Aldi Deco Style interior paint

Has anyone used the Deco Style interior paint from Aldi?

Going to repaint the house and was looking for any feedback on Aldi's paint.

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  • Don't know about Aldi, but I have recently tried Masters Pascol paint and primer. They are OK. I got the cheap pretinted Pascol paint. I was priming and painting bench tops for some shelving units that I bought. The coverage is pretty good. For inexperienced painters like me, I can't tell the difference between this and say Bristol or Dulux paints. I can't comment on longevity of the paints, but they are a fraction of what the bran name paints cost. It was something crazy $30 for 2 x 4L of paint.

  • +1

    check the coverage in liters/m2
    I think i bought the deco ceilng white and that stuff had half the coverage of other general brands making what i thought was cheaper…. more expensive.
    And it was thick and took more work to spread over the ceiling.
    But that's just the ceiling paint.

    • Didn't think of this! Thank you….will check the coverage out!

  • Thanks guys, really appreciate it.

  • I bought 10 litres of the white interior paint and ended up having to buy another brand as the Aldi paint was leaving small solid chunks of undissolved paint or whatever on the wall.

    The paint itself seemed to be good quality and I guess one day I will try and strain the Aldi stuff and try it again.

  • An old post, but just wanted people to know the Aldi “brilliant white" paint is rubbish. I'm not a painter but this would be my 8th reno, so painted a bit. It is basically white Base. Normally this stuff needs colour pigment added. Without it, its useless. Thick, yet provides poor cover. Give it a wide berth. The best bang for buck is the budget brand Home Decor(Haymes) brand from Stratco at around $30 for 4 litres. If you want it done in one coat and happy to pay, Dulux paint is pretty good.

  • Fwiw - we ended up going with the dulux wash and wear, and I think it was worth the extra cost for the coverage and quality.

  • bought aldi deco wall paint Antique white two 10 litres tubs Painted on weekend
    it is the biggest load of rubbish
    I use aldi a lot with some of their special buys I like them
    Dont Dont buy their paint it dried to a chalk finish, its thick,dried in clumps and streaks
    coverage is poor I used 15 litres 2 coats in a medium kitchen
    sanded it down It was like sanding plaster finally used dulux wash and wear the differance was unbelievable

  • I have used Aldi's Deco Style interior/exterior 1L Silk Matt White to repaint old indoor furniture about 4 years ago. It is made in Germany and appears to be very good quality paint, and definitely much better than the watered down rubbish the big brands in Australia sell. It went on nice and even with the small roller I used, and gave an even, very pleasing finish. Seems durable and the silk matt finish makes it easy to clean. I like it so much I bought some more last March so I can paint my outdoor furniture with it when the weather warms up. :-)

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