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[NSW] 50% off Puppy/Dog Adoptions Weekend @ RSPCA


AH-WHOO WHOO.. Half price adoptions for dog and puppies!!

Can search for your companion here

The adoption fee for each animal includes vet check, vaccinations, desexing and microchipping.

Puppy (under one year) now $185
Dog (one to eight years) now $155
Golden Oldies (eight years plus) now $100

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RSPCA New South Wales
RSPCA New South Wales

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    Great deal and all but I strongly advise against adopting a pet just because it's cheap otherwise you will end up returning it or giving it to someone else.

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      Also if it's "cute".


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      This x 1000.

      The costs of owning a pet, particularly a puppy, are pretty high - food, toys, vet visits, vaccinations, fleas and worming, registration… the cost of adoption is a drop in the ocean!

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        tell me about it, my dog eats better food than me..

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          So then just start buying and eating his food. Problem solved

        • @dy4me: LOL

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          +1 all my pets eat better than I do. lol

          but I wouldn't have it any other way. The way I see it is: I have a choice and have freedom in the world to go out and get whatever food I like. They don't. They're entirely dependent on me for survival and food options, so I feel it's my duty to make their lives the best it can be.

        • @waterlogged turnip: yes, they food is so good that they start eating their shit, dog logic: better not waste this expensive food..

        • @h4zey: you haven't lived until you've watched a dog eat shit, throw up, then eat that.

        • @magicmoose: yeah, i have seen that, i was having lunch at that time too.. lucky the lunch was tasty otherwise i would have thrown up and forced to eat it too..

        • You are mistaking better marketed and more expensive for "better".

    • they are probably doing this due to overcrowding which the alternative is to euthanize. do you really think its better that they euthanize the dog instead of a family trying it?

      • Before you downvote please note that these are the RSPCA's own statistics as published at http://www.rspca.org.au/facts/annual-statistics/published-st…

        In 2013/2014 financial year the RSPCA euthanased 7,313 dogs which 15.9% of total dogs received Australia-wide.
        In 1999/2000 financial year it was Euthanased 26,339 (39.2% of dogs)

        The percentages are much worse for cats (still 31.5%) and other animals (still 47.1% - almost half!!!) though they have made efforts to ensure that they are putting down less animals. They are doing better in part due to drives like these. I'm really not sure how many animals get saved and how many end up being put down by the new owner at their expense, solving political problems but failing the animal. I am not involved with them and have no way of knowing.

        Despite these improvements I will never donate to or support an organisation that is responsible for putting down dogs. Animals welfare and animal control are completely separate things and should not be handled by the same organisation.

        • so you refuse to get a dog from them because you don't agree with them putting them down?

        • @kima:

          I refuse to have anything to do with them at all, and I don't want them regulating things if this is their idea of animal care. Otherwise I have to do it knowing a portion of the money I give them goes towards putting down dogs. I'm not paying to kill them and if you think that's unreasonable that's your issue.

          There are other sources for pets that don't involve puppy farms. Breeders for a start. Then there's the possibility of getting a dog that no longer has a home from the family before they ever make it to an RSPCA pound.

        • @syousef: I don't support them regulating things because they advocate for nonsense sometimes when they could be focusing on more important issues. but its not right not adopting dogs from them because that's just contradictory. breeders are not good - a lot of registered breeders are no different to puppy farms. getting dogs before they go to the RSPCA is great. a lot of rescues and pounds other than RSPCA are great too. but its not the dogs fault so don't deny the dogs homes.

        • @kima:

          I'm well aware that breeders can be bad. I've followed the whole "Pedigree Dogs Exposed" controversy for a long time. You have to do your research with the breeders and even the good ones can be a little crazy. But at least I know they don't take my cash and buy drugs to put down their dogs. I'm not trying to punish the dogs. I refuse to support animal welfare organisations financially who actively kill dogs.

          It does seem like you have to pick what you think is the least of many evils when purchasing a pet.

          Also note that there is a push to allow dogs only to be sold through registered breeders, which RSPCA supports. This will add to the cost of the dogs and could very well backfire, especially in an economy where money is getting scarcer. Less potential owners means more dogs put down.

