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I think its more my OCD and the reputation of Jatco transmissions that got me hyped up at the beginning. Also these days can monitor...
16/10/2019 - 23:23
I would say good on ya for your boss. The real question is how do you get ahead, so you dont need to do such posts on ozbargain :) At...
16/10/2019 - 18:22
I have an outlander 2010 model that uses a Jatco CVT. Newer models are okay. Key is to give them a easy life, thats why I picked a car that...
15/10/2019 - 22:32
when I travelled I was on $90 per diem, I would hit up the 90 cent noodles a few times = profit :P
11/10/2019 - 09:45
I found the best way to use these, is to install a bluetooth scanner that gives you signal strength and then just pin point the area based...
26/09/2019 - 15:51
You can also get bad a pre-inspection company, which may not list many defects with the property and have so many clauses in their contract...
22/09/2019 - 21:32
what car was it ? just wondering
20/09/2019 - 10:35
The Seagate one, is well Seagate.. make sure you have a good backup!
14/09/2019 - 23:10
find a friend or someone in the neighbourhood who has already been through the journey previous to you. get all their hand me downs,...
08/09/2019 - 19:48
No FCC filing, so unlikely.
04/09/2019 - 23:58
Its truly ozbargain when you are 4ever waiting for XM3's to go below sub $200 level since you keep on hearing rumors that XM4 release is...
31/08/2019 - 02:01
Tablet. He already broken his cheap ass Aldi one.. So I got a cheapie, doesnt matter if he breaks it again.
31/08/2019 - 01:54
Its $325 now until midnight from Good Guys 15% off sale with $10 shopback promo for a new set. Dunno why but I purchased one.
29/08/2019 - 23:20
word on the street no FCC filing yet, so unlikely to be announced next month. perhaps later through. Xm3's are still popular.
29/08/2019 - 22:59
Buy XM3 now or ha wait for XM4 (if they ever turn up next month)
27/08/2019 - 13:11
yep years ago my 2.5" seagate died on 3rd power up, got replacement, replacement died within a few months, got another replacement.. kind...
26/08/2019 - 23:16
Thanks OP, got 10 ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ‘
12/08/2019 - 09:24
its amazing, she only had to wait 12 seconds for the traffic to start moving again
06/08/2019 - 01:30
Makes me wish I was a student again! This would be luxury compared to the every student staple of Mi Goreng noodles.
01/08/2019 - 20:42
I think it was 1999 when the outrage of $1 a litre fuel came in. Everyone was pissed
30/07/2019 - 19:26
if my wife drinks a little bit of coke or pepsi during the day, she cant sleep at night. that caught me off guard.
28/07/2019 - 21:36
> bought one but dont actually need it. A true ozbargainer! > Is it possible to cancel the order Not in the ozbargain tradition...
28/07/2019 - 13:48
redundancy OF your backup strategy, not IN it. (multiple backups and locations). Example. acquaintance 1 - RAID5 all drives from same...
26/07/2019 - 22:17
Then after that you might realise you need a proper backup strategy than a redundancy one.
25/07/2019 - 23:25
I keep on losing my mibands... so I better not buy it so I dont lose it :P
24/07/2019 - 20:57