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Aldi Mobile - Pay as You Go - $5 for 365 Days - with $5 Credit



Pay As You Go

All new SIM cards come with $5 of included Pay As You Go (PAYG) credit loaded onto them.
You can add a Value Pack or Data Pack to your PAYG base plan to get extra value.

Casual calls, SMS, data
Use your credit on what you like, whenever you like
Long lasting credit
Our Pay As You Go plans give you 365 day credit expiry.
Great value
Calls 12c per min, SMS 12c each, international calls from 10c per min

Thanks to SamR

From 8th April, instead of being charged per MB, you will be charged per 25KB. This applies to all of our PAYG plans, Value Packs and Data Packs.
Also a new XXL $45 plan, included value:

The following services are provided for 30 days within Australia:

  1. 43,200 minutes to standard national fixed lines and standard national mobile (on other networks), 13, 1300, 1800, and voicemail;
  2. 50,000 standard national SMS (on other networks) without charge;
  3. 20,000 MMS to standard national mobiles (Video MMS excluded) without charge;
  4. 4GB of data; and
  5. Free ALDImobile to ALDImobile calls and SMS

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  • +22

    I'm afraid it's been around for a few years.

    • +8

      Indeed, this is the usual price, not a deal.

      • +7

        I believe when Noah was a boy he was on that plan.

        • +5

          Then his Sony phone got damaged, even though it was meant to be waterproof.

        • -2

          @Risto: sorry you are wrong , it was damaged by a bad Crowe

  • +25

    this has been avalible since aldi started selling sims.

      • +32

        I know thats why you don't see "The" in front of the word "sims".

  • International calls cheaper than local calls?

    • +4

      this is something I found really bizarre when first came to Australia

    • +1

      Not just Aldimobile.

  • +3

    Thanks for sharing however as others have mentioned this has been around for a while.

  • +11

    I didn't know about this. Thanks!

  • -1

    This is there terms from when they started and been avalible since aldi started selling sims.

    • +7


  • +9

    Thanks. I didn't know about Aldi either. The 365 expiry suits me and not many others offer it.

  • +1

    It is a very old bargain.

    • oldie but a goodie - props to Aldi Mobile

  • 365 days expiry is great but Amaysim has a lower international rate that suits me more
    Stick to Amaysim

    • +2

      Calls to Philippines are only 10c a min a lot cheaper than Alaysim

  • +11

    Glad you came out of your Coma.

    • +1

      And the guy who says he is John Black is really Roman (sorry, spoiler alert)

  • +6

    I see a stack of Aldi posts & old bargains coming if this isn't moved to the forums.

  • How much is voicemail? can't find anything about it in the CIS

    • 12c/min

  • +7

    I appreciate this offer being re-iterated as While I knew the sim had $5 of calls included, I wasn't aware that it ran for 365 days. Pretty handy for the spare mobile my wife carries to merely ring me when we've become separated in the mall or for a childs phone. So 41 one minute calls, texts or 100mb data included - thats sweet. I guess at the end of the year you just chuck the sim and buy another as there's no 365 day plans for $5.

    • +7

      Or you can just recharge for another $15 which still last for another 365 days
      (I know $10 more/yr, but keep the same no. and without re-register….)
      Probably still one of the best long-expiry on a reliable network
      $15 for a year, good for those who do not make much calls eg kids?,emergency phone…

    • Some of family use duel. Sim auldi flip phone, thanks so now will fill this for spare line. Also will see if i can use their sim in auldi tablet and compare it to telstra mobile data purchases until clearances in coles, target big w (if i am quick enough when oz bargained) come around again.

  • +2

    Some very interesting and humorous comments.

    It is a old bargain, but it is still a bargain and a current bargain.

  • +1

    Great mobile plan for ppl have work phones but want to keep personal ones with a low price.

  • +16

    Whoa! Hang on guys something big has changed. It is now a fantastic offer.

    Should update the deal


    An improvement to data consumption

    From 8th April, instead of being charged per MB, you will be charged per 25KB. This applies to all of our PAYG plans, Value Packs and Data Packs.

