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FREE: Rainbow Six Siege Beta Keys @ IGN


Get access to the Rainbow Six Siege Closed Beta on Sept 24 for PC, PS4, & Xbox One.

Just click the 'Get Your Beta Code Now' button to receive your unique activation code. Enjoy :)

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  • Anyone else has submit greyed out when you put the code in after logging into uplay?

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      Huh why did I get a negative? I was asking a question. Trigger happy..

      Edit: Done it on Desktop instead of phone and it's worked fine. Not sure if it'll happen to others on their phone but probably best to do it on desktop/laptop.

      • +5

        Ita because you copy and pasted just remove a letter and type it back in should glow up

        • +1

          No worries. Although I did copy and paste on the desktop and that worked.

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          its because when you copy and paste some times you copy an extra empty space making the code longer than its supposed to be

  • Thanks TA, worked perfectly!

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    I was excited for a second, then I remembered I don't have Playstation Plus. :P

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      Open a new account and start a 14 day trial just before the beta?

  • I can only play this during the beta season right?

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      Correct, beta these days is misused to refer to a "time limited demo". They don't last long enough to get any real feedback and they often don't change the game between the time limited beta and the release. The industry started doing this when they realised certain people still played multiplayer demos for games years after release of the full game.

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        This is true, though sometimes while the 'game' is essentially finished they can use this to stress test servers (account management/registration and game play) by introducing a lot of real world players in the final stages. So it's not necessarily a purely marketing exercise.

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        Indeed. The game has been receiving a lot of mixed press and community conversation.. so they're opening up the "beta" to try and get people through the door to see it for themselves.. why they couldn't just call it a pre-release trial, which it is, I don't know.

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    Kind of a dupe of https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/208781. Same destination, different starting point (IGN vs NVIDIA). Mod's call I guess.

    • yeah, the beta codes have been available for months - nothing surprising here.

  • Awesome thanks.
    Saw the trailer and looks like a damn good game !

    QUESTIONS : is UPLAY any good ? Does it take over your system like Steam ? Is it full of bugs ? Can you easily disable it and uninstall it ?

    • +1

      In my experience: no, uplay is crap. When I first used it a couple of years ago it was abysmally slow. Last night I spent some time mucking around with a couple of accounts (on their website) and my impressions of it has not changed. I was forced to add a avatar image, and then if I wanted to customise it above default I need to install some Unity extension for my browser (avatar cannot be changed in uPlay client either). I don't have a problem with the extension itself, just not sure why I need it to change images. After finalising my account setups I decided to get rid of one of them as I was never going to use it. Its a manual process in which you create a 'question' (submit a ticket) and some body does it. Submitted 'question' no response and it doesn't show up in my 'submitted questions' area. This morning the website won't load properly for me, sits there pin wheeling forever. Seems like ubisoft bugs aren't only limited to their games…

      My experience with it's integration into games is limited to PlayStation consoles, it seemed like a feeble attempt to add a feature no body wanted or needed. The uPlay client on PC seems unnecessarily complex and covered in advertising/junk. Origin is very simple and Steam provides additional and somewhat useful information.

      Does it take over your system like Steam?

      Not sure what you mean by that.

      Is it full of bugs?

      Made by Ubisoft so probably

      Can you easily disable it and uninstall it?

      I don't see why not

      • Thanks for this info CyberGenesys, you gave me enough info for me to decide not to play it because it sounds like installing UPLAY is just going to be another pain in the ass.

        • I would certainly wait for a game that makes using uPlay a unavoidable necessity.

  • Anybody else having problems? Every time I try i get 'Unfortunately, you may not access this content at this time.
    Stay tuned to our website and Facebook page to get all the latest updates about our game.'

  • +1

    As much as i would like to play it, i already have steam, origin, gog…no more game service clients, and uplay, no thank you.

  • +3

    Don't expect too much from this. It is Ubisoft after all. I'll be hitting this hard but I'm keeping my sights set low for this game. IWANTTOBELIEVE!

  • Yeah, this did not work on my phone at all a few hours ago but worked a charm on my laptop first go.

    So as previous comments have said, don't bother trying this on a phone.

  • TIP: Do not use adblock on this page. I suspect it's why I couldn't get it to work first few times.

    • -1

      So you can't use adblock because UBISOFT-UPLAY wants to force you to watch ads.
      So I guess it's not 'free' after all as UPLAY get paid for the ads they force you to watch ???

      Even though I got a free pass I don't think I will use it, unfortunately I can't give it to anyone because it is tied my email account ???

  • Did you guys get an email? I haven't received anything….

    • Yes, and it's downloaded and playable on our new $299 Target XBox ONE from the deal a few weeks ago. Whoop Whoop.

      Did not realize when I bought the new XBONE for my son's birthday all games need to be installed on the hard disk even if you get a disk and even worse frequently require an update before you can play. Forza 5 clocked in to a mega 48Gb update!

      Fair enough it's all Freezone on iiNet but waiting a few days before I can play something is pretty fn ludicrous! (5Mbps ADSL1 at best).

      Bad engineering in my opinion. Crazy!

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