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expired 49 $0 Udemy Courses (Links Inside)


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    Great! Thanks TA.


    Thanks for this compilation TA

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    Hey, "Motivation Mastery", maybe I can finally get motivated enough to dig through my huge Udemy collection


    Great Finding TA ! Thank you !


    Thanks TA - another great selection as always!!!

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    Thanks TA, just enrolled to Steps To Becoming a Purpose-Driven Woman and I am a man, Am I keen to learn or what.


    Good Work TA! Thanks

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    Affiliate Marketing is no longer free.


    Just wanted to let you know Working with Companies Online is no longer free


    This one comes up as $9 for me.

    EDIT: Also another thing, is there a time period you have to take the course within? Will it eventually expire if I just enroll but don't want to do it for a couple of months?


      You have them forever to do at anytime before the end of the universe. Or the end of udemy. Whichever comes first.


    Options trading has sold out


    Psychic powers, reading auras…

    Not sure if "online education" is really the right description for Udemy any more.


    Is Udemy actually any good? By the look of the course titles, I'm just imagining an online version of this…

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    I like checking these for the pseudo-science/no-science courses.

    How to Read Auras
    This course is designed to help you understand people better and gain information about them by reading their aura and analyzing their behavior.
    It is ideal for people who are into spirituality, hypnotism , tarot card reading, healers , magicians and astrologers.
    By the end of the course you will be more psychic and be able to know people better and use it for your personal and professional growth.

    Need I say more?

    Learn how to raise children the right way

    Oh? There's only one right way?

    Like there is only one version of math, there is also only one right version of parenting.
    With math you can do many things. Same with raising children.

    Don't really think math is a good analogy… but let's try to use it. Suppose that 2 = good parenting.

    1 + 1 = 2
    1 x 2 = 2
    2 - 0 = 2

    So using math, it appears we can arrive at 2 using several versions of math, not just one. So if we are comparing parenting with math, then logically, it means we can arrive at good parenting in several ways:

    A + A = Good parenting
    A + B = Good parenting
    B - C = Good parenting

    Or maybe this whole analogy is complete BS? You be the judge.

    There are several other things on that page I can mock but as a comedian, I prefer to not go for the obvious.


    Thanks TA!
    Sales Funnelling is gone btw