    For example, if you consume 490KB of actual data, your credit will be depleted by 500KB as it is rounded up to the nearest 25KB; previously your credit would have been depleted by a whole MB.

    What this means for you is that you can enjoy even more data, for no extra charge.
    For customers who use PAYG credit for data, you will also consume in 25KB blocks and the equivalent charge will be depleted from your balance.

    Now, the minimum charge for using data will be $0.001 per 25KB. We will always display your balance rounded to the nearest cent.

    Also a new XXL $45 plan


  • +9

    Deals like this are also good for anyone that has a home alarm system that takes sim cards to send you an alert in the event of a detection. The low per year cost of them make them ideally suited to an application like that.

  • Can I use Aldi sim with telstra mobile?

    • You should be able to unless it's locked to the Telstra network in which case you need to unlock it first… Make sure you get the right size sim card…

      • -1

        Aldi actually use the Telstra network, so you should be able to use a Telstra network locked mobile with an ALDI sim.

  • +1

    Similar but a bit specific question.. Can you use it with Nokia Lumia 530 locked to Telstra?

    • +1

      Not if it's specifically locked to Telstra… You need to unlock first…

      • but it uses Telstras network doesnt it?

        • Yes, that's why i asked this question

        • @kelasen:

          I've tried - no, the Nokia is locked to telstra mobile.

        • @sim36:


    • You have to unlock it. "Bagman" on ozbargain unlocked mine for $15 late last year. I paid via paypal ([email protected]), just make sure to include the phone's IMEI and your email address. Also, iirc another ozbargainer who was already a Telstra customer rang Telstra and they unlocked her Nokia 530 for free.

      • Now bag man charge USD 25 to unlock it

  • +2

    Good post

    Bcuz i had no idea abt it.

    Thank you! OP.

  • +1

    I saw the value packs and got all excited thinking they also might expire in a year. Usual 30 day thingy.

    Beyond Aldi and Amaysim are there any suggestible PAYG deals?

    I've thrown away tens of dollars on unused data, calls and SMS since Live Connected shafted us. I'm looking to shaft their sister-company Vaya eventually. But I still want to be withstand being put on hold with a bank or government agency without getting panic attacks. $7.20/hr is a bit much and 5 c/MB is just crazy for even basic data requirements in 2015.

    • this is not aldi related answer. but i found lycamobile. going to try it out now. prices are good

      • lycamobile has flagfall of 29c per call…

        pretty expensive if that adds up

        amaysim is the other alternative

    • +3

      yatango is great

  • +5

    Some replied here they already known about this, but people like me don't know about this plan, so thanks OP for your share.

  • +1

    I seldom make calls (less 10 x 1min call per month) and use data only (less than 1GB).
    I found that DoDo's prepaid mobile (11c per with 1GB data add-on ($10, 30-day expiry) suit me most.
    DoDo's prepaid mobile
    11c x 10 x 12 = $13.2 for calls per year.
    $10 x 12 = $120 for data per year.
    Total: $13.2 + $120 = $133.2 per year.

    Aldi Mobile
    12c x 10 x 12 = $14.4 for calls per year.
    $16.5 x 12 = $198 for data per year.
    Total: $14.4 + $198 = $212.4 per year.

    Any better deal based on my usage?

    • +2

      If you average less than 500MB per month than CMobile Red AYG is good. Vodafone network. Per MB charging, SIM charge. You can get cheaper data with Vodafone via a mix of $5 (500MB) and $15 (2GB) recharges but you need to use VoIP or callback to avoid the very expensive Voda call rates. There's also dual SIM phones and Amaysim post-paid with a referral credit would be excellent as your calling SIM.

    • If you had a dual-sim phone like Moto G you could have Aldi SIM (telstra network) for calling and the other for data. Vodafone's 15GB 365 days for $125 can be had for $100 when 20% discount available. If you go this route you will save $18.8 and only need to recharge once per year.

      • Hows Vodafone reliability on your mobile? I had it and it was terrible. Like 1.5 out of a scale of 9.

