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Insystem Lightning Cable 1m $5 @ Officeworks


Certified lightning cable for $5 at officeworks
Bought 2 at Bundoora VIC. Plenty in stock

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    What is the difference between this and generic ebay cables? I bought 1 for 99 cents delivered a few weeks ago and it seems to work fine. Is this a 'Monster Cable' situation or are there actual differences?

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      MFI will last longer before you receive an error message:

      This accessory is not supported
      Not charging

      They're worth the investment at this price.

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        Are you sure this is MFI? Normally, MFI are more expensive than the RRP of $5
        MFI is certified by Apple. That also regulates the quality and safety of the cable.

        The advantages of MFI are quality of the charge and safety standards of the manufacture. When you've got chips embedded in your cables, the complexity of manufacturing is higher. I bought at least 8 cables that melted at the ends. My MFI certified cables have all been fine so far (1 month).

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          Definitely MFI. They are on clearance

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          @sangz: What does Definitely mean? does it say on the packaging?

          if you plug the ones from eBay in (non MFI chip), other than the above concerns, it can damage the device as well. there's a big risk so I wanted to know for sure.

          I've seen BigW and OW sell these lightning cables on clearance before from a higher RRP but no sign of MFI certified, so I try to stay away.

        • @zeckem: Hrmm I see what you mean. I took OP at their word. At least the Cosmol brand (linked below) specifies that it is certified.

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          Consensus below suggests they are MFI according to the packaging.

        • @sween64: thanks OP has confirmed it has it in writing on the side of the box.

      • Yeah wtf is up with that?????? It works for a while then suddenly bang, no good. I have 5x useless cables now but they work for friends

        • Yep I've got about 4 dead cables, including one genuine Apple which just died. I hate lightning cables.

        • @beyondtool:

          The connection itself is really quite good - better quality feel than microusb and multi directional. but FAR OUT why does apple need to ruin everything good?? They always manage to be just a little bit too greedy for their own good

  • Good find. Need some longer lightning cables for the car.

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      I'd go get a 2m cable from ebay, they've served me well

      EDIT: and they're cheaper too!

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    These types of deals are more useful than random arse deals or EC posts. There, I said it.

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      sd, ssd, woolworths repeat

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        Chill hey. Would rather a heads up than not.

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          Hello Bellpop

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      Thank god the FREE EBOOKS posts have stopped.

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    Cosmol Grey also available.

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      Comsol = MFI

      • yes, at least the website says

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      lightning cable is a serious ripoff (most companies have been doing this for decades with cables etc)
      the beauty of this cable is the ease of use as it is 2 sided
      the pain of all usb variants is the one sided
      very poor design and I can attest to plugging the wrong side with a usb cable thousands and thousands of times

      Apple is not rubbish but overpriced
      The cameras at 8mp usually matched or beat the rival 13mp
      The memory management is always superior although less
      Offers many advantages with solid usage of TouchID et al

      Android is a nightmare for privacy as you become the product of revenue
      Most android devices made have massive vulnerabilities and lack updates
      The play store is far behind

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        Yes it may be two sided… but…
        One really big nuisance/worry about lightning cables, even apple ones, is that they shock you if you touch the exposed wiring. Its not a light shock either, and this could potentially be hazardous.
        Every other electronic interface has some sort of casing/shielding, which protects both the cable and the user. Sigh…

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          Incorrect. Apple cables have shielding.



          Frank Donghi of Toxic Cables reached out to AppleInsider after he got his hands on a knock-off Lightning to USB cable from China for $3.50. He said the cable works as expected for charging and syncing, though he noted the connection is "very noisy" when used with external music players due to a lack of proper shielding when compared to Apple's official cables.

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          Not that sort of shielding. A physical shielding for the contacts.

          The 30 pin connectors are inside the metal casing.

          The lighting pins, you can see them clearly. Thus it is not shielded in that way. And shocks me when I touch the connectors accidentally.

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          Thanks for the downvotes. All i said is that lightning cables are dangerous because i have personally been electrically shocked by the end contacts…

        • @ATangk: Yeah i experience these shocks too

        • @ATangk:

          Being "shocked" with FIVE VOLTS DC is physically impossible.

          You simply need to use an ELECTRICALLY SAFE CHARGER

          Your problem solved.

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          You mean Apple's own charger?
          Shit, must have been a fake iphone that i bought from the Apple store…

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          And let me run 5 volts at 9000 amps, and see if you die.

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          9000 Amps DOH - You just said you were zapped by an Apple iPhone Charger, which outputs ONE AMP maximum.

