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Saxon 5x30 Binoculars $1 + $7.95 Postage @ Optics Central (Max 1 Per Person)


We have just completed a stock take and found a few of these Saxon 5x30 Compact Binoculars in the warehouse.
Optically they don't rank up there - Bk-7 prisms, but they are very lightweight and would suit casual, general purpose viewings. Great for young kids too. Includes a strap and carry case.

$1.00 + Postage

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    i heard these are good for bird watching at the beach or just about anywhere?

    • +4

      nah mate you need a telescope for those celestial bodies….

      • +1

        I think these will suffice for whale watching

        • +1

          Will they be suitable for spotting white pointers?

  • I bought 2 of these but didn't have $7.95 eparcel option, which I would've preferred. Had to use express post = $9.95.

    • Hi there we do have eParcel enabled, however we are offering only 1 unit per customer, that may have interfered with checkout, did you want to give it another go?

      • +1

        My order already went through before I posted.

  • Are you out of stock - seems to be very limited numbers…

    • +1

      Is that your Gumtree ad?

      • No, but I have read a few reviews on it. Thinking of getting that instead. It is either the Nikon or the Carson at the moment.

        • A couple of months back I got a pair of Nikon Aculon 10x50 for $125 at Camera House which I'm quite happy with. Obviously the choices depend on what you want them for and budget.

        • @Thrift: Yes, I am thinking along the line of the Nikon Monarch 7.

    • No comparison as the price is two orders of magnitude greater.

  • +2

    Great for young kids too ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


  • Sold out

  • +1

    Why the neg vote? The title didn't mention the delivery price when it was first posted and I also don't remember it mentioning 1 per person. Sorry I was quick to take up the deal?!

    • +1

      Yep, also don't you love the reps useless comment? It was pretty clear you had already made the purchase. It was also his first comment ever in over 7 years of being on here…maybe that's a good thing.

  • Has anyone received these yet? I have not even received an email to say they have been dispatched.

  • Got delivered today. Absolute rubbish and although just $1 a complete waste of time and money. I was going to give these to my 8yo but instead they went straight into the bin. Toy ones at the local $2 shop are much better quality and value.

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