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[PC] Palestinian Relief Bundle - 373 Games for US$8 @ Itch.io


A bundle hosted by ghosthunter with content from 358 creators.
Buy 373 items for $8 Regularly ~$1,657 Save 99%!

All proceeds from the Palestinian Relief indie bundle will be donated to the PCRF (Palestine Children's Relief Fund). PCRF describes itself as "the primary humanitarian organization in Palestine, delivering crucial and life-saving medical relief where it is needed most".

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      Keep politics outta deals mate, this is just raising money for a lot of people in need.

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        'Israeli Relief Bundle'

        "US House of Representatives okays $17 billion in military aid for Israel under major spending package"


        "Most of the aid—approximately $3.3 billion a year—is provided as grants under the Foreign Military Financing (FMF) program, funds that Israel must use to purchase U.S. military equipment and services."

        so clearly Israel isnt crying poor

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          You scratch my back, ill give you the old reach around.

          US and Israel just "good friends".

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            @nathand: There is a war and genocide currently going on in Sudan but it doesn't get same media coverage because one the warring parties is not Jews or West.

            Same thing in Yemen from 2014 - 2021, Saudis/UAE killed around 150,000 people and about 220,000 died due to ongoing famine but no one want to protest or fund raise because one of the parties is not Jews or the West.

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              @dealhunter52: Without looking into them - there's a good chance these are probably using US weapons with potential ties to Australia also.

              • +3

                @filmer: That's just nonsense. Saudis also used weapons bought from the west. Meanwhile RSF is using Russian weapons. Nearly every country buys weapons from either West or Russia.

              • @filmer: What weapons do we make here that they could buy?

            • +35

              @dealhunter52: I think this has more to do with the fact that Australia is directly advocating and supporting this genocide and not so direct with the others… doesn’t matter who is committing it or who the victims are. More to do with what is being done in our name.

              • +4

                @sakinac: I think you mean indirectly advocating and supporting (at best).

                • +5

                  @filmer: "At best" some Australian companies directly profit from selling weapon (system) parts which are used in this genocide. Check out the parliamentary hearings chief…

                  • -7

                    @Serious Lee: The only genocide that was committed in that part of the world used relief funding from UNRWA. Check out Australian DFAT reports…

                  • -1

                    @Serious Lee: Australia exported weapons to Saudis too. I none of the so called Human rights activists blocking Saudi shipping companies or protesting on the streets. Hypocrisy at it's best.

              • +3


                done in our name.

                The local people's taxes go towards satisfying foreign objectives.

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              @dealhunter52: Funny..i thought the word genocide meant the deliberate killing of a large number of people from a particular nation or ethnic group with the aim of destroying that nation or group?

              Isnt the Palestinian population growing and has been for decades? It must be a very slow genocide in reverse

              Guess they changed the meaning of the word hey? Or have they…..

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                i thought the word genocide meant the deliberate killing of a large number of people from a particular nation or ethnic group with the aim of destroying that nation or group?

                That's exactly what is happening in Sudan. RSF forces that are made up of Arab Muslims are killing native Sudanese Muslims. One of the parties is not Jew or West, so it won't get coverage and reporting like the Gaza conflict.


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                  @dealhunter52: I owe you an apology as i misread but.. to any other uni students, flag waiting virtue signaller or those that live in their basement playing video games and get their politics during their break I stand by what I said.

                  What these people don't realise is that at least half, and probably more of them would be thrown off roofs or treated as slaves if they ever went to those kind of countries and try to live as they do now

                  There is pretty much only one country in that whole region where you can be who you want

                  Sorry again

                  • +2

                    @Clambabula: All good. I knew you misread it but I still upvoted you because what you wrote wasn't incorrect.

                  • +1

                    @Clambabula: Unless you are Palestinian. Ethno state apartheid is never ok.

              • -2

                @Clambabula: That's not the definition, that wasn't changed that was just your misinterpretation.

              • -3

                @Clambabula: You are 100% correct

              • +12

                @TheWiseMan: "According to the UN, over 150,000 people have been killed in Yemen,[132] as well as estimates of more than 227,000 dead as a result of an ongoing famine and lack of healthcare facilities due to the war.





                P.S. - Hope you trust UN figures if you trust Hamas figures which also include dead Hamas fighters because apparently they are treated as civilians.

