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Xbox One 1TB + FIFA 16 + 12 Month EA Access Console Bundle $449 @ JB Hi-Fi


Pretty good price for the 1TB Console
Xbox One 1TB FIFA 16 with 12 Month EA Access Console Bundle $449

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  • pretty much buying the Xbox one 1TB for $399 if you resell the game on ebay after taking away shipping and other fee's :)

    • EB games also have the 1TB forza edition bundle for 499. Comes with forza and fallout 4 personally I think that is a better deal if I like the colour.

      • JB has the 1tb forza bundle, with forza 6 as well. Not fallout, for 450. Means you are getting a bargin with fallout 4 for 50 bucks more at EB if you like fallout.

    • Wonder if JB would feel nice enough to allow someone to swap the game for something…. better.

      • I was wondering the same thing.

      • Might do. Bought mine last year which had Sunset Overdrive and Forza Horizion 2 included as physical games (and a few download tokens). They let me swap out Sunset Overdrive for Shadow of Mordor which had just come out. Doesn't hurt to ask :)

    • Yeah but no EA access and you have to deal with the pretty ugly coat of paint… Better game though.

  • whats 12 Month EA Access please. Havent had an xbox since the original.
    Is it online access for just that game or access to half a dozen games while you are active (it seems like half a dozen or so games when I did a search) - meaning like PSplus subscription but a smaller range and only EA games.
    I am starting to look at xbox and playstation consoles again and not wanting to get into a xbox/PS is better war I am just wondering what ea access in the pack really means (not what ea access on ea website says)

    • EA access is essentially the ability to play older EA games without purchasing them. You pay $5/ a month or something and get to play any titles in the library (eg Battlefield 4). I don't think it's worth it, but if it's absolutely free, then I wouldn't decline it.

      • so it is the normal full ea access (usually $7 per month) and not just cut down tied to the fifa game?

        • I think so, I think they're probably trying to promote the service. 'The Vault' has all the '15' games (FIFA, Madden), so I don't think they're trying to tie you to FIFA 16.

      • It is EASILY worth it.
        Pay yearly so its only $40 a year and you get a bunch of games, plus games early and 10$ discount in all EA games.

        • I'm not sure if you're trolling or not. That 10% discount is worthless, as (I assume) that's off the RRP of a game, so FIFA 16 is $90 instead of $100, whereas you can pick it up for $65 from Target. The early release thing is OK I guess, but everyone was able to download the SW: Battlefront beta.

      • EA Access is some of the best value in gaming. Especially for new console owners. 12 Months is $40 but obviously free is better. As long as your subscription is valid you have the ability to play the full versions of the following games:
        Battlefield 4
        Madden NFL 25
        FIFA 14
        Peggle 2
        Need for Speed Rivals
        Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare
        EA Sports UFC
        NBA Live 15
        Madden NFL 15
        NHL 15
        FIFA 15
        Dragon Age: Inquisition
        Battlefield Hardline

        There are some quality games in that mix and if nothing else it gives new console owners the chance to jump-start their library and try a range of games. The $10 discount isn't worth it for Australian digital game prices but if you're like me and use the American Store its a lot more worthwhile.

  • Is there any good reason to own an Xbox one for someone who already has a ps4?

    Considering all my mates play online on PlayStation and multiplats are all better on ps4?

    It's pretty much just forza and halo or is there something I'm missing?

    • Nah. Unless you're dying to play the exclusives I wouldn't bother. It's pretty much the reason I haven't got a PS4 yet, can't see a great reason to when (almost) everything I would want is released on both consoles.

    • +1 vote

      Maybe not but my sons mate has both because some play certain games on xbiz another group play ps4 games. I guess he wants to play with all friends.

      I loved halo on xbox and the new halo is making me think xbox

    • I like to look at xbox one as a FPS machine and Ps4 as the main console.

      Once in a while games like sunset overdive came up and it's nice to have both if you have the dough.

  • Imo and its my genuine opinion this kinect bundle is better value https://www.jbhifi.com.au/games-consoles/games/Gaming-Consol...
    Simply because kinect is more expensive than buying an external drive.
    Funny enough i saw these deals 2 days ago and didnt think thy were that great but i was proven wrong lol

    • I don't think anyone wants Kinect anymore

      • I bought Kinect for $40 off gumtree and find it useful and fun. The thing has some serious tech in it (HW+SW). Voice commands, gestures, and some games are well worth it for me.

  • I bought this bundle!! But I dont believe I received the 12 Month EA Access. I received the game (card to download the game), how does the ea access come? A card with a serial number?

    • The EA access code is in the bag with the Fifa 16 code. Once you register the code you need to download EA access hub and from there go into the vault and you can download all the games.

      Be prepared to hit your quota a bit, I've done close to 180gb since I got mine on Thursday (I did have some games with gold from my 360 as well though). Luckily Xbox live downloads are (mostly) unquota'ed with internode.

      • Did the bundle come with a headset? Also, does the bundle come in a regular box or is it a FIFA themed box?

  • Is this deal still available in JB Hi-Fi?