    • Yep. All of my dogs have required $5000+ operations in the last few years. One dog was just 10 weeks old and needed a hip joint removed, due to a bone disease. People need to be prepared to put down their sweet, cheap puppy, if they can't afford an operation.

      • I love my dogs to bits. They are fed and properly cared for but I doubt I would spend more than $2-3k on an operation for a pet and even that would be a heart wrenching decision. I have actual children that may require surgery or other medical care. Call me a bad owner if you want.

        • Yeah bro, I hear you, but I treasure my dogs nearly as much as my daughter. We're all earthlings after all.

        • @tomski182:

          One of the hardest things I ever did was put down my 14 year old dog a couple of years ago. In that case there was nothing surgery could do. She was old, couldn't stand, couldn't eat, and was soiling herself. She stayed at the vet for a week and that cost a few hundred. It isn't for lack of emotion or care that i'd make the choice to put down a dog - I just have to put my human family first.

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    IMO these types of posts should not be allowed. In as much as the costs of adopting and maintaining a nonhuman companion are important considerations they should never provide the impulse to do such things.

    Maybe there should be a separate section in the forums specifically for discussing these things so that only those already interested get to see such "bargains."

    • +2

      My brain cannot compute impulse buying of pets.

    • +11

      I disagree.

      Thumb me down, but the last time I checked, this is OZBargain, not OZ-ethical-bargain. It's about the savings, regardless of ethics.

      THis 'deal' IS a bargain, at 50% off… thus definitely should be here.

      We just have to hope that the users make mature decisions, and not make impulsive decisions (THus we can discuss the items/deals in the comments.)

      • +1

        It's about the savings, regardless of ethics.

        Since when is buying dogs from rescue shelters bad ethics? I would rathr they impulse buy from a shelter than impulse buy a puppy. which is what a lot already do

        • I think you've misunderstood me; I was talking about the deals of OZBargain, and not of this particular deal.

          For my opinion on this particular deal, look further below (SFW har har).

        • @inose: I didn't misunderstand you, that's more their views than it is yours. I really can't believe people are on here arguing against rescuing a dog.

        • @kima:

          I don't get what you're saying then…?

          No one's arguing over rescuing dogs. I've never said that rescuing dogs from shelters is bad ethics either.

    • Is definitely a bargain for those already considering adopting a little guy, but promoting it as an Ozbargain deal alongside other impulse buys makes me a little uncomfortable
      "I'll get a half price SSD then a Golden Oldie on the way home"

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    If you're going to get a new baby pet in your household, better to get it via these animal shelters, than the petshops and breeders (and pretty much anywhere else).

    Also note that mutts are always healthier, than (usually inbred) 'purebreeds'. (Get mutts; purebreeds are unnatural and cruel to the animal.)

    Also, please don't be like my jackass roommate, who got a dog 4 company in his small appartment; the asshole leaves the dog alone for up to 14 hours a day, while he's at work / out with friends every night. Treat it like a baby - constant attention etc.

    • If you're going to get a new baby pet in your household, better to get it via these animal shelters, than the petshops and breeders (and pretty much anywhere else).

      No it isn't. If I want a pure breed dog with good a temprament how is getting it from a shelter going to do that?

      Also note that mutts are always healthier, than (usually inbred) 'purebreeds'.


      (Get mutts; purebreeds are unnatural and cruel to the animal.)

      Debateable I guess. But since dogs bred to extremes display the same behaviors as happy mutts how do you explain that?

      The "unnatural" claim is kneejerk idiocy because you have to draw a line somewhere: 100,000 years ago or whatever dogs gained an evolutionary advantage by working with humans - was that unnatural? 10,000 years ago dogs co-habitated with humans and started to be bred for traits helpful to humans: are we at unnatural yet? How about 5,000 years ago when we started to use them for sheep herding?

      The truth is any dog is natural as are we.

      Treat it like a baby - constant attention etc.

      See this just shows that you don't have much experience with pet ownership as some breeds are fine left to their own devices for long periods.

