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Jetstar Gift Vouchers - Buy One, Get Another Valued at 10% of The One Purchased


Pretty good deal if you can buy one of these and wait for one of Jetstar's good sales (2-4-1 or Business Class sale etc)


Buy $50 voucher, get free $5 voucher
Buy $100 voucher, get free $10 voucher
Buy $200 voucher, get free $20 voucher
Buy $300 voucher, get free $30 voucher
Buy $500 voucher, get free $50 voucher

Jetstar Gift Vouchers are valid for only 6 months from issue date

A hint is to buy just below the value of a fare you have in mind, so you don't forfeit the balance. You can use multiple vouchers to purchase a fare. Remember you also save on credit card booking fees, as Jetstar don't charge fees for payments with vouchers.

Whoever the recipient, whatever the occasion, everyone loves a holiday. With a Jetstar Gift Voucher, you’ll be giving the ultimate gift – the excitement of a great travel experience.

Even if your Gift Voucher only makes up part of a full airfare, remember: a little goes a long way with Jetstar! With Jetstar’s all day, every day low fares, the lucky recipient of a Jetstar Gift Voucher will be well on the way to a great holiday experience – thanks to you.

Simply choose the value and order your voucher. We can either email it directly to the lucky recipient or to you, so you can email or print and deliver it yourself.

Gift Vouchers are redeemable towards Jetstar flights (including sale fares) and flight extras like baggage, meals, entertainment and upgrades. They’re valid for six months, to book any flight on the Jetstar schedule – so there’s plenty of time to decide on the trip and plan ahead.

** A thanks to Tightarse for his previous post on the same deal run some months ago **


How do you send the gift voucher?
We’ll send the gift voucher by email to you or your recipient.
Are gift vouchers transferrable?
Yes, gift vouchers can be transferred to another person. There is no restriction to who redeems the voucher so, it is important to keep it in a safe place. Gift vouchers must be redeemed within 6 months of the issue date.
What can I spend my gift voucher on?
Spend the gift voucher on Jetstar flights. You can also pre-purchase baggage allowance, food and drink, entertainment, extra leg room or upfront seat selection, or a comfort pack. Gift vouchers are not valid for holiday products including accommodation, activities, transfers, parking, insurance and car hire.
Does the gift voucher expire?
Yes. Gift vouchers must be redeemed within 6 months of the issue date.
Can I get a refund?
We don’t issue refunds so, treat the gift voucher like cash. If you think you’ve made a mistake in your booking, contact customer service.
Can I pay with credit card?
Yes. Pay by credit card using PayPal.
Do I need a PayPal account?
Yes. You will need an existing PayPal account, or to create a new PayPal account, to buy a gift voucher.
What if the gift voucher has expired?
Your booking must be made before the gift voucher expiry date. If a change is made after the expiry date the full value of the gift voucher will be forfeited.
Can I use the gift voucher for two bookings?
Redeem in one booking only. Any amount not redeemed in that booking will be lost and no credit will remain.

Any other questions, I'd suggest contacting Jetstar directly

Via Jetstar's Homepage(see graphic)

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    Anyone know how long it takes to recieve bonus voucher?

  • +6

    Thanks OP. There's some really useful comments in this previous deal that may be helpful :)

    • you got 83 votes last time Tight…. let's hope I can achieve the same :)

  • Can you use these with price beat fares?

    • yes

      • With a caveat… if you want to book the return flight in the same transaction, it must also be a price beat fare.

        This is important because these vouchers can only be used in 1 transaction.

  • +1

    Can I use the gift voucher for two bookings?
    Redeem in one booking only. Any amount not redeemed in that booking will be lost and no credit will remain

    Was looking for above question and found the answer on their website. Which is just plain stupid, I think.

    Another Q if you know the answer … is there any way to buy multiple vouchers in one hit ?

  • Let's say the fare is $80. Can you use one $50 voucher and pay the remaining $30 with credit card? If you can, paying $30 with card does it attract credit card fees?

    • yes you can use the voucher and no, I don't believe the balance is subject to CC fees

      • Comments in the other thread indicate you do pay the full CC fees. The only way around it was using poli to pay the difference (which doesnt work on tablets & phone apps).

        Usual Jetstar scam, forfeit the balance not used in one transaction. Their flights never cost $25, 50, 100, 200, 300, 500 even. So they are going to either keep a chunk of your money or jit you woth a CC fee unless you can use Poli

      • +1

        It used to be that the CC fee was not applied to the balance however that has changed and CC fees applies the moment a CC is touched.

  • I just bought tickets for $600 literally 3 hours ago :/

  • edit: found

  • thanks so much, just saved me $200 !!

  • +2

    Based on previous experience, make sure you all know when the bonus 10% gift vouchers are being sent to you … and if you chat online to Customer Service, make sure you keep a copy of the transcript.

    Had to argue black and blue to get prices honoured during their Japan sale, after waiting longer than expected when advised by Customer Service (and the sale finished).

    • How long do the 10% vouchers take? …kinda expected it with the arrival of the normal one (ie - instantly) ….

      • Last time they promised 24h but it actually was a week… Be sure to check the dates first before committing.

