YouTube to MP3 Converter - Not working since a few days ago

I have been using the free YouTube mp3 converter from in the past. However, this link keeps sayig "There is some Maintenance going on. All our servers are in read-only mode. Please try again within the next hour. ". This maintenance message has been on since Monday 21/9/2015. Does anyone have a new link for YouTube Mp3 converter? Thanks.

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  • Does anyone just use VLC to convert youtube to mp3s? Ive noticed that its harder to find clips over the past few months that dont give an error amd dont know why?

  • Cheap Charlie. It seems to work may be just for one conversion. If you try to convert the 2nd one, you should get the maintenabce message. If not, it could be my pc problem? However, I also had a seatch on yahoo and found someone else has the same problem as mine.

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    I used that up until they limited the length of the videos so now i use

  • I'm now using

    Simple and it gets the job done.

  • youtube-dl to download the clip and then ffmpeg to convert to MP3.

  • I use It is quick and effective and can convert to multiple formats.

    The beauty of this is it let's you download just the audio section of the YouTube link (no conversion) and also let's you download m4a as well.
    I believe YouTube now stores audio and video streams separately.

  • I throw whatever I want audio from into Audacity and export out the Flac, wav, MP3, OGG or whatever.

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