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[PC] FREE Steam Key - Nosferatu-The Wrath of Malachi - Razer Cortex (85% Positive; Trading Cards)



The same procedure as in the previous Razer Cortex deal (Lucius).

Follow the instructions (make sure you have an account) and then redeem your key on Steam.


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  • 5:00PM QLD time. :)

    • -2

      WOW, you know your clock and times! Well done.


      • +1

        530 in SA :D

        • You get a virtual "well-done" sticker, too!


          Anybody want to tell us what time it would be if you were in Paris, New York, Tokyo?

        • +1

          Paris Fri 9:00 AM
          New York Fri 3:00 AM
          Tokyo Fri 4:00 PM

          also Perth Fri 3:00 PM
          what the hell perth, are you even still in the same country?

      • funny you say that because it actually says

        "Save the date for 00:00AM PDT, 9th September!"

        • US based!

        • +1


          So are they a month behind in the US?? lol

        • +3

          @perksie89: well it is a pretty backwards country…. so maybe?

        • @perksie89:

          Apparently. Depends on whether you mean in relation to time, the environment or mentally? ;-)

          In some regards it would be closer to 9 September 1915.

      • Thanks bro. :)

        I work on the stock market.

  • Thanks, just got a code 500 gone in the first minute.

    • Yes, the first 20,000 or so will go very quick I assume.

  • thanks OP!

  • Can't register an account

    • It will work eventually. Should have done it before the start. I am certain the website is under heavy load now and will be for some time.
      Keep trying. It took about 15 minutes for me last time.

      • I was able to register an account instantly just now, the site seem pretty stable to me.

        • OK. Then maybe he has Flash disabled or something. My PC asked for permission to allow flash.

      • how do u create an account with bundle stars?

        does have any create account


        how do u pay for it?

        on bundle star, there is no option to put in the voucher code…

        • Option is there at bottom of shopping cart page. You have to expand the coupon entry field: "Got a promo voucher code? Click here to redeem"

          But Bundlestars is ignoring the coupon code Razor supplied me — both in Chrome and FF. Price remains $9.

        • @belzecue:

          Same here

        • @belzecue:


          same issue as well

          still shows

          GRAND TOTAL $9.99

        • +7


          Make an account on Razer.
          Grab Coupon and it will be revealed.
          That is the Steam code - you can activate on Steam directly!

          Making an account on BundleStars is useless here!

        • @Lysander:
          What do you mean? I logged in with my bundlestars account in order to get the key, which I then put into steam to get the game..
          edit: Though maybe there is another way to get it via Razor login?
          TBH not impressed with my Razor mouse only mouse I ever owned that failed…. no scroll really sucks

        • +3

          the first code you get is the steam code, took me a bit to work that out as well

        • +2

          Gah, confusion. Steam code already, okay. Despite saying "coupon -100%" and linking directly to Bundlestars. You had one job, Razer.

          Thanks for clearing that up.

        • @nosdan:

          thanks for clearing that up..

        • @menvert:

          Never worked any other way for me. Worked fine with Razer account.

        • @belzecue:

          Exactly! WTF?

          Thanks Lysander for clearing that up :)

  • Got one thanks…

  • Yay got one of the last few (3000 left), Thanks

    • +1

      No, it counts down. Not up. There are still 97,000 left.

      • Ah, you are right, heaps left then…

  • Due to the popularity of our offer, you must try again in a few minutes.

    getting hammered -_-

    • Been like that ever since the deal went live for me.

      • and now it's

        Performing Maintenance
        Sorry for the inconvenience but we're performing some essential maintenance on our site. Thanks for your patience!


        • Yep. Must be a great game..

        • @MissMurd3r:

          It's old but it's pretty good and fun and will virtually run on any modern computer due to the age and the low system requirements.

  • Still 93000 keys left.

  • +1

    Awks, already owned the game :P
    Enjoy, stranger!

    • +2

      Taken, thanks. Saved me the time of registering.

    • +1

      Same here


      Enjoy and at least say thanks if you claim it!

  • Approx 90k left.

  • Got mine, thanks, OP.

    I swapped my Razer Death Adder for a G700s on my gaming rig. Not really important, but since this is about Razer I thought I'd share it.

    • +1

      I went through 2 death adders before I realised how bad Razer products are, lol. Also had a Lycosa keyboard.. 0/10, but it wasn't mechanical so what can I say.

      I'm sure they must make something good.. right..? Otherwise why do they have so many fans :P

      • I have heard a lot of horror stories with Razer. Their support (warranty, returns, etc.) is supposed to be absolutely abysmal. I think I bought my adder on a whim because it was on special and it has served me well. I now have it connected to a laptop in the Kitchen.

        One thing that is weird about razer is that they force you to use the whole cloud/online storage of your settings through Synapse. You can't export copies of your settings locally (My R.A.T. 7 allows me to and I think you can with the G700s). As far as I understand it you have to have an account and use that. Pretty dumb to force it. As an option it could be convenient, but it ain't an option.

      • my mamba is going strong, never had a razer product crap out on me. Have had keyboards, mice and mousepads, all passed on/sold to others.

    • yep my Razor mouse only lasted about 18 months before scroll failed, yet many MS/logi/generic mouses never failed….

  • code won't apply the discount… halp?

    edit: omg the code is not a voucher but the actual steam key. and umm.. i already had it. retard i ams

  • +1

    For those who are confused, the coupon that they give you for "bundle stars" is actually for steam!
    You do not need to even visit bundle stars !!!
    Just input the code they give you into steam and you're done :D

  • At least it work well on older computers
    Released 21 Oct, 2003

  • +1

    got a spare code


  • Still 35,000 keys left!!!!
    Tell your friends to get one, too!

  • +1

    bugger missed out. sold out apparently :(…

  • Found Nosferatu keys in my Indiegala account. PM if you want.

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