        • It probably depends which area you are. I am in Brunswick VIC and have not noticed any issue with Vodafone. I am not heavy user.
          In some areas it may be not as good as other providers.

      • Voda mobile broadband is a good idea if you're using that enough data and get a discount, but you can use data only on a Voda phone service and depending on usage that may work out cheaper.
        It also allows you to purchase data monthly - there is no other choice. To get 15GB you could alternate between 500MB and 2GB purchases every 28 days for around the same price as full price. broadband. You need a plan to start, but a $10 prepaid cap or payg recharge will do for that.
        The monthly data pack purchases will keep your service alive and allow you to receive incoming calls and txts but not make calls out side of the original recharge validity. You can purchase $2-4 minicaps though as needed for 1-2 days service.

        amaysim post-paid saves you from having to "recharge" at all and can be considered an alternative to Dodo with similar price. amaysim now have 4G and per KB charging, but have hiked their casual data rate. amaysim data expires while Dodo's carries over if recharged on time every month. amaysim's 365 day data plan mitigates that a bit. They also vary in customer service, I prefers anybody else's to Dodo.

    • yeh, but is only the Optus network not Telstra and worst still its DoDo, a company based on an extinct bird and dishonesty.

  • +2

    Thanks, didn't knew about this

  • I'm currently on the Amaysim As You Go plan. It's post-paid and they bill me once I go over $15 or every 3 months, whatever comes first.

    Is the Aldi plan at all similar to this?

    • IIRC no, it's pure prepaid. I'm also on prepaid Amaysim. I could also go postpaid, but not worth worrying about as I've been running off referral credit and some converted FF points so I haven't done any topups for over a year. I buy an Amaysim data pack now and then to extend the credit expiry.

  • been using Aldi packs to keep my nice numbers :)

    • that's what I'd like to do. did you have to call in? I can't seem to find it on the website (I'm assuming the phone number input is for another phone and they will send out a sim with a new number)

      • Just port the number you want to keep to Aldimobile. When you activate the SIM, they do the work behind the scenes, and at some point your phone shows Aldimobile instead of your old provider.

  • +1

    Wait, do we need to signup to a new plan to get the 25KB billing?

    I'm off to write an email to them. Will report back later.

  • +2

    I'm really surprised such offered been on the market for long time can still get that many people to vote for it.

    • I agree, especially since it has a physical store presence selling these for how long you'd think most people here would've seen it by now…

  • Are there any cheap Telstra-locked phones that will work with an ALDI SIM card? e.g. the Nokia 208 that goes on sale for $19 sometimes.

    • +4

      It's $18.00 at HN - http://www.harveynorman.com.au/phones-accessories-gps/phones...
      Sween64 says TGG will price beat, so it's $15.00 - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/187164#comment-2634210
      Comments in this post says it will work - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/176023

    • You could alway "splurge" and get the Vodafone Huawei Y550 which currently can be had for less than $50 from a number of sources, including this $40 deal at HNif you sign up for their newsletter plus a few dollars to unlock. It supports all the 3G bands used in Australia, so your only issue using it on Aldi will only arise if they ever get access to all bands of Telstra's 4G network since it can't receive the new 700Mhz band. If you can get a Telstra/Optus 4G phone of comparable quality that would be more future proof for Telstra and Optus but the cheapest contender I'm aware of the Optus Alcatel POP S3 which supports all the AU 3G band and has been been on special low as $59 isn't of comparable quality.

      The majority of Telstra phones will work with Aldi and other Telstra MVNOs with the exception of Lycamobile which is currently roaming on Telstra.

  • +1

    No international roaming which is a bummer but otherwise quite reasonable.

  • +1

    no deal i bought this sim 2 years ago and it had $5 credit on it then.

    • +4

      How much is left now?

      • Well of course i have reloaded several times since then.

  • As many others have stated, this deal has been around for ages. I bought one for my dad recently as he was with Savvytel and hardly uses his phone much.

  • Wow, that's really good price. Wondering how to move my current mobile over to ALDI

    • -2

      Wondering how to move my current mobile over to ALDI

      Put your current mobile in your pocket and then go to any Aldi store.