      • I don't have any dog ownership experience… (because I don't have time to look after one. I would like one though, but it wouldn't be fair for the dog if I couldn't be bothered one day… Maybe when I'm older.)… but you don't have to be a genius to understand some simple logic.

        "If I want a pure breed dog with good a temprament how is getting it from a shelter going to do that?"

        • You probably won't find a pure bred dog at a shelter; the shelter's usually where the unwanted dogs and mutts are. Also, not everyone's the same; you wouldn't expect everyone (or dogs / animals) to be the same - expect havoc from dogs 'with a good temperament'.

        "The truth is any dog is natural as we are."

        Come on, that's just incorrect. There aren't supposed to be so many 'breeds' as we have today. My opinion (correct me if I'm wrong, anyone):

        The reason why we have so many today, is because of selective breeding, forced / induced by humans; this is obvious.

        • We wanted a bigger dog to help us in the army (for example), so we bred big dogs, to increase the chances of having big puppies.

        • We wanted small, 'cute' dogs, so we breed them… until we got a new breed.

        • Sooner or later, we selectively breed them so much, so that there's little / no genetic variance ("everyone wants THAT look / feature in a dog"), and the dogs become the 'same' - we have created a new breed.

        • This new breed's puppies inherit their (pretty much genetically identical) parents' features, including their faults… leading to, or significantly increasing the chances of getting some genetic illnesses, i.e. the suffering is caused by selective breeding, induced by humans (unnatural). Mutts are healthier, because they are mutts - the chances of inheriting the worst of their parents' genetic features, are minimised. That's genetics 101

        TLDR: Genetic variance is good / healthy. "Purebreds" are created by humans, and have no genetic variance. Lack of genetic variance leads to very weak immune systems, leading to easily preventable diseases / faults. Purebreeding is unfair to purebred puppies, as we have created weak puppies because we wanted some particular look / feature.

        We discourage incest, based on moral reasons ("THat's just wrong…"), and also because of scientific reasons (genetic variance).

        • I have a pedigree Golden Retriever. I've been able to go online and trace some of his ancestors back to the late 1800s. I don't have his exact co-efficient of inbreeding but it's high for all Goldens. The breed is also riddled with heart, eye and hip problems which is why you should get one whose parents have been hip scored. Also breeders, even the nice ones, can be extremely elitist and sometimes just plain rude. I dealt with a relatively good one but even she didn't explain the rules that you basically agree never to breed the dog (not that I had any intention) then she got very defensive and suspicious when I wanted to discuss them. Pedigree dogs are usually bred for prestige and social status and some breeders certainly aren't above putting that ahead of the dogs' welfare.

          I have a Labrador that I didn't have a hip score for. I got away with that for my first Lab. For my second (this one) she has bad hip dysplaisia and at 3 years of age it's awful to sometimes watch her in so much pain that she raises one of her back legs and hops along.

  • +6

    thx op brought 10

    • +1

      will resell on eBay for profit.

      xoxo Broden

    • Damn scalpers.

    • Don't let your council know.

    • -4

      Should have gone for 16. Better number for the fight tournament.

      • +3

        How can you even joke about dog fights? Pets are stolen from backyards to be used as bait dogs for this cruel and illegal practice.

  • Any adoption deals on human children/orphans?

  • I just stopped by for the comments. I was not disappointed.

  • Neg me all you like but I don't think this deal should be posted without more information about the costs and responsibility of owning a dog especially a puppy. Sure it is a deal well kinda (50% something doesn't make something a deal) but I'm undecided on whether this really should be allowed…. Scotty or other senior mods any thoughts ?

    NOTE: I pay more than the cost of puppy adoption every 4 or so months in dog food and worming tablets not to mention my dogs last vet visits were all over $250. This DOES NOT include her bed, new toys every couple of months because one of a dogs favourite things to do is to take the stuffing out of soft toys.

    It is so important that if you don't think you have the time this week for your new friend FOR LIFE to settle in - that means if you live alone taking the week off work. If you live with a partner then you could probably split the time off. I'd highly recommend having someone is at home all day with it until you have had it for about a month.

    I'm sure most of you know and are aware of this but just to help out those who have never owned a dog.

  • Wish this applied to RSPCA VIC.

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