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Yamaha 9.2 Channel 150W Network AV Receiver RX-V3079 - $2122.40 + Freight @ Kick Start Computers


MusicCast AV Receiver ready for Dolby Atmos® and CINEMA DSP HD3 for the ultimate 3D AV experience. With many outstanding features including 11.2ch expandability, the latest super-high quality ESS DACs, High-Resolution audio playback support and Advanced HDMI Zone Switching.

MusicCast for audio enjoyment in every room
Dolby Atmos® Support
DTS:X™ Support
9-channel powerful surround sound
--- 150 W per channel (8 ohms, 20Hz-20kHz, 0.06 % THD, 2 ch driven)
--- 230 W per channel (8 ohms, 1kHz, 10% THD, 1ch driven)
CINEMA DSP HD3 expands the sound field vertically for more thrilling and realistic surround sound
ESS SABRE32 Ultra DACs for ultra-high sound quality
Heavy legs to add more stability to the chassis
H-shape cross member frame and rigid bottom frame / double bottom construction
Wi-Fi Built-in and Wireless Direct Compatible for Easy Network
Bluetooth for wireless music streaming and Compressed Music Enhancer for Bluetooth
AirPlay, Spotify®, Pandora® music streaming service and AV Controller app
*Music service availability varies by region.
DSD 2.8MHz/5.6MHz, FLAC/WAV/AIFF 192kHz/24bit, Apple Lossless 96kHz / 24-bit playback
Gapless playback compatibility allows play without interruption
High-resolution Music Enhancer further heightens musicality from the original content
4K60p 4:4:4 Pass through, HDMI (8 in/2 out) with HDCP2.2 (7 in/2 out), 3D and Audio Return Channel
YPAO-R.S.C. (Refl ected Sound Control) with 3D, multi-point and angle measurement
YPAO Volume to ensure natural sounds even at low volume
Virtual Surround Back Speaker for playing 7.1-channel content with a 5.1-channel system
Yamaha video processing optimises video content
Advanced HDMI Zone Switching allows unprecedented AV switching to multiple zones
Versatile Zone control such as Zone 2 / 3 / 4 on / off, Zone GUI and Party mode
ECO mode operation for about 20% less power consumption

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    That's an extremely busy website you have :)

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      extremely busy website

      54,598,976 requests since Monday 21 January, 2008

      = 19,591 per day !!!

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    RRP $2699inc

    How many have you sold for $2699 ?


    Just bought an rx-s601 (new slimline yamaha). Curiousity begs me to ask what your price would have been? (I got $794 from Harvey Norman)


    129000 unsorted products :/

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    Awesome unit at a great price, ive got the 3030 (which is the older model) one of the better AV units thats for sure

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    Hi Guys,

    Most hits on the site come from overseas, being drawn in by search engine spiders and the like. The price is $2182inc with a RRP of $2699 - the RRP price is there for the comparison; as who these days pays the full retail price .. We dont have access to the RX-S601 - as some products are just for bricks and mortar stores so us online guys cant make them look bad..


    Never been pulled up for an illegal price comparison — will change the description to appease the masses.. Cheers..


    well done for a top high-end and CURRENT model….. saw the 3077 elsewhere at a discount store, but that's now extinct. im a fan of yamaha and if i was looking for another unit id probably grab this one.


    I see that the Pianocraft DAB MCR-N560D has a nice price of $631. Can you approach Yamaha and see if you can get a few extra at cheaper? I'm sure there would be some others on here who would be interested in buying that at a lower price. Also, can you get just the Amp unit on its own? I want to have gloss white speakers with the unit.


    Thanks Duncan for the enquiry - however, The MCR-N560D is unfortunately already at the lowest price is going to become.. We put minimal margins on ALL products.. My supplier will only be bringing in the unit itself - sorry for the bad news.

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    Spose the main question is, are you an authorized yamaha dealer? cant find your certification on your website.


    Yes, we are.. We havent got any certifications on the site, as most simply find us for being the cheapest within Australia for what we sell - your the first in 10 years to have asked (We were another company before Kickstart).


    I stay in a small unit, so dont need so many channels. Any special on the RX-V479?

    What is the feedback on this unit?


    The RX-V479 is $625.90inc plus freight, however, stock has been sold and will need to obtain the next delivery — think they are coming within the next shipment thats due this Friday but unsure until i ask

    Link is below

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    I'm not interested in AV equipment at the moment (though I do own a Yamaha), I'm giving you a +1 for effort. Answering questions and trying to help, unlike some who post a "deal" then perform a Houdini never to be seen again.

    I look forward to seeing you around here more often.