        Anyone know when this round of bonuses are due?

        • I wasn't able to find the T&C for this discount / offer…hopefully it comes soon

        • +1

          Be extra wary guys, this is exactly what happened last time… launch the promo, then all of a sudden they modify the banner to have T&C's.

  • Do you pay CC fees on the voucher?

  • +1

    still waiting for the 10% voucher….

  • No u dont pay cc fees

  • is this advertised on their website anywhere? I couldn't see it

    • +1

      On the homepage, it's 1 of the 3 sliders. Image

  • Just in case no one realises this yet… BUY $50 VOUCHERS ONLY!!!

    You forfeit any value in the vouchers above the cost price of your flight… but you can pay with more than one voucher… so everyone should be buying $50 vouchers, because there's no benefit (besides convenience in not having to type in a bunch of voucher codes) of the higher value vouchers, while the $50 & $5 increments give you the best chance of matching the cost of your future flight with your vouchers.

    The obvious exception to this is if you already know how much your flight is going to cost.

    • Yup, or if you're good at maths then do the maths to buy whatever $ value and make life easier (less transactions)… but good idea, means you get $5 vouchers to play with in any combo.

  • So the best option is to purchase $25 voucher as several voucher can be used in one transaction. Then the gap should be paid through poli.

    Is it correct?

    • $50 or more

  • Note guys, that you CANNOT use your vouchers to buy addons for your flight AFTER you've booked. You must buy food etc DURING your booking session.

    • Not true according to this page:

      "Redeem your gift voucher right here! Buy a flight or, add baggage, meals and other flight extras to an existing booking, and enter the gift voucher number when you get to the payment page."

      • oh ok, that's news to me!

        I think I might be getting confused with buying inflight vouchers during checkout.

  • +2

    Just to summarise:
    - multiple vouchers can be used in a single transaction. So yes, you can effectively use vouchers to avoid credit card fees even when this promo is not running.
    - you will not be able to cover full amount of transaction with vouchers only since they have pre-determined values and your amount is unlikely to be rounded (e.g. $200).
    - you still need to pay the remaining amount with a payment method that attracts no booking fee if you want to avoid it. You can use Poli, no problems with that, just make sure that you use it with some secondary bank account, not your savings account. The reason is simple: using Poli is like giving your internet banking password to a stranger. He says he won't do anything bad with your password and will not remember it, but who knows? Always change the password after using Poli.
    - it can take up to 24 hours to receive the voucher you purchased (confirmed by Jetstar) although it should be immediate by design.
    - god only knows when Jetstar will send you the bonus voucher. It is better not to rely on it if you are limited in time.

  • Jetstar rep stated that vouchers will be sent within 24hours.


    • Let hope they arrive soon from this page:

      Father's Day Promo: When will I receive my bonus voucher?

      The bonus voucher will be emailed to you within 5 business days of the original voucher purchase.

    • "…after you purchased it" she says. I guess that was about the original voucher, not the bonus one.

  • still waiting….

  • My bonus vouchers came through in exactly 24 hours.

  • My bonus voucher hasn't arrived, how on earth do you contact Jetstar to follow up?

    • If you know the best way to chase this, let me know. My 10% bonus voucher is in my fare calculation, so i cannot proceed with my booking. It is more than 35 hours now.

      • I just chatted with a Jetstar employee about a price beat and they referred me to to chase up the missing 10% voucher.

        There is a specific voucher feedback option.

        Response time is a quick "may" contact you within 15 business days.

        • Called them a few times, still waiting for the bonus vouchers after more than a week.

          The Rep said he suspect if you have already used your pay vouchers, then the system may not detect them when they ran the scan and sent out voucher.

          They should have told us not to use the pay vouchers if you want your bonus voucher. Anyway, still waiting.

        • @coprocessor8087:

          I'm still waiting and I haven't used mine. Have also entered my details into the query form about three days ago but no response yet.

  • Is this still on?

    • yes til tomorrow

  • So my total fare came to $440 flat. Can I buy $400 worth of gift cards + the extra $40 and pay it like that?

    Or is there some dodgy thing they have going on?

    • That's what I am trying to do. The dodgy part is they didn't say when your 10% bonus voucher will arrive. I have been waiting for more than 2 days now. The flight I want to book has no more seat, so need to have original pay voucher + 10% bonus voucher (when it arrive) + additional pay.

  • BEWARE guys,
    I bought a voucher last Friday, and until today I haven't got my bonus voucher. Rang Jetstar customer service who doesn't know anything about it and will get back to me in 3 - 5 days. I had wanted to book flights by now, and the vouchers coming in later would be useless.

    • Got my bonus voucher, roughly 8 working days after my original voucher came.
      Lodged a complaint as this is too long and after the 5 days (which is already too long) as stated.
      Very frustrating.

  • Call and chase them…. I wasted 4 hours on the phone over the course of a week… Apparently there was no record of the bonus voucher… The call centre reps had no idea of the promotion and kept insisting that I fill in a feedback form..

  • Filled in the feedback form about a week ago and got my bonus vouchers yesterday. Big fail for Jetstar.

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