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              There is a war and genocide currently going on in Sudan…….

              Agree, but the reason there's no coverage is because there's no or very little chance of western governments/ western armies being dragged in those conflicts, which is the opposite of the situation in Israel.

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              @dealhunter52: The West is the relevant party for why it is getting media attention, not "Jews".

              • +3

                @baconbeans: Please enlighten me how the West is the relevant party. Is it because West donates billions of dollars of their own tax payers money to the Palestinians? Or is it because that money is used to fund terror and build hundreds of kms of terror tunnels?

          • @nathand: Friends with benefits… not sure who is screwing who.

      • +78

        I'm pretty sure Palestinian won't get a cent from this a big bundle sale😅.

        • +27

          they'll sure get a load of $20 bn worth of American arms though….

          • +10

            @tonyjzx: Wrong, the majority of the American aid is for Iron Dome defensive missiles

        • +11

          True that, but then I've always wondered why they aren't getting similar amounts from the oil rich nations like Saudi, Dubai, Qater, UAE etc?

          • +12

            @EightImmortals: if there's one thing i learned is that there's nothing muslims hate more than other muslims…

            those four opec states wont give you anything if you're jared kushner… who funnily enough is a jew

            • -2

              @tonyjzx: Truly sad just standing by and watch US and Israel ethnic cleanse the same race. Good old divide and conquer really worked here.

            • -1

              @tonyjzx: You do not know what you are talking about. Ill informed and WRONG

          • +8

            @EightImmortals: Because true to form, they’d squander it building tunnel’s.

            • +3

              @xuqi: Or pay to smuggle in more wepons.

          • -5

            @EightImmortals: Arab leaders are all traitors that work for Zionists behind closed doors.

          • +3

            @EightImmortals: Because they are US client states whose governments do not care about Palestinians beyond what is necessary to keep a lid on any unrest over it with their own populations.

        • +8

          Hamas will 😄

        • +13

          All profits will go to the Hamas billionaire leaders living it up in Qatar.

      • +5

        agreed! this aint the place for politics!

      • What kind of politics do you refer to ?

        There are relief bundles required everywhere for all kinds of people in need. Any reason you are negative about particular groups of these people ? Maybe you need to keep politics outta deals….. mate.

      • +3

        Lol yeah no politics here mate. What's a next raising money for Russians in need?

        • +6

          Funny how they think it’s not political if it’s supporting one side.

      • +1

        Keep politics outta deals mate, this is just raising money for a lot of people in need.

        Like Hamas?

    • +4

      Relief from what?

      • +36

        Genocidal duties

          • +31

            @Superkid: Hi I don't know if you're saying this because you genuinely don't understand what's going on, or because you're defending Israel. Either way, here's why what Israel is doing is considered a genocide. (Don't take my word for it, here's an article of the International Court of Justice saying that it's plausible that Israel committed genocide and here's an article of a UN expert agreeing.)

            The Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide (CPPCG), or the Genocide Convention, is an international treaty that criminalizes genocide and obligates state parties to pursue the enforcement of its prohibition.

            The Convention defines genocide as any of five "acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group." These five acts include:

            • Killing members of the group
            • Causing them serious bodily or mental harm
            • Imposing living conditions intended to destroy the group
            • Preventing births
            • Forcibly transferring children out of the group

            Israel has been killing Palestinians, they have been causing them serious bodily or mental harm, they have imposed sanctions limiting their food and water access, as well as their access to places of worship and places of living, they have shut down hospitals, and separated children from their families. This covers 5 of the 5 acts.

            Israel is committing a genocide and has been since the 1950s, and saying such is not "misusing" the word.

            • -2

              @Jec: You are minimising the word genocide.

              Please look up the definition of plausible with regard to the icj ruling.

              No one said what's going on in Gaza is a good thing, but it's not genocide

              • +24

                @Superkid: Control all borders, land, sea, air for half a century and now almost 80% of Palestine destroyed but nah it's not a genocide just some friendly fire but hey they are at least warned few hours early to evacuate right? Where can we find a more moral army?

                • -5

                  @MKBHD: Way to misrepresent historical facts. If you are referring to Gaza, Israel withdrew in 2005. Gaza has an election electing Hamas. Hamas attacked Israel, Hamas popularity grew.

                  According to UK general Israel has done more to protect civilians than any other army ever.

