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Bose Soundlink Mini (1st Gen) $168.75 (Extra 25% off Reduced Price) @ Myer


Hi all, Myer have put an extra 25% off all of their clearance electrical items
The Bose Soundlink Mini has been popular before and not sure if ive seen it this cheap before (it is the old model though)

There are some other great deals amongst the pages including more Bose items as well as Sonos


An additional 25% off will be discounted at checkout

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    That is the cheapest seen so far for this little gem, although its over more than a year old tech, this mini speaker still packed a punch. If I haven't got my Mini 2, I would have bought this speaker in a heartbeat.

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      Agreed, I paid a bit over $200 for mine a while ago and its worth every cent in my eyes. Sound quality is fantastic and people are amazed at what the tiny speaker can do.

      Goes great with my iPad for music/foxtel GO etc.

  • How does this compare to the Mini 2? Thanks!

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      Mini 2 has longer battery life, 10 hours compared to 7 hours? Mini 2 can now pair more than 1 bluetooth devices, and has like a Siri like voice telling you the status (i.e. connected to which devices, battery percentage), Mini 2 has micro-usb port for charging on the side.

      But other than that, not much notable quality differences between the two models. If you don't want the extra frills, yes, this is to go.

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        Thanks for the information. One quick question about the pairing, Mini 1 can only pair with one device, so if I want to change my pairing to another device, is it hard to do so? SOrry for the noob question.


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          From memory you just push the bluetooth button on the speaker, then go into BT options on your device and chose the Bose Soundlink to connect.

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          mini 2 can pair two device at the same time. Mini 1 can only pair one, but can remember up to six device.
          If you want to switch to another device, I found a quick way.

          1.Turn off mini1
          2.Turn off Bluetooth on device 1
          3.Turn on Bluetooth on device 2
          4.Turn on mini1.

        • @rhyme324:

          Thanks. Will play with it when it arrives. It said dispatched, but I couldn't track it with the tracking number given.

  • can u get clearance prices in store? I want to use some giftcards…

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      I think so, ive asked them to match online before and they have done it.
      If your local store doesnt have stock then ask them to order it on the ipads. The staff will be able to place an order for you like you would online and you can pay for the goods with any payment method they accept at POS including gift cards and they will deliver it out to you

    • I just off the phone with myer , they say the 25% price discount is available in store too.

  • I hate Bose stuff with a passion, awfully over priced rubbish, HOWEVER this is good like many of their docks, and I have one myself. Not sure if I have the different version, but it looks the same…

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      When competing with the same form factor, Bose is fine.
      Headphones vs. headphones - Bose do fine.
      Sounddocks vs. sounddocks - Bose do fine.

      The problem is that people look at Bose's home theatre systems with tiny satellite cube speakers and say "for that price I can buy these tower speakers and a 20kg receiver that sound MUCH better!" - which is true, because bigger speakers always sound better than little speakers. But that's not always what you want.

      Nothing wrong with Bose, and it's certainly not rubbish. Just compare apples to apples and accept that sometimes you just pay extra for design.

  • Just clicked on the link but says it's $225?

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      'An additional 25% off will be discounted at checkout'

    • Price will be updated during the checkout.

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    awesome! thanks guys!

  • Well I would go for the 2nd edition as it charges via USB too. The sound difference is almost the same, well $60 can't justify the sound quality, but can justify whether charging using AC adapter or USB.

    • I can't find the mini 2 in myer website, how much does mini 2 cost?


      • Yikes, just checked only applies bose 1 for the 25%. Sigh, have to skip again..waiting on bose 2 to reduce to around $200.

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          TO be honest, i don't see the big difference having USB. You'd still need some sort of power-source to charge it. Got the Gen I, and wouldn't look twice at the Gen II for it's 'new features'. Just my 2c anyway, it's great product :)

        • This is weird, but while I was browsing for a soundlink mini 2 at the myer george st sydney store, i started talking to one of the employees about the soundlink mini 1. He then said, I can get the soundlink mini 2 for 200 dollars and he will get it cleared by his manager. Might be worth a try at your closest Myer store.

