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Velocity Frequent Flyer 15% Bonus Transfer in November


Received an email from velocity about their 10th anniversary promotions. Been waiting for this since May

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Velocity Frequent Flyer
Velocity Frequent Flyer

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    Would anyone recommend this as 1 of the better ways to utilise Citibank citi-rewards points?

  • Doesn't seem to list how you can transfer or what the listed card providers you can transfer points from?

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      There will apparently be updated info on this offer and which card providers are included coming through from Velocity in the next day or so, and it will then also appear on the Velocity website.

  • In the AMEX transfer page and it doesnt say 15%. I'm hesitant to transfer if this page hasnt been updated yet.

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      Begins November 1st = tomorrow ;)

  • Hmm.. No Citibank? Can anyone confirm?

    • Citibank is possible depending on which card. According to the velocity website you can get these transfer rates:

      1.5 Citi Rewards points = 1 Velocity Point for Citibank Signature (Visa), Prestige (Visa) and CitiBusiness Gold (Visa) credit cards

      2 Citi Rewards points = 1 Velocity Point for Citibank Gold (Visa) and Citibank Platinum (Visa) credit cards

      Eligible Credit Cards - from Velocity

      Citibank Information - from Velocity

      • As you've listed, various Citibank cards are eligible for points transfers to Velocity at any time, but for the 15% bonus points, it depends on whether Citibank is participating in this particular promotion as not all financial institutions are involved each time, For example, I'm with CBA and have found over the past couple of years, there have been several of these bonus point transfer offers that they haven't participated in.

        ETA: Have just had a banner ad for this promotion appear on another website I'm browsing. According to the ad http://www.velocityfrequentflyer.com/transfers/index.htm?cmp... participating providers in this offer are:

        ANZ Business One VIsa
        St George
        Bank of Melbourne.

        so can confirm Citibank isn't listed. Haven't received an email from Velocity yet and the link for the offer isn't appearing on their website yet either, but assume that should happen within the next day or so seeing as we've just ticked over to 1st November,

        • Hmmmmmmmm good call, I didn't realise that at all! Thanks for the heads up that Citibank isn't invovled this time. I checked the link and there is more info now. Does Citibank usually participate in those or not?

        • @db2k:

          I think it tends to be the luck of the draw. To be honest, I've never taken much notice of Citibank's participation rate as I don't have a credit card with them. However, judging by threads on places like Australian Frequent Flyer and discussions regarding these offers, as well as my own personal experience with CBA, it seems that it's becoming more common nowadays that not all providers participate each time - so you just tend to keep your fingers crossed that your provider will be included when these offers come up!

  • Awesome. Time to converts those bonus ANZ platinum card points

  • Would it be best to migrate all my amex points to my velocity?

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