                  Israel also does not control all borders, Egypt also has boarders with Gaza.

                  Gaza's population grows at a higher rate than most countries in the region, their health and life expectancy is similar to neighbouring countries…. Man Israel are terrible at genocide

                  • +27

                    @Superkid: If 80% of my country was destroyed while being an open air prison for 75 years, I don't think I would cheer the destroyer as well 😂
                    75% of Palestinians are less than 25 years old, they didn't vote Hamas in.
                    Use AI to kill families when men enter their homes at night (pretty sure similar AI would have killed those 3 x Central Kitchen worker cars with massive signs on the top ; they advised they would be travelling that route to IDF previous day) but hey sure we'll take the UK general argument as most moral soldiers hahaha

                    Israel and US are terrible at making history that's for sure, if it wasn't for US vetoing the resolution every time, Israels ass would have been wipped by other countries long ago but sadly we live in the world where US rules.

                      • +16

                        @Superkid: Israel can absolutely exist. And will exist. Oct 7 happened because of the past 75 years. And Bibi propped up hamas alll thrse years so he could do this and don't need to give them a state - he is on video saying that multiple times. Israel is so weak they let oct 7 happen? No. They turned a blind eye so it could happen and they could commit these atrocities and destroy Gaza as it is. Do you know parts of Gaza is already up for sale in Israel just like west bank? When Bibi says river to the sea all these years no comments - when a protester says it - its an outcry and establish law in Congress as terrorism? Hahaha
                        Forget Hamas,Israel has been doing the most amount of land grab in the west bank more than ever today while the world is distracted on Gaza. There is no Hamas there, what's their reason for kicking people out of their homes in West Bank day after day while it's clearly a crime? Israelis overwhelmingly don't even support the US and think Americans and Christian Evengelicals are a bunch of dumdums; they have and will throw US under the bus every opportunity they get but because AIPAC is so strong in US, it has corrupted most of the congressmen into hugging Israel - reps who dare to decline AIPAC money are basically ending their careers due to their corrupt system of corporate donations.

                        • +1

                          @MKBHD: Israel has not controlled Gaza for 75 years. This is not up for debate as it is historically true.

                          Most of the rest of your statement is conspiracy theory. So unless you have evidence stop with the flat earth stuff.

                          Re west bank, yes the leadership there who pays directly to terrorists loosely based on the number of Israelis you kill is a great partner for peace.

                          • +8

                            @Superkid: Do U want evidence of Bibi propping up Hamas in video or do you want evidence of Gaza real estate on sale? Because they are widely available in YouTube from many credible sources.

                            Then draw a line with West Bank (just like Gaza) and keep peace within your state? Why keep it vague and attack/capture one house at a time in West Bank? If your neighbour is shit, does it give you the right to invade his home and make him homeless (or even kill some of his family just because you can?)

                          • @Superkid: I also never said Israel solely controlled Gaza for 75 years. I meant that they have been opressed for 75 years - Egypt first then Israel from 1968. Again, if I was a Palestinian living in Gaza with water, food, air, internet controlled by Israel - I would not be weak and pathetic as Hamas, I would probably be something else.

                            • +4

                              @MKBHD: Palestinian Arabs who live in Israel are not oppressed. They are full Israeli citizens with rights.

                              Palestinians in Gaza who consistently fire rockets and launch intafta have had blockades put in place to stop the violence. I would argue the blockades were not strong enough, otherwise Oct 7 would not have happened.

                              When Israel left Gaza they left them with a water system sufficient for the population, furthermore Gaza has pulled up water pipes to build rockets.

                              Blame falls mostly (not entirely) on one side.

                              • +4

                                @Superkid: Egypt did that to Israel too. But they made peace with them? You think keeping up with a blockade of such dense population is good for Israel's future? We shall see.

                                Palestinian Arabs who live in Israel (you probably mean West Bank) are not opressed. Hahaha good joke. I know no facts from no sources will change your mind but I'll leave you with this. Hope you have a goodnight sleep.


                • +2

                  @MKBHD: I am sure you are aware that Gaza has a border with Egypt. So regardless of whether the Israeli border is open or closed Gazan's could go through Egypt. Fact is that many Palestinians from Gaza used to cross the border into Israel for work or medical car but obviously this is no longer the case given that many of them participated in october 7th. So if you really want to blam someone, blame the Muslim borthers in Egypt.

