Ideas to withdraw from positive balance credit card with minimal cash advance fee?

I had an incorrect $2k purchase on 28degrees CC and after paying it off at end of month, I got a refund and now my credit card has a positive balance.

Short of spending it on bills (or whatever), any ideas on how to get the money out without incurring any cash advance fees? Ideally, I'd like to use this $2k to pay off the balance of another credit card.

I thought maybe a Paypal transfer but doesn't look cheap.

Thanks :-)


  • It might be a good idea to ask them.

    • Thanks L-) did that, the person I spoke to said it would be a cash advance even with positive balance. Its not linked to a bank account so can't transfer out.

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    You're asking for ideas, so here's one possibility:

    Make a purchase in a physical store that you can return for cash. Heaps of times when I've returned cheap things I bought on the credit card they have sometimes given me cash back (and sometimes they ask for my card), but presumably the principle will work for more expensive items too? Maybe test this out in the first place with a $100 item and see if you get $100 cash. That will at least give you 5% of your positive balance back. If they refund it to the card you're no worse off than when you started.

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      a variation on this is to use another credit card as the card they want to put the credit back onto, the one which you want to pay off, many times I have found this works as well

      • Thanks :-) In hindsight, I should have done this. But the store was adamant it had to go back on the same credit card when I asked if it was possible. I should have just done it, doubt it would have been a problem.

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          You can still do it now based on IC's system.

          Buy something at any store, probably better at a more local store which hasnt sophisticated systems Then go back and get refund (Store must allow refund for change of mind) then the funds will comeoff the 28 degrees card but go back on the other card which you have money owing on it.

  • Call the bank issuing the credit card and ask them to refund the extra payment back to your savings account.

    • Thanks :-) My 28 degrees card isn't linked to a savings account. It's just a standalone credit card.

  • Can't you just do a transfer? Normally when CC are in credit it is a flat fee for cash advance or no fee in some cases.

    • Thanks :-) My 28 degrees card isn't linked to a savings account. It's just a standalone credit card.

      Banks where I have a savings account & credit card, there's no issue there.

  • Go with what has been said by hashtagbargain and darkcolony, contact them and most likely they'll transfer the funds to another account for you.

    Source: I have had this done, they waived/refunded the cash out fee as well. Wasn't 28 deg CC though. In fact, they let me collect the cash at the counter (I only had a CC account with these guys)!

    • Thanks :-) My 28 degrees card isn't linked to a savings account. It's just a standalone credit card.

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    28 Degrees have a form on their website to enable Balance Transfers.


    Just check with them, that there is not a fee for the transfer.

  • If you have a tax bill, use it to pay your tax :D

    Or balance-transfer to other transaction-account-linked CCs.

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    If it's in credit, then they should be able to issue a cheque to refund the balance.

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    Just call them and ask for them to send a refund via Cheque.

    I've done it a few times before.

    They will do it if you ask.

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