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Patriot 128GB Xporter Pulse USB 2.0 Flash Drive - Silver AUD$45.28 Delivered @ MyMemory


I just bought one of these and it cost me £17.99 + £1.95 for delivery. Based on the exchange rate quoted during the transaction, the total cost will be about AUD $45 (update** Paypal receipt just came through at $45.28) I also used my 28 Degrees Mastercard to avoid the overseas transaction levy that most other cards charge.

I thought this was pretty good as most USB drives seem to run at about $0.50 per GB so this seems cheap at $0.35 per GB.

I plan to use it to increase the hard drive space on my Lenovo Yoga Tab 2, via an OTG cable, or with my traveling media player, so I can watch movies in hotel rooms on the TV or while camping.

Last time I bought from MyMemory before, the goods arrived in about 3 weeks.

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  • fyi my calc estimates about 30 hours of your life to fill this bad boy up

  • For just a few $ more you can get the USB 3 version on Amazon

  • If you are paying by Paypal aren't they doing the currency conversion, so it isn't an overseas transaction?

    • Sure, bought I select Mastercard 28 Degrees from my list of cards and they don't take extra fees, where as if I used my Citibank Visa card, they would charge additional 3% on top.

      • Whenever I've done PayPal from o/s, I only pay the one fee (the PayPal fee) because PayPal does the currency conversion & it appears on my statement as in $AU, therefore no bank fee. This isn't with a 28 degree or similar card.
        Think you might have lost the benefit of your 28 degree card because you used PayPal to pay, not your credit card.

        • Nah, I do quite a bit of purchasing from overseas, most with my ANZ Visa. I've noticed that sometimes I don't get charged a conversion fee, and sometimes I do.

          When I do get charged, it appears like this:

          22.44 GBP

          When I don't, it just appears like this:


  • usb 2.0 - LOL

  • Got one of the aldi ones last week for 39.99 happy with it for the price.