          Nevertheless, there is a IC chip inside the Lighting Plug, and unless inserted AND signalled to do so, there is ABSOLUTELY ZERO POWER ON ANY PINS.

          There are 8 pins on the connector. One is 0 Volts, and 2 are for Data. The other 5 pins are dynamically assigned. When plugged into and instructed BY AN APPLE DEVICE, these pins will be dynamically assigned to data, audio, power or whatever.

          Some or all pins might get assigned to +5V depending on what the device requires. If not plugged into an Apple device, NONE of the pins have significant voltage on them.

          Have you tried a tinfoil hat to protect against these "shocks" you dream you are getting?

        • @llama:
          2.1Amp Mate. Have you tried charging an iPad on 1Amp?
          You dont nail half your facts right before blabbing away.

          Sure they have x amount of pins with power and what not. But the fact remains that they shock. Didn't quantify it as godzilla or a frilled neck lizard. A shock is a shock, no matter how small it is.

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          2.1Amp Mate. Have you tried charging an iPad on 1Amp?
          You dont nail half your facts right before blabbing away.

          LOL what facts? YOU were the one who said it was a IPHONE… click this link: @ATangk:

          Sure they have x amount of pins with power and what not.

          They have x amount of pins, but the PINS ARE NOT LIVE.

          There is absolutely no connection until the plug is inserted and the iDevice has negotiated with the Lighting Plug about what type of connection is required. Nothing detectable by multimeter… if you don't believe, then you need to test it for yourself.

          But the fact remains that they shock

          Certain situations can occur that will create an induced voltage on the ground (shield) of most electrical products. So, you can equally get a "shock" from a MicroUSB, etc.

        • @llama:
          Yes a microusb can shock, but the connectors aren't exposed. Unlike the lightning cable.

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          Yes a microusb can shock, but the connectors aren't exposed. Unlike the lightning cable.

          Errrr, nope. And you aren't even reading what I am telling you. Anyway, even if you could touch the conductors, a MicroUSB cannot shock - simply because it is only FIVE VOLTS. You cannot get a shock from 5 volts DC at a couple of amps.

          A Lighting cable also cannot shock you for the same reason - it's only connected to FIVE VOLTS. You could chew through either kind of cable and still not be "shocked" by electricity.

          The fact that lighting connectors have exposed connections is TOTALLY and UTTERLY irrelevant, because until the connector is plugged into an Apple device AND the Apple device has instructed the cable what to do, the power and data pins on the connector on the lightning cable ARE NOT CONNECTED TO ANYTHING.

          The lightning connector pins become "live" only when they are plugged in. You can easily verify this using a multimeter, or searching online. This is simple stuff, basic physics and common sense. Maybe your tinfoil hat needs refurbishing?

        • @llama:
          Connected via conductive elements arrested by the epidermis. Yes madam, I understand that you are currently going through a PMS period where your view is a micron wide.

        • +1

          @ATangk: It sounds like your charger has got a mains leak. You need to replace it for your own safety. If it is a genuine product, send it back for a replacement, otherwise throw it out. You are correct that the terminals are exposed, but the problem in this case actually lies with your charger. By default, the charging voltage is around 5V which does not cause shocks. A mains leak will cause a tingling sensation or a mild shock (or can become severe if the insulation/isolation breaks down more).

        • @IMFrugl:

          Mains leak = tingling sensation?
          Shiet, my powerboard must be leaking then, both a surface pro and an Asus zenbook have tingling sensations on them when plugged in to their chargers.

        • @cwongtech:
          An easy way to check is to use a test pen (Google it if you are not sure what this is) to check for leaks. If the light lights up faintly when you touch any metal part (metal case, screw, power cable terminal) with the screwdriver tip and you touch the other end of the screwdriver, you have a small mains leak. If it lights up quite brightly, then there is a bad leak which will cause mild shocks.
          Powerboards should not cause the problem, but if they have a built in mains filter, they could sometimes break down and cause similar problems. Verify this by plugging the charger directly into the wall without the powerboard.

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      I disagree with your post for a number of reasons,

      • Apple is not rubbish because of a cable design
      • the 3 for $2 cables on eBay are normally crap. Check whirlpool forums if you have any doubts
      • you didn't highlight apple's greed at $30+ for a cable, you criticised the engineering
      • you ignored the good design and benefits of the cable (the engineering)

      Here's a summary of the benefits of the Lightning connector.i took it from Wikipedia,


      industry observers believe that Lightning was used for several advantages, such as the power requirements for charging Apple devices, like the iPad; compatibility with docks and speaker systems;[7] the ability to insert the cable in either direction offering user convenience;[8] Apple wielding more control over the ethics of the supply chain of accessories[9] and charging a licensing fee; the structural weakness of USB connectors;[8] and the Lightning connector's ability to either charge a device or to allow the device to power accessories.