      • Put your current mobile in your pocket and then go to any Aldi store.

        Exactly, that's how I moved my phone from optus to Telstra to Vodafone to virgin to Aldi - all within an hour.

  • +1

    Thanks - I didn't know about that

  • The XL $35 plan looks interesting. Does that also comes with 365 days expiry date and how good is their mobile network?

    • +2

      My wife is on that plan, and she use her phone alot too. She has no complaint about it. The time it took for them to recharge is very short.

      We're living in Bendigo and the coverage is quite good. Hope that help.

    • +1

      The XL Value Pack has 30 days credit expiry.

  • +1

    Ah ha this would saves me $100-115 a year, thanks op

  • +3

    I prefer Yatango PAYG,, their data packs are much better value too.

    • I was looking at Yatango as someone was mentioning it in this thread. However, it seems to have some bad reviews with customer service and a 2% credit card surcharge on payment.

      Does anyone else use Yatango and can you tell me of the pros and cons?

      • +1

        Well I won't defend or advocate them, just share my thoughts. I got the plan for my wife who has next to no one to call or message (in Australia), as such, she is a light user and there is never any need to contact customer service. I went with Yatango mainly for data (1gb is only $11)

        The pros for me are:
        -no flagfall
        -data billed by kb
        -facebook data isn't counted (but pics, videos, etc. are)

        -crappy international rates
        -credit card surcharge (not really a big deal considering the savings)

        • I'm more interested in call rates. Yatango have cheaper rates than Aldi but Aldi's long expiry date makes it more worth it.

          I'm going to get a few family members to join for the free calls within the same company, so it's either Aldi or Yatango. Can't decide.

          I looked at Lycamobile but the flagfall is ridiculous, making every call around 60 cents at least. But the good thing is you don't need any credit to make lycamobile to lycamobile calls. Whereas with Aldi you need to have a value pack of $10 each month.

          Does anyone else know of any company that has free calls between users within the same company but charge less than $10 which also include some free minutes?

        • +1

          CMobile Red $9.90
          Virgin Mobile Simple
          Kiss Mobile Easy Mobile Plan

          That's just a few I found from checking some likely suspects you're bound to find some more if you put some effort it. Free on-net calls is a pretty common feature with smaller (and not so small it seems MVNOs). In the past there have been reports of the free calling extending to any number on the parent carrier, I don't know about today.

      • The people forced from their Savvytel plans over to Yatango are none too happy with them. There are a few reports of people going to the TIO to get their credit refunded as is their right owing to Yatango's upcoming cancellation of their service.

        • yeah, it seems like the bulk of the current reviews are from Savvytel.

  • +1

    But this XXL plan sounds promising as far as data goes

    • Well, yes, I suppose…

      It's only $10 more per month than the original Aldi 5GB per month plan with unlimited calls & text!

  • I remember that when Aldi Mobile first came to be, and with lots of grief reported on Whirlpool etc., some people were required to photcopy their licence and mail it in to AM HQ, in order to successfully sign-up!

    One would hope that silliness has ceased.

    Has anybody in the thread tried to sign-up recently and experienced any problems?

    • +1

      When I signed up late last year online it was pretty straightforward irc. With the major form of ID being my Medicare card number.

  • +1

    I guess I am one of the few that didn't know there was a prepaid sim with a 365 day expiry. Just the thing I was looking for. Perfect for emergency phone use for the little ones. Thanks OP !

    • +2

      Amaysim post-paid AYG is better if the phone is used at least every 3 months. Optus SIM can have fixed (PIN2) dialing enabled so you can limit who they dial.

      • Fixed dialing is great. I'll definitely check them out as well. Thanks!

        • Don't forget to get a referral link from another Amaysim customer for $10 free credit for you and the referrer. If you have no one specific you want to reward just use the random referral from the amaysim entry right here on OzBargain.

  • +1

    Any way to get these if you live in WA or similar options for an emergency phone to give the youngster when he starts making his own way to school??

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