This was posted 6 years 3 months 14 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Free on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3, PS4: Tales from the Borderlands (Episode 1)


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    Also free on PS3 and PS4

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      Added to post. Thanks :)

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        seems to be free for US PSN account only unless there's another store update for EU tomorrow.

    • is it cross buy?

      ie, if i buy it on a PS3, do i get the PS4 version as well?

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      Must be US only for PS4 since it shows up as $7.55 for Australia

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        Just create a US psn account and download it. No need to add payment info.

  • Thank you very much.

  • Do you have to add a credit card in ? I have an account but it isn't letting me "buy" this free game

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      it's because it's from the american site i think, for australian account holders this isn't available, but you just have to put in an american credit card and it will work

      • Thank you, Yes it does need a credit card and it's not just demo it's the full game

        I was able to download it with an Australian credit card.

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          It's the first episode in a five episode game, actually.

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          Wheat is not Paleo

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      Buy it on the console itself. It won't work without a credit card.

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          Sorry, I meant 'wont work with a credit card'.

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    Irrelevant rant, paid full price for this game last year Nov it has almost been a year now and still not all episodes have been released. It's pretty annoying to be promised a monthly episode and only get 4 ep's in an 11 month period.

    • Yeah it's annoying not knowing that's going to happen in the last episode especially after that cliffhanger but I've heard they are going to release it by the end of October.

    • I've been waiting ten years for shenmue 3, even held onto my Dreamcast just in case.

    • … same issue with Telltale Game of Thrones.

      They could have had a nice little earner - filling the need for GoT between seasons. It's just too drawn out - bit like Hunger Games movies (which I like).

  • Thank you very much TA, good to know that it has now gone free (Think Game of Thrones ep 1 is still paid?). I bought the season pass for Borderlands on 360 in June thinking it included all 5 episodes, only to find that the pass included episodes 2-5! Whew.. just fired up episode 1 and am now downloading episodes 2-4. Thanks for saving the day once again :)

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    Hopefully this comes to the Australian store. I'd love to give this a go. It's free for PS3, but not PS4.

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      I was able to buy the 360 version 'free' with AU account on the console.

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      Just create an US (PSN) account, then play on your AU account.

  • Anyway I can get this WITHOUT providing credit card information?

    • Buy it on the console itself.

      • Yup and it doesn't show it in any deals page you need to search for it

  • It says bundle only and the bundles cost money?? (xbone)

    • I just got it.

      Dont choose the bundle which is the main, larger icon, scroll across to the individual episodes.

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    Yay, I now have another useless thing in my download list on PSN. I figured it would only be in America but I downloaded the episode one trial on PS3 here anyway and then found out it has an unlock needed.

  • Thanks OP, but I don't have a US Credit Card, I'll download it on my console (if that works)… :P

  • have an AU credit card linked to my xbox account and was able to get it just fine.

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    PC version isn't free? That is discrimination!

  • pretty sure this was free from the start

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