Best Postpaid Plan to Keep Aus Number Alive

Living Overseas and have the 3 UK SIM which has 25GB Free Data Roaming on Telstra or Vodafone, when I'm back in AU anyway… so I just have 2 AU numbers I want to keep alive.

One has a $10 Telstra plan that is no longer available.

The other has been on an expensive bundled plan where I didn't hassle them for an upgrade and have paid off a handset twice (ozb fail). They aren't coming to the table with an upsell involving credit or anything for this.

But the cheapest plan now is $35.. Bit of a joke as I pay that for the 3 plan with 600 minutes and unlimited data and roaming in 17 countries…

So OZB, what is the cheapest way to keep these numbers? Prepaid sort of works, but you have to be vigilant.. almost lost a number to this previously. $10 a month is just easy, but $35 is too much.


  • Have you seen ALDImobile? Prepaid, but 365 day credit expiry.

    • Agree. $5 for first year, and $15 (minimum recharge) per year after that.

  • +1

    Amaysim AS YOU GO plan with autorecharge $10 every 90 days.

  • Optus My prepaid daily
    $1 a day but you only get charged on the days you use. I.e i barely use mine and let other people ring me, and $10 credit has lasted months. 6month credit expiry, so will cost you $20 a year to keep number alive, potentially $10 as you get an extra 6months to recharge before number is Dc'd.

  • Can you actually port your number to prepaid? I thought porting only works with postpaid..

    • Yes you can.

  • I wonder if just a port out and then back in to September updated_(prepaid) Freedom Plus could work; and use Telstra Online Text Buddy when outside of coverage?

    This is the same remote txt app I use to keep up my prepaid benefits at least biweekly (transfer*04xxxxxxxx*10 by SMS 1258888): in principle, I guess, *1$ sent twice annualy would keep your registered sim alive.