      • Good goyim!

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    I've brought countless cables off eBay, none of them now work with most the connections are broken. They're rubbish and not worth 1 cent.
    Willing to try my luck with these.

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      I've had mine closing on two years and they're still working fine

      • What version of iOS are you running?

        • I'm on the latest iOS, have been on 9+ since it's been released - have only had one issue with cables however that was with a friend's cables and not my own

          EDIT: I think partly why mine last so long are because I buy 2m cables so I rarely have the issue of accidentally yanking them or having the connector ends at odd positions

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      Also I laugh at people buying a $1500 device and plugging in a $1 fake cable. What's the purpose?

      • +10

        so it only costs them $1501 and not $1529 :P

        • -2

          More like their device blows up

        • +2

          $1 x 20 cables a year lol

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    i wonder if you get a 12 month replacement warranty with these ??? :)

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      Most likely they will not have them in stock at that time as this is clearance, so i think you will get a refund :)

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    For anyone wondering, these were $17 at OW 3 weeks ago.

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    This is great! My old cable broke literally 2 days ago.. :)

  • I bought some cheap lightning cables off eBay. They work except they do not charge my iPad Air as quickly as the stock Apple cable. I would say the cable added another hour for a full charge.

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    Thanks OP, good find.

    Go here and sort by price there's a few $5 specials, all MFI certified, even a micro USB to lightning connector and 20cm lighting cable.


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    These cables and comsol 20cm Flat USB sync/charge cable have been on clearance for almost 3 weeks now. If you really wanted more information on the In System brand, in fact this brand Is a Officeworks brand, Officeworks has rebranded many products like, Keji, chair in a box etc, if you want more information, all these packing boxes have the same address from Victoria. We stopped using Officeworks brand names on our products due to many people saying our items weren't to "robust"

    To be honest these cables are a lot more sturdy than any $1 cable from eBay, and these comes with 12months Officeworks warranty if broken, please keeps your receipts.

    • Can you confirm that In System lighting cables are MFI certified?

      • i highly doubt it.

      • They're not. I have one and there is no MFi certification on the packaging.

        • +5

          It says mfi on the side of the package

  • Comsol Lightning Cable 1m Grey $5 as well on clearance.
    This cable is certified by Apple under the MFI licensing program. Not sure how it compares to the InSystem one

    • Already linked above.

  • The Bundoora VIC store in question has since been cleared out of stock.
    It seems most of the Comsol micro-usb/lightning cables in Belkin-esque fruity colours are all on clearance.

    • Actually lots left at Bundoora. The tray thing that says insystem cables is empty but I asked a worker and he led me to an unmarked tray 3 or so times larger to the left that was packed with these 5 dollar cables.

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    Ok I've just purchased two of these cables from Officeworks and have tested the cables using a usb voltage meter and an official Apple 10W usb charger with my iPhone 6S plus at 53% battery.

    Official Apple lightning cable - 5.05v & 1.31A

    Insystem lightning cable - 5.03v & 1.57A

    From the results above these cable as a really good buy at $5.

    Most cheap ebay lighting cables I've come across struggle to push 400mah, but the Insystem cables seem to push even more amps than the official Apple lightning cable.

    I can also confirm that the box that the cable comes in states 'Made for iPod iPhone iPad'.

    • Cool!, thanks for the testing and results.

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    Plenty of stock at the Elizabeth St Melbourne Officeworks. Stock list shows 120 in stock but only about 15 on display. They must have more at the back.

    QV don't have any now but said they have 100+ on order that will arrive next Monday

  • Interesting, Apple doesn't seem to have Comsol Pty Ltd. or Officeworks/Insystem systed as MFi licensed partners.

  • I'm too lazy to go and buy, but I like the 12 months OW warranty.

  • None left in Epping, quite a stash in Bundoora.

  • Purchased two of the grey Comsol 1m cables this morning. Works well. Specifically Made for iPod iPhone iPad. So definitely Apple certified. Just testing now to charge an iPhone 5 from PC via USB 3.0 port. Phone is currently 50% charged. Will test later in car using usb port on Pioneer head unit that is specifically designed for Apple devices and supports fast charge.

    Comsol 1m Lightning cable Picture 1
    Comsol 1m Lightning cable Picture 2

  • Will grab 2, nice find!

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    For stores with >=20 units as of 12:00pm, please refer to the below.

