This was posted 7 years 24 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Buy Any Jetstar Voucher, Get Another 10% FREE (eg Buy $200, Get $20 Free)


Jetstar has a great deal where you purchase any voucher, and receiver another to 10% of the value. This is an awesome way to save a further 10% off your fares. Trick is to buy just below the value of a fare you have in mind, so you don't forfeit the balance. You can use multiple vouchers to purchase a fare. Remember you also save on credit card booking fees, as Jetstar don't charge fees for payments with vouchers. Good luck!

Link to the voucher page is here.

Buy $50 voucher, get free $5 voucher
Buy $100 voucher, get free $10 voucher
Buy $200 voucher, get free $20 voucher
Buy $300 voucher, get free $30 voucher
Buy $500 voucher, get free $50 voucher

Jetstar Gift Vouchers are valid for only 6 months from issue date

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  • +12

    Get Another FREE to 10%

    that sounds confusing…

    • Agreed

      10% off vouchers?

    • +2

      It's more like 10% bonus?

      • +1

        more like 9% off

  • is it good?

    can we use gift voucher to pay price match?

    • +2

      Yep. It's as good as cash.

      • +5

        As good as cash… great will take it to the bank :)

      • that's good, so additional 10% off on price match!

        that's about total 20% off with Tiger price.


  • +4

    6 month expiry for those wondering and "If a change is made after the expiry date the full value of the gift voucher will be forfeited." which seems a tad harsh!?

    • thanks. only 6 months

  • how long the gift voucher last? 1 year?

    • 6 months

      • Ouch, not long.

        • Why would you buy one if these anyway unless you know you are soon to buy flights for a trip?

        • @fookos:

          For Christmas to offset some of the price rises.

  • +1

    If the airfare is less than the voucher amount. You forfeit the balance.

    • +1

      Also if you are even just a few cents off and you need to pay the balance by credit card.
      You will be hit with the full credit card 'surcharge'.

      • +4

        Just pay the balance by bank transfer then as there's no charge involved.

        • +1

          Jetstar won;t allow you to pay the balance by bank transfer (the option gets removed as soon as you apply a voucher). However you can pay the balance using POLI (which is basically the same anyhow)

        • +1

          Several banks have said POLI is dangerous and insecure, see my post below.

      • +1

        so just buy lots of $50 vouchers rather than a big >$100 one

        • Is it one voucher per purchase or can you use like 10 to book a single ticket?

  • Title very confusing.

  • Is there a limit to how many vouchers you can use in your booking? Eg. If you bought quite a few low value vouchers so you don't forfeit any unused amount.

    • +7

      I called them 5 minutes ago, as I wanted to know this as well. Definitely can use as many vouchers as you like for a booking, so may be wise to buy lower denominations up to the value of the fare you need.

  • Very interesting deal. Thanks for this TA.

  • +1

    Buy 100 get 10 for free.
    Discount = 10 / 110 = 9.09 %

    • +3

      It is not a discount, it's 10% bonus extra.

      • -5

        same old. same old

  • +1

    The ozbargainer in me wants to use the 10% price beat guarantee and then pay with these bonus 10% vouchers.

  • Keep in mind you are also saving $8.50AUD per passenger per domestic flight or $8.50-$12.50 per passenger per international flight by paying by vouchers vs. a credit card.

    • +3

      If only you have equal balance in a gift voucher.
      If you have more balance, those were forfeited.
      If you have less balance, you will still be charged a cc fee.

    • +1

      pay via POLI and not be charged anything

      • Do you need to do anything intense to get setup for POLI?

        • just need internet banking on a savings/cheque account with a sizable bank

      • +1

        Several banks have said POLI is dangerous and insecure. POLI admitted that your banking login and password pass through their servers, but POLI said they wouldn't look.

        • It uses SSL certification so the data is heavily encrypted. Have you got a link regarding the banks saying this?

        • +1


          Several are listed in Wikipedia, click through the references to read them:

          SSL does not mean secure. You do know that ANYONE can get an SSL certificate, don't you? GoDaddy (Australia) sells SSL certificates for AU$5.99.

