LG G4, Black Leather or Brown Leather

As per the title. I'm currently torn between these two options.

The Black Leather has a leather texture whereas the Brown leather seems to be smooth leather.

Which do you guys prefer?


  • brown

  • I prefer black, easier to go with clothes.

    • +3

      are you a woman? If so, carry on.
      Matching phones to your clothes. rofl…

      • Are you a bogan? Do you also wear crocs?

  • I missed out on the Kogan deal
    waiting for a low $500 before I bite the bullet
    I like the brown leather

  • Black is more compatible.

  • Red leather, yellow leather. OP, those are also LG G4 options. Maybe choose between those two, instead?

    I reckon that I'd just go back and forth, but maybe it'll be a quicker decision for you.

    Best of luck.

    • Yeah but I'm asking a friend to get from Hong Kong for me and they've only have black or brown leather on sale. Tbh, I'd go for red. I like brown or black too but can't really decide.

      • I think that I should have added a smiley to my comment. :)


  • I think the pink one will be nice choice, lol

  • Rose gold

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