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5% off WISH (Woolworths, Big W, Woolworths Petrol etc) eGift Cards through Cashrewards


A reminder of a good discount on Wish eGift cards.

The Wish eGift card is spendable at Woolworths, BIG W, Dan Murphys, Masters, BWS, Thomas Dux, Cellarmasters and most Caltex Woolworths Petrol sites.

Even though it's called an eGift Card you can buy them for yourself as a great way to save on all your purchases.

-You choose the amount $5-$500
-Sent via Email so no delivery fees apply! (You can still purchase physical wish cards with an added fee of ~$5)
-Order as many as you like, whenever you like
-Double up with additional savings such as petrol vouchers when applicable
-The 5% discount is automatically applied at checkout (you're going through Woolies' payment portal) when you purchase. This is not a cashback offer like a normal cash reward.
-If you spend, for example, $10 the wish eCard will be loaded with $10.53 etc.

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$10 for referee and $10 for referrer, after referee makes $20 purchase within 90 days

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  • Also available through PricePal(still redirects to Woolies for payment, no difference from CashRewards)

  • +10 votes

    Isn't this more of an announcement than a deal? It's always been 5% off

    • +6 votes

      Reminder of an ongoing deal.
      Last posting was 11 months ago; I only found out about the deal a month ago :)

    • Yeah, a good reminder which benefits everyone. I've been in Aussie for 5 years, been shopping a woolies all the time. Only found out there was 5% cashback via Cashrewards recently. How much money would I have saved if I knew before… T_T

  • also entertainment book…

    • But that costs $$!

      • Totally worth it. If you eat out at least twice a month at restaurants, you'll reclaim that money quite quickly. Plus some of the $ goes to a charity of your choosing. It's a win-win!

  • Automobile clubs have the same deal and you can pick up physical cards from their shops at 5% off

    • True.
      Sadly my local automobile club is a fair ride away so the eGifts are perfect

    • their shops at 5% off

      Which shops?

    • Used to do this with the RAA in South Australia for years.
      Stopped because I got fed up of arriving and being told that they had sold out and come back next week.
      Getting a pdf of the gift card sent to you is much better.

  • Nothing new.

  • Every now and then someone has a 7.5% discount, which is when I stock up. Otherwise, I tend to buy these at 5% off in small lots until a bigger discount comes along.

  • Since some Woolworths branded Caltex servos don't accept eGift cards for fuel, it's sometimes better to convert the eGift card to a Wish card. Easier to carry and use as well. Can be done at any Woolies checkout.

    You can use the Wish card online as well with.

    • the Woolworths branded one will accept egiftcards, you'll know this from the fuel app (they have the location there) or by looking at the mini-mart which will say woolworhts (the Caltex ones will have Star-mart). You can also figure this out from the type of eftpos machine they use.

      The Caltex ones only accept physical gift cards (I think not all accept it) and as cymon said you can convert this in store. I only do this for fuel and prefer the egiftcard for shopping.

      • I believe that COTD groceries and non-perishables are cheaper compared to what we get at woollies even with 5% eGift cards unless someone can prove me wrong and change this thought of mine and help me save more. I understand not all items we need are available through COTD or Grocery Run app.

        • You think it's cheaper buying some groceries at the service station rather than the supermarket?

        • @Diji1: I didn't mean service station but through catch of the day website, or grocery run - when we compare the prices of things like packs of Selby BBQ cleaners, cling wraps from glad, dishwasher tablets etc. I see these items to be cheaper compared to woollies online.

  • Don't bother if you have 5% ING/ME card

    Heck, even 2% Ing isn't that much difference and saves a lot of hassle

    • Right. Because it's so much hassle to order and use a giftcard.

    • You can buy gift cards on a credit card, that gives you additional points (3 points per $1 on Amex Platinum Edge purchased through Cash Rewards).
      That's roughly 3% back, on top of the 5% discount.

