Canon 50mm F/1.8 STM - What Does Filter Thread Front Mean ?

Looking for something to use my $50 ebay voucher on.

Think I will grab my first lens beside with what came with my Canon 650d.

Just wondering what the following means from Kogan -

(Filter Thread Front) -

Filter Thread Front: 49mm which is $10 cheaper than this other version that doesn't mention it.

Not described in this one but $10 more expensive -

I believe both can use 49mm filters but wondering why one is $10 cheaper than the other. Perhaps the funky cheaper one that some limitations with the filter arrangement, etc.

Thanks for any kind advice :)



    The filter diameter would be 49mm for this lens, should you decide to attach a filter. Kogan just added the line and made it complex, both of them are the same lens.

    If you want to buy with ebay voucher, then I'd suggest you to wait till teds camera re-lists it on their eBay store, you'll get 2 year local warranty. Or buy from TGG eBay store immediately. Bear in mind, you get what you pay for with Kogan.

    I got this lens from TGG with ebay 20% off sale and I love it!