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Teclast X98 Air 3G 9.7" Retina, Quad Core 64GB eMMC, Win10/Android5, US$172 (~AU$237) @ Banggood


Comparing to other websites this is the cheapest. It has very good reviews.

This has GPS/3G compared to Teclast Air II, still even a lot cheaper than Air II with the sale/discount. If you're not interested in a mobile data pool with a separate/principal plan, another idea would be to tether it to your phone's WiFi Hotspot on the go to share its mobile data, and to use Google Maps. Otherwise just use WiFi where possible.

Price estimates (xe.com) : $171.58 USD = $236.503 AUD
1 USD = 1.37838 AUD <—> 1 AUD = 0.725487 USD
Switching to AUD Currency on BG works out to be about $240.75 AUD, so you might possibly save with setting the currency to USD.

Bonus 4.80% Cashback with CashRewards. Brings the price down by ~$11.50 if you include Cash back.

Case: Tri-fold Case Stand Cover For Teclast X98 Air 3G Tablet can be found here. In Black/Blue/Pink - $16.29 AUD delivered.

Case w/ Bluetooth Keyboard (Fits the Teclast Air 3G well): Link $32.35 AUD w/ Coupon: b185f7


CPU Intel Bay Trail-T Z3736F Quad Core 2.16GHz
GPU Intel HD Graphics GEN7
System Android 5.0+Windows 10
Capacity 64GB eMMC
Screen 9.7 inch IPS Retina Capacitive Screen
Resolution 2048*1536
SD Card Support up to 128GB in windows, 32GB in Android
Camera Front is 2.0MP,Rear is 5.0MP
WiFi IEEE 802.11b/g/n
Bluetooth Support
Gravity Sensor Support
GPS Support
3G WCDMA 900/2100MHz
OTG Support
HDMI Support

Microphone Built-in
Speaker Built-in
I/O Port 1 x Micro USB port, 1 x TF card slot
I/O Port 1 x SIM card slot, 1 x 3.5mm Earphone port
Battery 8500mAh
Weight 498g
Size 240mm(L) ×169mm(W) ×7.4mm(H)

Package Includes:
1 x Tablet PC
1 x USB Cable
1 x Charger
1 x Adapter (adapter depends on country of the buyer)

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  • What is Air II ?

    • sorry Teclast Air II, not the iPad that you may be thinking.

      • Surprised me that Apple hasn't sued them. I mean they tried to sue Woolies for using a logo that looked like an apple.

  • Would worry about only 2gb of ram with that high resolution

    • all the reviews seem pretty good taking into account the 2GB of ram. else you could go for the X98 Pro with 4GB, but that seems to have overheating issues.

    • works fine enough…..

    • I have the same tablet with 32gb storage, the 2gb ram is definitely not an issue when running Windows 10 and performing basic tasks

      • Chrome still having issues on 10 apparently and needs brute strength to work efficiently….
        Edit: has yours always been win 10? mine has poor battery life after upgrading and I wonder if its drivers or firmware needing an upgrade?

        • I got it with Windows 8 and did a clean install of windows 10. I used double driver to backup the original drivers and installed it one by one from device manager.

          Battery has been really good, I used it to watch TV series on the plane and 20 mins episodes used up about 5% battery in Windows. This is on airplane mode, with 25% brightness but ymmv. Android battery life is heaps better, I use mirek's 4.4 rom

        • @CodeXD: :( I have some work to do I guess……

        • Is it only for the Chrome? How about Canary?

        • @siuol: dunno, I might give it a whirl tomorrow…

  • Maybe just some games where it might be an issue?
    Sorry missed that reply button.
    Looking for something to play civ v or BE

    How would it to compare to the new ONDA?

    • I have the transformer T100 with a similar processor, the same ram and a 720p screen. It doesn't really play BE at all =P I haven't tried V.

  • How do you re flash the whole device with 2 OSs ?

    • It should already come with Android and Win10 dual boot. You can also checkout the Teclast Air 3G thread on XDA.

    • Yeah as Spectator said it should come pre-installed with Windows 10 / Android, I think any purchase after Aug 2015 should have it.

      Top mentions about this tablet is the screen compared to other tablets, the speed/fluidity of the experience, and it seems to run games pretty smoothly.

      • MY question was "how do you RE flash the whole device with 2 OSs ?" There always a time for corruption, upgrade, fresh install is required, especially Windows, how can that be done ?

        • Yeah sorry perhaps refer to Spectators' post, the thread on XDA has a lot of info on that kind of stuff.

  • I got the 64GB version with Android and Win10 dual boot.

    I play Hearthstone on it without any problems (framerate is great since the last engine update the other week), but that and watching Netflix/videos are about the most intensive things I've done so far.
    It can get a little warm after long periods of high use, but nothing that doesn't happen to pretty much any device. (Not the same heating issues as the Cherry Trial luckily)

    I find I use the included USB cable to charge the device as all my other cables must not be rated as high, and take forever to charge the device. Also the included USB Host cable has come in handy a few times for me.


    • Head over to XDA to get a decent Android Rom
    • (For Android) Install SecondScreen if you want to use HDMI out. Gives better options for controlling the output resolution than the built in HDMI options. I had to actually fiddle with both applications to get it working perfectly with my TV. In Win10, controlling HDMI output is pretty easy as it's just like another connected monitor. (I think)
    • Winddow 10 On-Screen Keyboard tweaks:
      ** Settings > Devices > Typing > Enable "Add the standard keyboard layout as a touch keyboard option" (now you can select this as a keyboard option when you show the OSK
      ** Settings > Devices > Typing > Enable "Automatically show the touch keyboard in the windowed apps when there's no keyboard attached to your device" (This is a must)

    Overall I'm actually quite happy about the purchase.

  • i brought the air 3g version for i think 20 dollar more on a sale early this year

    still havent got time to upgrade the whole thing to Win 10 however…

    battery life for continuous use is underwhelming, android btw life last longer than windows

    Ipad accessories fit the thing as the dize dimensions are identical but all the port opening does not in the right places, I brought a 5 dollar on sale brand name case and saw / punch the new holes in correct positions, which works :)

    • How long does it last on Windows typically?

      • if continuous use, thats roughly about 6 to 7 hours max, i only browse web, but the standby drain is unbelievably bad compare to IOS or even windows phone.

        • The battery isn't bad with Windows 10. Though depends if it downloads and installs updates while not being plugged in :P