles but I'm not sure if you can use these for trade-in deals. I've ordered from Game UK before and I got my package in 6 days.

Please let me know if any of this is incorrect and I'll edit accordingly.

So to summarise for Gears of War 2 (including the 1600 MS Points DLC):

Game UK costs - ~$38.
Ebgames costs - ~85.
JbhifiOnline costs - ~$114 but Im sure in-store, the game costs around 50+. So let's say ~$75.
Game AU costs - ~$93.

Fable II Prices:
Game UK: $38 - http://www.game.co.uk/Xbox360/RolePlaying/~r343487/Fable-II-...
Game AU: $69. - http://www.game.com.au/fable-ii--game-of-the-year-edition/xb...
Big W: $78.
Ebgames: $69 (Standard edition only).

Fable II GOTY also includes Bonus DLC (Knothole Island and See the Future) which would costs 560+800=1360 MS points. (http://marketplace.xbox.com/en-AU/games/media/66acd000-77fe-...)


Merging from another post but it didn't warrant as a separate deal…

Game UK has Halo 3 ODST (Including a Limited Edition Wireless Controller) for only $67 (not including delivery).

This is a ridiculously good bargain considering that a normal 360 controller varies between 60-80 bucks whether you buy it from JB, Ebgames or even Game AU.

Ebgames. Controller only - $78. (http://www.ebgames.com.au/xbox360-134985-Xbox-360-Wireless-C...)
Ebgames. Halo 3 ODST - $99 (http://www.ebgames.com.au/xbox360-145949-Halo-3-ODST-Xbox-36...)
Ebgames total cost: $177. Standard wireless controller.

JBHIFI Controller - $69.
Halo 3 ODST - $69. (http://www.jbhifionline.com.au/game/xbox-360/halo-3-odst/422...)
Total JBHifi Cost: $138. (Again, just the standard wireless controller).

Game AU Controller - $69 (http://www.game.com.au/xbox-360-black-controller/xbox-360/B4...)
Game AU ODST - $79 (http://www.game.com.au/halo-3-odst/xbox-360/HALO3RECON)
Total Game AU cost: $148.

No matter how you look at it, you save anywhere between $80-100 bucks.

You get Halo 3 ODST, Beta Access for the upcoming Halo Reach and the limited edition controller all for just $86 bucks delivered. I think this is a great deal.


Game UK (This deal): $86 (Delivered with Limited Edition Controller).
Game AU: $148. ($62 more and just the normal controller)
Ebgames: $177. ($91 more and just the normal controller)
JbHifi: $138. ($52 more and just the normal controller)

If anyone’s looking for PS3 stuff, Game UK has the DualShock 3 Controller for only ~$63 ( http://www.game.co.uk/Accessories/PlayStation-3/DualShock-3-... ).


I put up more deals from Zavvi on my other post. (http://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/20928)

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  • Nice find ;).

  • ragflan - welcome to ozbargain. Awesome first post, thanks for doing all the research :)

    Deal even better than play asia's price. http://www.play-asia.com/paOS-13-71-dw-77-1-49-en-15-gears+o... =~$39.47 delivered

    • Thank you thank you… I personally would prefer buying from Game UK than Play Asia… Its definitely PAL format rather than region free and no chinese characters which kinda looks fake-ish… Sorry if that sounds rude man… Thanks again for the vote…

      Ahhhh!!!I really want Tales of Vesperia for Xbox 360 but i cant find any deals…

  • NICE post - great research and made for interesting and educating reading even though I am not a xbox owner. Plus vote to encourage a new standard of posting. Welcome.