                • +7

                  @MKBHD: All that control for 80 years*, and the population has grown faster than almost every other country.

                  What kind of "genocide" causes mass population growth, much faster than neighbouring countries or even the evicted Palestinians once they moved to other countries?

                  • +6

                    @Wolfenstein98k: The population growth has nothing to do with genocide. You think all genocide have population shrinkage like the holocaust?

                    The Srebrenica massacre, also known as the Srebrenica genocide, was a horrific event that took place in July 1995 during the Bosnian War. It resulted in the genocidal killing of more than 8,000 Bosniak Muslim men and boys in and around the town of Srebrenica, located in eastern Bosnia and Herzegovina12. That was just 8000 people and was an official stamped genocide. So was the killing of 6000 aboriginals in Australia by the European settlers. But the death of 40,000+ civilians and destruction of almost 80% of the entire territory is not a genocide. Ok.

                    • +1

                      @MKBHD: It's not 40,000 civilians - that number includes combatants. Try again.

                      As for population growth - I'm not saying the population ticked up. I'm saying it grew faster than almost every other country on earth.

                      That doesn't happen in the midst of an 80-year genocide.

                      • +3

                        @Wolfenstein98k: These killings are Oct 7 onwards on Gaza:
                        Injured: 76000+
                        Killed - 34000+
                        (Children 13000+ Women 8400+)
                        Missing - 8000+ (do you really think these missing people are alive?)
                        85% of population totally displaced.

                        Westbank since Oct 7:
                        Killed 485
                        (Children 100+)
                        Injured: 4800+

                        Again, if you believe the population has to reduce for a genocide, then don't call it genocide. Just call above numbers wholesale slaughter and mass famine.

                        • @MKBHD: hamas puppet… these numbers came out of a random number generator!

                          • -1

                            @Mike911: Hamas puppet? No way I am Netanyahu worshiper and well-wisher because he has given us open air prison for so long how can we not like him? He is the greatest leader of our time and he should bet a novel prize in peacekeeping 😍

                      • +4

                        @Wolfenstein98k: it's also nowhere near 40,000…. btw, hamas has counted people dying of natural causes as civilian deaths too…

                        • +1

                          @Mike911: Can you imagine 80% of homes and infrastructure destroyed and 85% of Sydney population displaced and running from town to town with no food/water/medical help all while losing friends and family one by one? And the US aid that was air dropped falls on top of you and you lose your limb? Too much reality for you?

              • @Superkid: You hit the nail on the head.

              • -3

                @Superkid: Genocide is an utter and revolting lie! The numbers from hamas have been proven to be absolutely rubbish. Anyone who believes them is a fool. The true ratio of combatants to civilians is possibly the best ever ratio in modern warfare! The IDF should be highly commended for how well they've done in such trying conditions! If they did want to commit genocide, this war would have been over on 8/10 last year! Sending in ground troops, who are being killed, and warnings given to leave areas is also more than any army has done in modern warfare! The IDF are amazing! Finish these scum hamas terrorists in Rafah ASAP!

                • +4

                  @Mike911: not believe in hamas but believe in Bibi/IDF/Israeli hasbara, you are funny

                  • +1

                    @Deink: I'm sure they don't have exact numbers either, but they are not a lying terrorist group who put their people to the slaughter for publicity points…

                  • +1

                    @Deink: Yes I would believe a democratically elected gov over a terrorist organisation

                • @Mike911: Agreed. It's sad that some choose not to see this

            • +5

              @Jec: Sorry, but that’s simply not true. Palestine, and a number of other countries including Iraq have recently publicly announced that their intention is to literally genocide Israel. These media statements have been well documented, and the countries concerned have not backed away from their statements. Israel is defending themselves against genocide, which was recently brought to the forefront following the recent kidnapping, murder, and attacks of thousands of Jews.

            • +4

              @Jec: The UN lol. Figures

            • @Jec: 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣 Naaah

          • -3

            @Superkid: Agreed.

            the deliberate killing of a large number of people from a particular nation or ethnic group with the aim of destroying that nation or group.

