expired Dragon Age Inquisistion + TitanFall with Season Pass Free in The Vault (EA Access Account Req)


Found these games are fee with EA Access Account ( Not sure since when it was added to The Vault). TitanFall has season Pass + other maps and features.

The Vault has more game but guys probably already knew them.

Need EA Access account subscription to play and download those games.

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    Only annoyance with this and to a much lesser extent Games with Gold, they give games that people would likely have, well after they released, some you may have also have digitally so there's no point with the EA Access. The only way I could justify it is if I came into the Console now, and wanted for some reason to play a year old games predominately in SP, as online is much quieter (or dead).

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      What do you expect? they're not going to give you the newest and upcoming games for a mere $40 a year


        I don't expect anything more, but it's a hard sell for someone that is an early adopter


          Value-wise it's not too bad. There's still tons of players on Titanfall, BF4, and PvZ:Garden Warfare if you like Shooters.

          Dragon Age Inquisition is a good 100+ hr RPG with a decent online component as well that still has quite a few players online too.

          BF:Hardline is the next game to be added in the near future. And you get all of EA's sports games from last year (a lot of which are better than those from this year :/ )

          At $7 a month it's worth it if you have an interest in just trying any of those games really…. It's not like you're locked into any sort of yearly contract or anything. You can literally sign up and cancel before they charge you the next month like you would any other service.

          For early adopters, it's good value if you missed these games when they were released but were still interested in checking them out at some stage. Not everyone is interested in buying/playing broken buggy messes like BF4 on release date. ;)


    And how much does EA access cost again?


    While existing Xbox one owners may have a number of these games, EA Access remains a fantastic deal for new owners


    I fail to see how this qualifies as a deal, when all it does is describe part of what you can get through EA Access (which also allows 10hrs of free play for upcoming games).

    Belongs in the forums.


      It's a nice FYI for members but yeah, sort of seems akin to posting individual Netflix entries.

      Then again, Xbox Live deals get noted.

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