          Here's another recommendation NOT to use POLI:

          And another, although it's a bit old:

        • @Russ:
          The link to PoliceBank expresses more a concern in how transactions are made, it is not an issue regarding compromising activity

          The one on ITNews mentions that Poli doesn't hold bank details.

          And as for SSL ceritficates, they are indeed safe. No two certificates (Beyond 128bit) contain the same encryption algorithm. There is an enormous amount of work required to be able to decrypt one. Being able to buy one from GoDaddy is great as it guarantees that more online stores can guarantee encryption. So can you explain the issue there?

          I'm not trying to shoot down what you are saying, but the issue you are raising is one that is raised for all new technologies. It's no different than using your credit card. It's stored on the same kind of technology. I've used Poli for 2 years now without an issue. I love it, in fact.

        • @Cyphar:

          A number of points.

          SSL is actually outdated; Wikipedia says "Secure Sockets Layer, an outdated cryptographic protocol superseded by Transport Layer Security"

          SSL (and TLS) have already been compromised several times:

          But I agree that it is sufficient for you to communicate with your bank, because your bank does know security and keeps up with the latest security knowledge, and because they also agree to compensate you if it all goes pear-shaped.

          However, the most important thing is that security is not just about encryption. Using POLI, you are giving your banking login credentials to POLI, and THEY are logging into your online banking, and then sending the webpages back to you. All it would take is one corrupt employee, or one new undiscovered weakness in POLI's website that hackers can exploit, and you could lose everything in your bank account. Your bank could then deny responsibility, because you gave your banking credentials to POLI, which is explicitly forbidden in your bank's "terms and conditions".

          If you have a home loan accessible through your online banking, the losses could be even larger. Your offset account could be emptied, re-draw (if allowed through on-line banking) could also be used to drain your funds further.

          If you look at the history of POLI, where earlier versions used ActiveX to run their bank access, it certainly looks like POLI didn't start with security in mind, and like they are learning as they go. It doesn't look like they are seasoned security experts, in fact their history makes them look like security amateurs. Here is a quote from a security prossional, Greg Day from McAfee:

          "Using ActiveX for online payments is the kind of thing that would make me run a mile. [It] is probably the most used route for hackers to get in … and steal personal information."

  • DAMN!!!! I booked for Japan like 20 minutes before this was posted :(

  • +2

    how quick do the egift cards arrive? seconds? minutes? hours???

    • this is a good question, as if they are instant and depending how long this runs for could be good to keep as an option when a sale comes up with tiger to pounce here and get to fly with jetstar @ ~20% off the tiger airfare

      • want to know so i can grab egift cards whilst on live chat doing a price beat!
        (rather than beforehand)

        • "Hang on a second I'm just trying to find my e vouchers…. hang on… hang on…."
          10 minutes later…. "ah I found them"

  • You buy a $50 voucher. Do you receive a 50 and a 5, or a 55 ?

    • +2

      Click the link. At the bottom of the screenshot you'll see it says 2 separate vouchers.

  • +1

    Anyone receiving a Error 500 now when trying to purchase a gift voucher?

    • me too… having error when trying to buy

  • Just to confirm, multiple vouchers can be used in price beating?

  • +1

    With such a short expiry, it's a bit risky to purchase. I purchased a voucher before but didn't end up using it. It almost became wasted but luckily my friend was booking a Jetstar flight and was able to use it for me.

  • Through my Jestar Mastercard I've accrued nearly $2000 in flights, yet sometimes the vouchers have come out at an inopportune time.
    So far I've given away $600 or more worth of vouchers because I couldn't use them before the expiry date.

    Note though, this was back when you only had 3 months to use the voucher, within a 6 month travel window.

    • Next time you're giving some away let me know!

      • Haha well my family members get first dibs but I'll let you know.

  • +1

    Please be aware that you can only use the voucher once and the remaining amount is forfeited. It does not work in a similar way as a gift card (cannot be used multiple times)

  • +2

    tried to bought a voucher, but got:

    Sorry, an error has occured.