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          TO be honest, i don't see the big difference having USB.

          If you're out somwehere you can use just about anyone's phone charger or car adapter to recharge it.

          It's an improvement with decent advantages and zero drawbacks.

  • How much are they normally ?

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    • I haven't actually seen these on sale anywhere for a while since the mini 2 came. But last I saw before they disappeared they were around $240

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    Yay got one. Been deliberating about a wireless bluetooth speaker for some time. Listened to a few in Jb and Myers but always come back to the Bose. Thanks OP early bday present.

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    What are the odds anyone has experience with the sound quality of this vs the Logitech UE Boom? I've seen sales of the first version for around $100, and with two friends owning them I adore the sound and convenience, but at this price this is so bloody tempting.

    • The Bose sounds better from memory, but the old UE Boom is potentially better value

      • Thanks, I pulled the trigger. Bose are great gear, just too expensive. Bring the price down to something like this and I feel all high and and shit.

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          I've got the soundlink mini, and I regular gear the UE Boom. The Soundlink mini definitely sounds much better with the bass and lower frequencies. UE Boom has 360 degree sound, more durable for outdoors, and significantly cheaper (lowest I'm seen is $100). For sound quality, go for the soundlink mini. The soundlink mini 2 has the same sound, just better features (not worth the extra 100 for it though)

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          Exactly the post I was after, thanks.

    • Similar quesstion, but what about this vs the Jawbone Jambox? I already have a Jambox but tempted by this deal.

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        This is hands down the best sounding bluetooth speaker for its size. The only other model that even comes close is the Sony SRS-X3.

      • Yep, nothing this size really comes close. The bass/low range is leagues ahead. I seem to find all other speakers sound tinney after listening to this.

  • Best portable speakers I bought, though I paid full price $250 at JB hifi last year. But well worth it as we play YouTube songs on iPad and these Bose speakers paired via Bluetooth rock the place. Would recommend highly.

  • I got some of these a while back. It's a pain in the arse having to turn it on and then screw around with bluetooth for a few minutes before playing anything. Thinking of selling mine actually.

    • Few minutes?? There must be something wrong. Have had mine for a year and the longest it takes its 10-20 seconds. If the device is already paired it starts playing instantly, I don't know how it could physically be quicker or simpler. If you're having connectivity issues I would be highly suspicious of the device you're streaming from.

  • There's a few soundtouch portables floating around for $250 as well

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    Picked one up today after having my eye on a bluetooth speaker for a couple of months. Extremely surprised with the sound quality, can't go wrong at that price

  • Does anyone know if it come with international warranty? Thanks

  • Thanks. Just bought one for $168.75. Free postage too. Value for money…

  • nice one,already pickup at this afternoon,very good sound quality,I saw a micro usb socket next to the dc input,so it can be charge by micro usb cable?

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      unfortunately not. i nearly chose a ue boom because of this.
      that plus is for updating the firmware. i used an old samsung galaxy cable to connect, computer installed driver and everything but the software didn't detect it and find an update, apparently it doesn't detect, it is already up to date. stupid way of doing it but what can you do.


      try it and see how you go.

      • +1

        thanks alot,I missed dicksmith ebay 30% off sale for UE boom before,but lucky got this bose one.

        thank you for find out the function of the usb socket,I don't need to try it now.

        I hope it has anyway can turn the bass volume a little bit lower,too much for pop music.

  • +1

    I went into chatswood myer to see what they had and they had one display model left of this. i asked for another discount and got given another 10% off.
    so came down to 151, which i paid with myer gift cards i got for falling asleep during a timeshare presentation.

    I am pretty chuffed :)

  • Just checked my order status, and I have both Backordered and Dispatched. Anyone else notice this?

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      Scrap that. Coming down to me from Mackay

      • Arrived this morning. This little thing absolutely pumps!

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          nice! I got an email today saying that they are to be delivered today! Finger crossed!

  • Myer just cancelled my order, made last Friday morning. Really not happy and poorly handled by them. My complaints fell on pretty deaf ears.

  • my order now says "delayed"

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