    Alexandria, 57
    Blacktown, 142
    Carlton (Kogarah Bay), 111
    Dee Why, 25
    Dubbo, 35
    Greenacre, 28
    Lewisham, 29
    Liverpool, 83
    Michinbury, 20
    Mittagong, 45
    Newcastle West, 90
    Port Macquarie, 27
    Punchbowl, 41
    Rutherford, 28
    Sydney (Clarence St), 52
    Taren Point, 34
    West Gosford, 24
    West Ryde, 41

    Ascot Vale, 31
    Box Hill South, 52
    Bundoora, 83
    Chadstone, 88
    Cranbourne, 33
    Dandenong South, 48
    Elsternwick, 37
    Ferntree Gully, 48
    Fitzroy, 88
    Frankston, 124
    Geelong, 85
    Highett, 171
    Maribyrnong, 44
    Melbourne (Elizabeth St), 124
    Nunawading, 33
    Preston, 93
    Richmond, 78
    South Melbourne, 137
    Taylors Lakes, 42
    Windsor, 59

    Aspley, 41
    Garden City, 20
    Hervey Bay, 23
    Ipswich, 45
    Maroochydore, 53
    Noosaville, 31
    Toowoomba, 24
    Virginia, 46
    West Burleigh, 33
    Windsor, 59

    East Vic Park, 43
    Elizabeth, 30
    Gilles Plains, 20

    Bunbury, 45
    Joondalup, 35

    • Any chance of putting up ACT - specifically Tuggeranong Store?

      • For stores with >=20 units as of 12:00pm, please refer to the below.

        This would indicate that perhaps stores in ACT have less than 20 or none

        • +1

          Yeah I figured that. Unfortunately 0 is is also less than 20 :-)

      • Hey mate, the system shows up zero stock in Tuggeranong, however, there seems to be 9 units in Fyshwick (and that's all for the ACT O_o).

        Happy hunting :)!

    • NSW
      Liverpool, 83

      Went to campbelltown OW and no stock
      Went to liverpool OW and no stock (2 being held for someone)

      Apparently Broden bought 10 and came back for another 5 but no idea where the others went as the guy scanned the held insystem package and said there should be lots instock and none in the back.

      Oh well…
      No lightning cables for christmas pressies for now

  • just bought three, all work like a charm - thanks op!

  • Popped into Elsternwick store to buy a few of the Comsol grey ones. Website said it was in stock but they couldn't find any, the guy said he knew they had the multicoloured ones but didn't recall seeing any grey ones, let alone for $5. They checked stock out the back but in the end they sold me some white ones for $5 :)

  • Bought two insystem ones. They appear to be genuine. MFi logo on the side. Statement on side ("certified by the developer to meet Apple performance standards").
    They appear to have good quality wires, pulling 1.7a when charging my 6s

    They don't have quite the same rubberized exterior of the genuine apple ones.

    Would recommend.

  • +1

    Tips on how to find them in store: 1. Don't ask the staff there cause they don't know where their stocks are. 2. Don't go to where all the lighting or USB cables are because they all scan at full price 3. Go to the checkout or counter area where baskets full of pens, small stationaries you will find them there. Only grey Comsol 1m and Insys 1m will scan up $5 each. Other colours or lengths will be at full price.

    • +1

      May I know which store did u go and does that store still have any stock? Cheers

      • I was misled by the staff thought none left at Subi and east perth so cant be sure if they have stocks but east vic park had 2 grey comsol and more than 5 insys wheni left at 6pm.

    • The grey comsol without packaging..I will post a pic tomorrow

  • Bought some insystem and comsol ones at box hill. Plenty of stock of both left.

    Also found a similar item for same price(http://www.officeworks.com.au/shop/officeworks/p/comsol-usb-...), but this was only in stock at Richmond. There are black and white versions of these so look for both if you're interested. Also 5 bucks but is 1.5m that ends in micro-usb but comes with lightning adapter. Bought couple of these as well as I have some devices that charge from micro-usb

    • Brilliant!! Even better deal than the one above.
      1.5m and includes an adapter!
      Just picked one up.

      • Good stuff. Glad someone else could take advantage of it as well.

  • I bought 6 from Bundoora, VIC around 4:30PM yesterday (16/10) and they still had around 50 left.

    Also, they had some other lightning cable reduced to $5 but they were only reduced from around $9 where as the InSystem ones were reduced from $12 so one would assume these are of better quality. They do look pretty decent.

  • Thank you. Bought 15 from Carlton Store today. There were more than 20 in stock in the morning today.

    • Why do you need so many for?