    Error Code: 500

    • Buy it via their chat service. Works great.

      • I tried to buy it via their chat service and their phone line.. but they say they couldn't sell vouchers only air line tickets. They only manage to log the error for me…

        Do you know who you talked to?

        • +1

          could have been Jess

        • Do you know who you talked to?

          Sorry, no idea. A colleague bought the $100 one via chat coz he was getting the error message.

  • Dame… Just booked yesterday, but lucky I got the last promote price before the price go up. But still, if it come up early I can save bit more…

  • Can you use these vouchers for baggage? I'm in Japan now and the wife has done too much shopping so we'll probably need to purchase some more kgs when we come home on Friday.

  • entire "voucher page" is down, spoke with live chat and they said they are trying to fix it… so deal is pretty much non existent at the moment.

    • +1

      The power of OzBargain :)

  • +2

    I might use these for the Japan sale and save even more :) yay!

  • has this expired. No mention of 10% when i click the link

    • i'm wondering the same. I don't really want to buy unless i know i'm getting the 10% back.

    • 100% working. As per the screenshot, expires May 10. If you're really concerned, get Jetstar on a chat session and ask them and they'll confirm. You then have the evidence in case you need it (although the ad on their front page is more than enough).

  • Just called to try to purchase vouchers with customer service as the page is still giving me an "Oops!" when I click purchase. The CS lady said there was no such deal currently going on. I couldn't see the ad on the front page either…

  • What a shame. It's not working at the moment. This is what they told me on live chat. Oh well I'm going to go ahead and book a flight anyway whilst they're still cheap and available :D

    "You're welcome and thanks for waiting. We are having an issue through our website with the Gift Voucher since yesterday. My apologies about this issue and for the delay of resolution. Our engineers are still working out to rectify the issue"

  • Does anyone know if these vouchers work for flights booked in other currencies?

    Say for domestic flights in Japan?

    • NVM, Jetstar answered me, apparently you can.

      • Did they explain how? I'm looking at a thailand origin flight, which is in THB. I can price match off airasia in THB but unsure how paying in AUD works since jetstar (unlike airasia) don't offer multi currency conversion/payment

        • I have no idea. THe agent just said that it works. I hope so, just bought $500 in vouchers for jap domestic flights

  • Does anyone know if the vouchers work on purchasing jetstar flights?

    • They won't.

    • +1

      Why would you even want them to?

      • because i have webjet vouchers

  • I can't see this advertised anywhere on the Jetstar site - or anything on the voucher page to make me feel comfortable to pull the pin on some vouchers…

  • can it be use for inflight food / drinks etc?

  • still not working

  • +3

    i talked to them via chat and they said that the deal is CURRENTLY off until its on the front page again (as there going through some maintenance or some crap), so for everyone that wants to buy the voucher just wait for the deal to show up again.

    • They didn't know the power of Ozbargain..

  • -2

    Deal is not active and no mention anywhere on the Jetstar site, from what I can read here no one was successful obtaining these, chat for me does not count when purchasing, should be removed

    • +2

      It's on the front page, and you can purchase now. just tested

      can you please remove your neg

      • I didn't give a neg, but this wasn't on the homepage yesterday PM or this morning (they only had three active campaigns showing / rotating in that graphic space).

        Agreed - it's up now.

        • Yep, up now, I also removed my neg on the comment.

          The initial voucher purchase is working, just tested it 3 times :) $100, $200, $200 now waiting for the bonus vouchers.

        • @ChickenTalon: ordered my initial voucher too about half an hour ago, still no bonus voucher has arrived. Have you got yours yet?

        • @w3ndz: not yet… after 30min. I assume these things take time, but I hope not too long

        • @ChickenTalon: Still nothing for me. Anything on your end?

        • +1

          @w3ndz: Jetstar live chat rep said the voucher will be sent within 24 hours

        • @blaze92: Thanks!

    • just bought a voucher so its working now

  • +2

    has anyone actually receive a bonus voucher?? if so can someone confirm please

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