This was posted 6 years 4 months 14 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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$100 Vinomofo Credit ($180 Min Spend Plus Shipping, New Users Only) Works with Referral Credit


update @ 1st October: no longer valid online - call to redeem

Vinomofo have upped the sweetener for new users, with a $100 discount off your first order. Can be combined with $25 new user referral credit for a total saving of $125.

Min spend $180 plus shipping
New users only
Expires 31 October

I'm not usually one to jump on the Vinomofo bandwagon (I'm not a big of purchasing full cases of wine unless I know what it is), but thought this deserved a mention, as the savings are significant.

Referral Links

Referral: random (125)

Both referrer and referee will receive $25 credit on first purchase.

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  • Is it $180 before the $100 off so $80? Or minimum spend has to be $180 so $280 less the $100. I've got a feeling it should be the former, I'm just triple checking before doing a sales pitch to the other half..

    Edit.. I read that and I asked it poorly. Does $180 have to be your cart before the code applies?

    • Min spend of $180 before discount is applied (so minimum outlay of $80)

  • Nice. Referral required? or do referrals get an extra $25 on top?

    • No referral required. Can confirm referral credit applies fine with the coupon code.

      • Thanks I assumed that would be the case. Now who's left amongst friends and family… lol

  • With my normal/old account, I just bought a case of the secret deal Sandalford Reserve Shiraz 2010 and used the code for $100 off.
    not bad for $10/bt

    • So they don't check if the delivery address is the same ?

      • They should do - they certainly have validation software that can detect links between accounts (mobile phone, email etc) in order to invalidate 'new' sign ups by existing customers. The code was clearly advertised as new users only, so expect the glitch to be fixed in the near term.

  • Awesome! Did the same and scored $35/96pt wine for $10!! Nice!

  • Doesn't appear to be new users only, just placed an order with it. I'll wait and see if it gets rejected.

    • +2

      I wasn't as lucky - got 'Voucher can only be used by new members, sorry.'

  • +1

    Where did all the Cabernets go…waaaah!

    I've been waiting for the Jeanneret Cabernet Malbec 2013 to come back…love it. Would have been good with this code!

    • The pickings are quite slim at the moment. Code is valid till 31st October - why not just wait?

  • +1

    the only risk in waiting is that VM reinforce to new users only, I'm out now, no regrets

    • You can't find someone else? A relative or similar? Post to teh office?

  • +1

    Great post OP. I'm just amused, as adelee has a long history of bagging other people's Vinomofo posts and whinging about Vinomofo on OzB generally. I guess the temptation for those free wine $ was finally too great :). Good to see you've finally seen the light and joined the Vinomofo posters club adelee!

    • +3

      Fair call Sweet3st. But I will say that my issue is with the posting of black market deals, particularly when the identity of the wine is not able to be determined with 100% certainity - these deals offer questionable value to the OzB community. A stackable $100 credit is, I think, a valuable offer worth posting.

      • you can open up to two bottles before returning for a full refund upto a year, so, even not knowing what it is, you're still not losing out at all
        I returned one salvation case before (half are fillers, only a few good ones), painless on their side but took courier a month to pick up, and someone pinch a bottle out of the case still had full refund. I wont buy those salvation case any more…

        • +1

          Yeah the returns policy is very good. I have returned 2 cases out of 6 because i didn't like the contents

          And they picked it up within the week for me

        • +1

          regardless of the returns policy it's still wasting your time. If you purchased something on the basis of thinking it was another wine and it wasn't you still need to organise for the return.
          I hate having to wait for a courier to pick things up etc.

      • +1

        I would only buy after identifying it myself (4 out of 4 correct so far) or having multiple people confirm someone else's ID in the comments here on Ozbargain. Seems like the IDs have been correct the vast majority of the time.

        This community as a resource reduces the risk to very low. With free return as a backup (never had to).

  • How often would the new products be listed on the website? I only drink Shiraz but don't find any of the good ones. I want to buy Seppelt but 6 is a lot for me.


    • -1

      Agree there is not much on offer at the moment. However, new products appear every day. May also be worth waiting for a 'free shipping' promo - these come up every few weeks or so.

  • -1

    Legend - thanks OP!

  • Good offer, now need to work out what to buy . ..

  • Picked up a couple of the Pinot Noir Line Up 2.0 6 packs for in total $78 delivered. $6.5 per bottle

    … very curious to see what it's like. Normally purchase from Winemarket.

  • Is there SMS gateway broken maybe? I can't get it to send me the code to verify my mobile number…

    • +2

      Did you create a second account with the same name? Or did you match delivery addresses or something? I just got a colleague to create an account, had the same delivery address as my other account (house), but paid with my PayPal account. Fingers crossed..

      • They told me they match both payment information & account names. So i think they have me beat now

  • I just signed up using the referral link. Do I have to buy today for the $100 credit or do I have until 31 oct?

  • Op - how much free wine do you have!? Great spot btw.

    • +1

      Now that adelee has developed a taste for free wine, can we expect Black Market posts from her/him every few days? ;)

      • You won't see a black market deal from me (feel free to hold me to that!), but I wouldn't have an issue posting free shipping or credits.

        • You must be swimming in wine by now with all your free credits haha

      • like yourself? :)

  • +2

    Thanks very much OP! I referred my mum to make a purchase on my behalf - we got a 6 pack of Prosecco and the Mixed 12.0 pack for $97 delivered! It works out to 5.40 a bottle which is an absolute bargain.

  • Hi I was just wondering if someone can tell me if the black market and secret deal bottles are covered up with the "black market" labels when they are delivered or is it the original label when it is delivered??

  • +1

    I referred someone yesterday and it worked just fine for them, but I did the same again today and it failed saying the voucher had expired.

    I think that they have got the dates wrong on their site, I've seen the print ad and it clearly says October 31st.

    • If you want to use it - call them up and they should still honour it. Apparently dishonest people have been exploiting it.

  • "Voucher has expired" :(

  • Well I am very disappointed with people who have abused this deal to the point where Vinomofo had to pull the offer nearly a month ahead of the original expiry. No doubt having it posted here has amplified the amount of 'unscrupulous' activity and has ruined it for the rest of us. If you are a member of this community or a lurker and have taken part in this unethical behavior then I hope you get liver disease from all the excess wine you have to drink now.

  • Yeah, I just tried to join up - called in to get the 96+ Point pack with the $100 credit and they said the voucher code can't be used anymore, even over the phone as others have suggested here. Apparently way too many people were trying to sign up twice or three times and get free wine. Shame, they seem lovely there! I bought the pack anyway, looks really tasty!!

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