    Thanks Click_it for the praise.. My business has been online for the last 10 years and hopefully will be around alot longer.. I normally get traffic from shopping portals such as Shopbot but am now making efforts to put the word out there via another means.. If there are any future AV or IT needs feel free to call or email — cheers Andy..

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    Thanks for the heads up Alvian on the pricing. We can do free shipping - except to Rural areas of Australia an beat that price by $25.. Actually, as freight most times is about $35inc (most times less), ill simply take $60 off the price.. Will update this deal after posting this.. however, site will take a few days to reflect.. If making purchase, please advise with a call or email that you are entitled to a further $60 discount — cheers..


    No.. not out of stock.. Was doing some database maintenance and accidentally removed products that i was not meant too..

    Will be fixed early next week - thanks for your patience.

    p.s. will post on there when all has been fixed — cheers.


    Do you guys have a good price for a3050? Really interest to get on of it.


    Hi Jacky.. The V3079 is the best of the consumer range and the A3050 is in the pro range..

    Would take a bit of time to explain all the differences and to be honest ive just logged on and have had a few beers down the pub and so prob not the best to go into details..

    Price on the A3050 is i believe $2506 plus delivery ($25ish dollars)..

    The receiver is not currently on the site until i fix my stuff up of a few days back..

    If youre interested - send an email too — cheers Andy..


      Haha, enjoy your beer first.


        I compared the specs on Yamaha's web site and these are the differences. Everything else on the specs sheets are the same including features and power outputs.

        A3050 — Anti Resonance Technology (A.R.T.) Wedge helps to ensure that vibrations do not affect sound quality
        V3079 — None specified

        A3050 — 435w x 192h x 474d mm (with antenna up: 435 x 257 x 474 mm), 18.1 kg
        V3079 — 435w x 182h x 472d mm (with antenna up: 435 x 247 x 472 mm), 17.8 kg

        Looks like the same trick as previous generations, i.e. the addition of an internal brace (and perhaps a fifth leg too). I remember reading some reviews that claimed better transistors and capacitors were used in the Aventage series, but I am not certain of the basis of these claims.

        Mentioned in Overview & Features

        A3050 — Aluminium Front Panel Offers Visual and Aural Benefits
        V3079 — No mention

        A3050 — Sound Tuning Achieved with High Quality Parts for Optimum Performance — Extra time is taken to find the exact parts needed to achieve the highest performance possible.
        V3079 — No mention

        (This must be the source of those claims of better components.)


          thanks for your compare. I did the same thing and a little bit research on google. Seems the 79 series only appear and on sale in AU market. Neither the US nor the asia have the 79 series, they only have A series. Even in AU market the RRP only 200 buck different, all the specs are the same, the difference of " Sound Tuning Achieved with High Quality Parts for Optimum Performance " can never been proven. Given the V3079 can have a really good price compares to A3050, i am really tempt on it and hard to make the decision.


    Site is back up and working however old prices are showing. We manually charge out credit cards and so the invoice will reflect the price of $2122.40 plus freight.

    Will be two or three days before the entire site is updated again.

    Feel free to ask any questions — cheers Andy..


    I was this close →║← to pulling the trigger with Kick Start Computers but today I had an opportunity to listen to a RX-A3040 at Len Wallis Audio. I am sad to say that I walked away disappointed at the performance of this older series receiver. According to the salesman, the amplifiers in the A3050/V3079 are of the same design, with MusicCast and Dolby Atmos the main drawcards of the Ax050 series. Stocks of Ax050 had not arrived at LWA, so I was unable to judge them first hand. (LWA expects delivery in end October.)

    My main problem with the A3040 is its lack of control over bass. As a 2-channel music amp, there is little musicality to its bass. The amp is unable to sufficiently resolve the low frequency range and so it turns most bass into BOOM-boom-BOOM of roughly the same tone.

    For loud bass, like those in movie special effect tracks, the amp can lose control over the drivers and the subwoofer, resulting in BOOM-crack-BOOM. The crack is minor and you probably won't notice it unless you were doing an A/B test against another receiver like I did.

    The A3040 was tested against a Marantz SR7009 and sonically the SR7009 is better in all aspects. Common components: Triangle 5 channels speakers, Richter Thor sub, Oppo Blu-ray player, Avatar Blu-ray, some audio demo CD.

    The price of $2995 was mentioned for the A3040 and this was without any kind of bargaining from me. This deal from KSC is extremely attractive but unfortunately the Yamaha is not for me.


    Thanks for the feedback Alvian - if there are any other receivers you are looking at for a discounted rate (we cant show all products online) — give us an email at — Cheers Andy..

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