This was posted 8 years 1 month 22 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Hungry Jack's Coupons Valid to January 2016 (National)


New Hungry Jack's coupons with 3 months expiry. Enjoy :)

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    Do they care if its printed?

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      • Hijacking the top comment as I did in the last set of national HJ vouchers:…

        Rather than printing multiple pages, here is a full page of ONLY Whopper and Whopper w/ Cheese vouchers (because chips are better bought at places like KFC/Fish N Chips shop etc, and soft drinks are better bought at a supermarket).

        As mentioned elsewhere, print a black and white page. Depending on the cashier they may accept the voucher on a phone.

        Personally I expect to go to HJ a few times in the next 105 days - justifies printing a single black and white page lol

    • You can just show them on your phone, they dont care. save the paper

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        I showed them mine, and you're right, they didn't care.

        • OMG jv replied to me!!!
          You really need to upgrade your phone. Have you thought of getting the Nokia 532 pretty good price.


        • @ahhzyzz:

          Have you thought of getting the Nokia 523

          Steve Jobs would be rolling in his grave.

        • @jv: Too bad iPhones are never discounted ZZzz

        • @ahhzyzz:

          iPhones are never discounted

          Postpaid are…

        • @jv: alrighty you got me. Time to sleep Zzzz, dont you have uni or work??

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      Do they care if its printed?

      If they print it, the coupon sheet might be more nutritious than the burgers.

  • with 3 months expiry

    It's disappointing there are only 3 FLAME-GRILLED WHOPPER vouchers… :(

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      Ive found that if you go through drive thru they wont even check or ask for the voucher. And if u show them the voucher on ur phone in store they give u the deal 100% of the time

    • Just do a copy and paste of the ones you want in paint and print that instead.

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        won't they know it's been edited ?

        • But they are offered online to print? nothing to say I can't print the ones I want, over and over.

    • I did this last time - created an entire page of just whoppers and whopper w/ cheese:…

      Clearly, you print them and cut them up (black and white is fine). The prices aren't even that cheap with the vouchers (simply no longer horribly expensive), so there's no absolutely restriction on number of vouchers used in a single purchase/day (Hungry jacks is happy to sell you as many whoppers as you want at this price point)

  • Valid only at participating HUNGRY JACK’S® stores.

    Which ones aren't participating ?

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    Thanks for the coupons but boo at the prices… I think a few years ago 2 whoppers were only $5.45… the size nor taste has changed since so what has? :P

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      Inflation & wages :)

    • 17 years ago when i worked there 2 whopper deals were only $3

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        And how much were you paid? :P

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          I believe it was a measly $5.35 hr for a 16yr old.

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          measly? that's almost four whoppers an hour!

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    photoshop and care less workers = prices from a few years ago

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      I mentioned a 2 whoppers deal for a cheaper price from a couple years ago through the drive thru as a joke once….. it worked. I'm a bad person.

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    No flame grilled chicken. Boo.

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    You get better deals in the Check-In and Win app.

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    the participating store thing sucks a bit ….. stand inline and then they say "we don't participate", and if you have a kid by then you have to pay full price because they are getting restless and are hungry.

    But the $9.95 meals look good, $10 lunch for my 8 year old son and me son a weekend if we are at southland is great value ….. if they participate.

    Hungry Jacks are killing McDonalds when it comes to cheap meal deals ……

    I miss the McDonalds $5 small mac meal lunch club cards sooo much.

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    I've seen HJ coupons printed next to the register, makes life easy.

    • In that case they should just update their price board and give the discount to every customer regardless of coupon or not. Not exactly going to kill their profit margin when it costs them like $1 to make a whopper.

  • Getting expensive 2 whoppers for $8 still remember when it was 2 for $5. Better off having a few phones with shake and win on then nearly always get 2 for one offer and so many free bacon deluxe burgers.

  • Does anyone know if they accept these at the airports?

    • the last time i tried.. they didnt

    • No they dont. They even charge $5 for water at Sydney airport. major riopoff

  • Goldcoast airport doesn't but they said they except shake and win. Showed him my free sunday and he pointed at the machine and said broken.

    • I said, thatr is fine I will have the cup only.

  • simply the best

  • If you go to hungry jacks website on your phone and click on offers, it will show you a list of all these vouchers. It has a big header saying "show on phone to redeem". So don't worry about printing out vouchers or how many of each the flyer had etc.

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