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Huawei Mate 7 $525, Sony Xperia C4 $321, Pebble $87, Sony Xperia Z3 $654 + More @ Dick Smith eBay

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  • Oppo R7 Plus>Huawei Ascend Mate 7 for me, especially because the oppo is newer (I prefer the updated design;less bezels, amoled, 2.5d edges) and is $440 after coupon. (also more supported SD615)

  • Is it me or is the Oppo Find 7a a bit lacking in 4G band coverage

    • Yep, hopefully the new soon to be released Find 9 flagship has better 4G band coverage.

  • the hauwei got that 3d touch like the iPhone 6s

    • Nope. Firstly that's the Huawei Mate S, secondly only the 128GB tier of that phone has it, and thirdly they call it 'force touch'.

  • Which one would you prefer to watch FTA, the Samsung or the Sony?

    • Ive had a "32 sony tv since 2008 that Im using atm as a pc monitor and still works perfectly.
      I also have a "55 samsung plasma that I bought in 2011 from big brown box for FTA that works perfectly too.
      Cant go wrong with either brand in general, just a do a review search on both models before you buy.

      • True that, the only thing holding me back is the cousins have a 60" Samsung and while Blu-rays and movies look awesome on the screen, watching FTA makes it look like watching a home movie and haven't been able to get out to the Good Guys to do a comparison of what these screens look like.

        • I think its more a fault of the FTA stream, as blurays movies look exceptional on the plasma, but yeh tv can look ordinaryl.
          Its important to note that not all fta is broadcast in HD (only 7mate, gem, one and 99(go) are all the time) so it can look ordinary, which is no fault of the TV.

          But yeh, try the tv's out in store if you can is the best way to demo them.

  • I think there might be a flaw in some of the calc of the final prices due to the cap in the discount (i.e. max $100)? I.e. not taking into account any Cash Rewards, the 50" Samsung tv would come down from 1019 to 919, rather than all the way down to the posted price of 859?

  • Is the Pebble black $87 the best price in the last 6 months?, I know the red has been around this price a few times.

    • Bump, sorry, just keen to get one now or wait to the new models come out, which is soon from what I was told by DS.

  • Does CLICK15 applies to the whole DS eBay shop?

  • Is it me or every single phone from Dick Smith has been marked as out of stock?
    Dick is at it again, pulling a dodgy on us… >_<

  • huawei mate 7 out of stock as well :(

  • disappointing that DS are a little less than honest with their stock levels.