    • Thank you… I only wish I knew about Game UK before. I bought Fable II from Big W at Christmas time… I thought $78 for GOTY edition was a good deal. What did I know that it was 50 bucks cheaper (not including delivery) from Game UK… I could have bought both these games for less than the cost of the one game from Big W plus enjoy a stunner deal. Sigh. I try not to think about it but its hard when you consider how many games you can actually buy with 50 bucks…

      • I almost bought Mirror's Edge from Ebgames for $34. I thought 'Half Price.. great I'm gonna get it." But it was after midnight and I thought I'll just pick it up next day. But next day through Ozbargain comments, I came to know about Game UK… Game AU has always been good, so I trust Game UK… And they had Mirror's Edge for 4.98 pounds. That's like 7-8 bucks… I got it rightaway…

        • haha I'll take all forms of monetary thanks. :p

          I thought about composing a tread such as this one, but from the amount of effort it looks as though you put into it, my fingers are glad I didn't. Nice post. :)

          • @Spiderboy: Yeap! It was from linton. All credit should therefore go to him. Through his comment I realised about the 4.95 delivery regardless of how many items you purchase. And through him I got to know Game UK and I go there everyday hoping to get a deal on Tales of Vesperia… It's like 60 bucks from Game UK and Ebgames and JbHifi are selling it for 109. But its sold out currently on Game UK. Dammit!

  • plus vote for the detailed deal description, as well as the fact this is sounds like a great deal - any idea on postage times?

    • Included in post. Just like Game AU, they do next day in UK. But they claim 4-6 days to Australia. Mine took 6 days…

    • Can only imagine it would be similar to other UK sites such as Zavvi and 365Games, which is around 2 weeks…

      • It took 6 days for me but i cannot guarantee the delivery times. But unlike Zavvi, within 6 hours of my transaction, i already received an email that the item was shipped just like Game AU and it took 6 working days for me to receive my package…

  • It is defintely a great deal because the addon pack costs 1600 MS Points which is like 27 bucks. The game with the addon pack costs around 29 excluding delivery. So its definitely a great deal since…

  • They have ODST for 20 GPB.

  • wow. this is good.

    I just checked the following titles :

    F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin (Xbox 360) £6.98
    Gears of War 2 Game of The Year Edition (Xbox 360) £15.98
    Fable II Game of The Year Edition (Xbox 360) £15.98
    Mirror's Edge (Xbox 360) £4.9

    Total of 43.92 GBP = 79.1196 AUD Great value!

    None of these show up on the JB Excluded list (http://www.jbhifi.com.au/games/excluded-games.pdf)
    So, does that mean that they're all trade-in-able?

    • I've been rejected previously with a UK version of a 360 game, but have also traded in other UK version games without a problem. Guess it depends on the salesman/store policy.

  • welcome and thanks for the great post.

    and TERRIFIC explanation showing your research, well done.

    • Thank you thank you. I updated the post… I really like the Halo 3 ODST deal. Even if you don't enjoy the game, you get a controller as well. And you can sell the game on ebay for about 30-40 or more if you're lucky enough.

  • And I'm really surprised that Mirror's Edge is not sold out at that price.. It's not a bad game. It's a decent game and I really enjoyed the demo, so I bought the full game. It was only like 9 bucks… And also Wet is an another awesome game. Its selling for 14.98 GBP which is like around 27-28 dollars. Also a great deal… That game is really really fun. Kinda like Max Payne but with a kick ass chick as the main character…

  • I don't know about trade-in value or whether JbHifi accepts it or not, but if there's a game you really want (like I wanted to get Mirror's Edge and Gears of War (GOTY), then this is the best price I have seen. Plus Game is an awesome store in Australia with great deals and I'm sure the UK one is just as awesome.

    I am going out now and I just wanted to say for those people who already have Gears of War 2 and you want to get all the addons and the additional deleted campaign scene, the addon costs around 27 bucks (1600 MS Points) which is almost exactly the price of the whole game from Game UK (excluding delivery) which already includes the DLC/addon.

    You can then trade your existing copy of Gears of War 2 for some good deal at JbHifi and keep the GOTY edition from Game UK for yourself.

  • +1 for description & research!

  • Does anyone know any good deals for Tales of Vesperia? Its annoyingly hard to find and places that do have it, have it for $109 or so…

  • If anyone's interested and still reading, I added 4 more deals from Zavvi. These ones involve more savings than the Game UK ones.