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Eneloop AAA Chocolat $14.40 Dick Smith eBay Store C&C/ $7.95 Postage


Original CDICKSMITH30 deal

Eneloop AA's also at: $16.8 (after coupon) too if you're interested.

Not sure where they were made. I was after AAA's and this was the best price I could find under $20 for a while.

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    The family pack is also $43 which comes down to $30.10 CRAZY price.

    I just bought two of each for $98 all up!

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    "Not sure where they were made."

    Panasonic = China

    • Does it make any difference?

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        Yes. Even the packaging does (or used to) make a distinction.

        • Fascinating and disappointing at the same time, thanks for that.

        • @mazorn: If you can still find stock of the Rouge 24 packs at a DSE near you, then get them, as they are Sanyo-era, made in Japan Eneloops. Unfortunately they are $40 right now, when DSE was clearing them out last month they were going for ~$22 (I managed to grab three packs and can confirm they are all made in Japan).

        • @Amar89: Noticed the "Sanyo" at the bottom, thanks. you can used the 30% discount, but they're out of stock in Brisbane.

  • This is called inflation. These ones used to be around $14-$15. Anyway thanks OP!

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      OMG! I had this line running through my head as I posted this. I bought my last pack of eneloops at $14.98 also from DS C&C. But since then the AUD has dipped, so I sufficed with this. :S

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    Bought 2 family packs thanks mate.

  • Hi, couldn't find the AAA eneloop family packs mentioned. How many in the pack and what do I search for please?

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