      • Do you know for sure that you get 3 pts/$1 buying the eGift Cards using the Platinum Edge? I've always wondered this, as I've been unsure as to whether the system still determines that to be a "supermarket purchase". If it does, that's awesome though.

      • I have an NAB Visa Mini credit card. It's a grandfathered product probably not available anymore, but it does offer 0.5% cash back on all purchases under $2k per month. I get the cash back on gift card purchases made through CR, so effectively get 5.5%.

        Is getting a 2 or even 5% offer worth the hassle of going through a few hoops? I think it's worth it for me, but also am very aware that Coles/Worths have specials where prices are often slashed by 50%, so it's still vitally important not to get carried away with shopping just because you're saving a little bit extra.

        The savings on fuel are nice, and ensure I usually pay way below the terminal gate price for petrol.

        I have some friends who are not so financially well off, and have mentioned the ING and eGift card offers to them. "Not interested" and "sounds like too much stuffing around" were the responses. It's ironic that people who would probably most benefit from saving extra money are often the ones who can't be bothered.

  • +1 vote

    My wishcard ecard say that BigW online don't accept the ecards. Weird.

    The one I hate about the ecards is that you have to plug in the numbers when using them instore. I wish theyed have like a qr code/barcode which you can scan & then enter a pin.

  • FYI

    Expires: 30/12/2015

    If someone can add that to the post, it might make it into one of those "long running deals"?

  • "-If you spend, for example, $10 the wish eCard will be loaded with $10.53 etc."

    Is this right? I thought it gives discounts than extra value? eg: you buy $10 egiftcard and you pay $9.50. Or is this their new method now?

    • It's "discounted" - 5% off the value.

      I usually pay $95 for a $100 gc or pay $114 for a $120 gc

  • I'm sure this has been asked before, and I think I already know the answer, but can you purchase Coles or Target Gift cards from Big W or Woolworths? TIA

  • Can we use this to purchase Opal top up at Woolworths instore?

  • You can buy real gift card in store with your egift card I case anyone was wondering. Works out to be great value

  • Good reminder with xmas coming up.

  • Have already bought over $5000 in vouchers from the 5% off groupon deals. Will be buying much more of these in the future. I Would be using cashrewards but Woolworths don't accept paypal as payment directly. Just wanted to explain why some people are choosing the groupon route.

  • I have about $500 left from last 7.5% off deal.. Hoping it comes around again so I don't need to drop back down to 5%

    • Used all my 7.5% ones up ages ago. Would be nice to see another 7.5% deal! Thought I had purchased enough to see me through until the next deal but has not been one for a while.

  • How long does it take for them to email the voucher? is it done within a few minutes or do you have to wait a few days?

  • This sux - bought an egift card at 2pm today and still haven't received it.

    Wanted to it something from masters with10% off deal that expires today :(

    Any1 ever experience the egift card taking this long?

    • Longest wait for me was 16 hours
      Mate, there's 10% off masters every week so you'll be fine :)

  • Does anyone know if you can use your woolworths employee discount 5% as well as the egift card, basically giving you 10% of an item? It's a catalogue item.

  • I thought i had posted on this already but cant see it but im sure i read you can get these and purchase from jbhifi?
    There is something i want in jbhifi and was looking to get money off can thesecbe used online as well as instore?
    Im not sure if its online as says delivery on site.
    But when i look up these egift card thing see no mention of jbhifi unless if using online you cant but can if going to store?
    Very confused dont want to get these and be stuck with them.
    So can i use in jbhifi and if so what should i do?
    If its in store the item i want then i could get store to reserve and get these and then collect.
    But do they work and how and i take jbhifi have no issues with them?

  • Does bbq galore gift cards come just in $100 cards as two stores I have been to only had this nothing smaller anyone know

  • For those of you who understand how leverage works, you would purchase the eGiftcards from a provider who rewards not just yourself as the purchaser, but also the people who referred you into the system. Entertainment Book, RACV club, Cashrewards etc just don't cut the mustard as they only reward your own shopping.