            • +8

              @elmotta: I rather pay full price on those s**ty games rather than risking those funds going to support terrorism. Gee! seems like common sense is not that common anymore…

              • +11

                @elmotta: It's amazing that so many comments not supporting hamas get neg votes. It's a little sad that this is the current state in Aus

                • @Superkid:

                  "….It's a little sad that this is the current state in Aus"

                  Says the student from his mum's basement in Israel.

                  Makes a change for the Hasbara trolls to get more downvotes than upvotes.
                  People are wising up mate.

                  And great posts Jec and MKBHD….suck it up Superkid and elektron, the truth always hurts.

                  • @alidli: We are not as good as the state of mind of most of EU but compared to how degraded USA is I'd take Aus in its state any day! :)

                  • -2

                    @alidli: As IV offered to many if terrorist supporters, I'm always happy to catch up for a real chat to find a real solution and come to common ground.

                • +5

                  @Superkid: Yeah shocking and sad. It's a consequence of the ongoing education crisis coupled by short attention span and victimhood culture. Easy target for misinformation and manipulation

              • +2

                @elmotta: Yep, it's unbelievable that a deal like this can be posted here, with the people running the fund-raising campaign openly admitting that they are donating to an organisation (The PCRF) that has a long history of bank-rolling Hamas directly and having assets seized for being a terror funding organisation.


                The PCRF and it's partner the TWA have directly funded Hamas and are primarily supported by the Islamic Development Bank, a bank that has had assets frozen and members arrested for directly financially supporting Hamas and terrorism targeted at Israel.

                PCRF does not report any donor information or sources of funding, reflecting a complete lack of transparency and accountability.

                One of PCRF's main funding partners HLF had their company assets frozen by the U.S. Treasury in 2001 based on evidence that it was funnelling money to Hamas.

                PCRF principal funding partner "ZFA" was designated as a financier of terrorism, with the heads of the organisation having arrest warrants issued to Interpol.

                In 2003, the US department of justice published a warning bulletin that Hizballah and HAMAS both updated their official websites, listing PCRF as one of their main charities, noting the charity was illegally raising funds for terrorism related activities and money laundering.

                In 2006, the PCRF were found to be funnelling money directly to Al-Qaeda linked Hamas leader, Ramadan Tanboura.

                In 2014, both Israel and the US designated the PCRF as an illegal entity used primarily for funding terrorism. As such, notices were issued to Interpol.

                In December 2016, PCRF publicly honoured and issued an award to arrested terrorist Haider Abdel Shafi, using it as an opportunity to produce a fund raising event for HAMAS.

                In 2023 PCRF executive Amal Al-Haimoni changed her profile picture across social media to a photoshopped image of a Hamas soldier stomping the beheaded head of Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and in the background a picture of an Islamic boy raising the flag of Palestine at the Dome of the Rock.

                Two hours after Hamas begun kidnapping, killing and defiling Israeli children and other innocent civilians earlier this year, PCRF executive Amal Al-Haimoni changed her profile picture across all social media accounts to an illustration of a child on a plate being cut to pieces with a knife & fork, along with text of a disgusting racial slur - openly laughing about what was taking place and mocking the Jewish children.

          • @Superkid: They are uncovering mass graves with people tied up and shot in the back of the head. The Israelis are genocidal fascists

            • +2

              @WinstonWithAY: IV heard of the reports…. Happy to wait for all the information. This reminds me of the bombing of the hospital and the UN aid truck.

              I'll make you a deal, if it turns out that your wrong, you make a public apology on ozbargin. If it turns out the IDF mass murdered civilians I'll make the public apology.

              • @Superkid: It's a month later now and we have still yet to see anything backing up their complete clown show of an invented conspiracy theory.

                • @infinite: What's sad is that this war never had to happen and could have been over months ago if Hamas just returned the hostages and surrendered the leadership responsible for Oct 7.

                  It's amazing the amount of fake news pushed by Hamas supporters;
                  No civilians targeted by Hamas - fake
                  Israel bombs hospital killing 500+ - fake
                  Israel bombs safe zone refugee camp - fake
                  Israel executes masses and hides them under hospital - fake
                  The list goes on and on

            • -2

              @WinstonWithAY: Why would you make that up ?

              What a bizarre conspiracy theory to post.

            • @WinstonWithAY: Awaiting on that public apology from you

      • +2

        Maybe the whole 90% of the country hasn't been obliterated and most of them are starving?

        Pre-war their economy was completely rooted, can you imagine now

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