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KFC - The 'One' Box $12.95 ($13.95 to $14.95 in Some other Stores)


The One Box is back and it’s packed with mouth-watering favourites -

  • a piece of golden Original Recipe Chicken,
  • a Wicked Wing,
  • an Original Recipe Fillet or spicy Zinger Fillet,
  • Original Tender,
  • Mini Popcorn Chicken,
  • a delicious dinner roll,
  • regular potato and gravy,
  • chips,
  • drink and
  • Supercharged sauce (Or Aioli, etc.)

Dig in and get messy with ten of your favourites and now a humongous wipe. It totally cleans up.

At participating stores for a limited time only.
Sorry, not available in Tasmania.
Expiry Date TBC
Please Note when I originally posted this it was $11.95 at some stores in Newcastle. They have now changed it to $12.95 in-store & on the Xpress App at those stores. I assume that some stores were unhappy with the discrepancies in there state & requested that stores(I suspect the franchised ones) increase their prices across the board. :-(

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  • +1

    Seems similar to a standard 5 stars box

    • Very similar, but this has the Bread Roll. ;-)
      I'm going to grab one now.

    • +4

      doesn't have the mini grilled wrap which i never liked, has more chicken instead. definitely an improvement

      • I've been ordering the 5 stars box since they stole the All Stars box from me.

        I always swap the grilled wrap for the BBQ crispy strip wrap (which the 5 stars originally had). Which is much better (bbq tender wrap now the crispy strips have gone the way of the dodo).

        I also always swap the potato and gravy for dinner rolls (2-6 depending on store/server), or occasionally for an upgrade to large chips.

  • +2

    I guess I'll have to pay <$19 to fly to Melbourne to pick one of these up…

  • +2

    was considering 2 $5 boxes for lunch, but i guess ill have one of these.

    thanks OP

  • +13
    —-> Energy Protein Fat, Total Fat, Saturated Carbohydrates Sugar Carb Sodium
    Value 4392.90kJ 68.65g 62.19g 10.67g 50.69g 5.43g 2814.40mg

    Damn son. 4400 kJ. That's gotta tighten the belt…

    • +2

      2.8 grams of salt. Holy cow. That's your daily fat serving in one go.

      • +2

        "To convert from sodium to the approximate salt equivalent, multiply sodium content by 2.5"
        That's actually a whopping 7 grams of salt.

    • +1

      This is why diet cokes and pepsis are popular on these places. People have their standards, damn it!

      • +7

        Pepsi Max tastes better than Pepsi…

        • +8

          You are the first person i have ever met that prefers the disgusting aftertaste of Max over regular Pepsi…

        • +1

          @stealthpaw: I wish i could upvote more

        • +1

          Pepsi Max is the cola king. Never question his authority!

        • +1


          You are the first person i have ever met that prefers the disgusting aftertaste of Max over regular Pepsi…

          Maybe he likes an aftertaste in his mouth.

        • +1

          Maybe he likes an aftertaste in his mouth.


        • @Maverick-au: I'm sure it would pleasant compared to some other tastes…

  • +75

    Me: Can I get that One Box please?
    Cashier: Yes, which box are you interested in?
    Me: The One Box
    Cashier: Yes, which one?
    Me: THE ONE BOX!!!
    Cashier: YEAH. WHICH ONE?!?!

    Some say to this day, we are still arguing

    • +7

      And all we know is he’s called the Stig.

  • +1

    This is $12.95 at my local here in Brisbane and shows $12.95 when I add to cart on the website


    • That maybe because they have different owners (ie The Collins Group).
      We have 2 MacDonalds here in Charlestown, NSW & the Franchise in the Shopping Centre is usually cheaper than the one on the Highway (Eg Chocolate Shake $4.35 vs $4.95, A Breakfast Combo is nearly $1 cheaper).

      • +2

        True but the title states a price and I thought I would point out its more expensive up north…but since up here you could have a hot and spicy piece of chicken all year round its worth it :)

    • Same :l

    • Is the drink included in qld?

  • +3

    "and now a humongous wipe"

    Dignity, it was knowing you.

    • +5


      • +1

        yes, phone texting while drunk on race day. Nope

  • +10

    There's lots of boxes out there. But one day you'll find 'the one' and it will be the only box you want to eat from then on.

    • Lol, I see what you did there……

  • +1

    $12.95 in SA too.

  • +3

    HAH a delicious dinner roll. i never found them very tasty…

    • +7

      You put some chicken into the dinner roll. Then dip the roll into the mash potato gravy. Enjoy.

      • +4

        I always put chips in mine to make a chip sandwich.

      • +1

        That doesn't sound very healthy. If you skip the bread roll its less calories

        • +5

          If you skip the whole box, you save yourself some money as well as calories.

  • For some reason, it's coming up as $12.95 for me at other NSW and ACT locations, including Charlestown.

    • Interesting. I thought that even in store it was advertised at $11.95.
      Warners Bay is coming up at $11.95.

    • It appears that all stores are at least $12.95 now. :-(

  • Check to make sure they put the wipe in the box, apart from having this as really terrible meal last night, they forgot to put the wipe in. Not going back to that KFC anytime soon.

  • +2

    Only one wicked wing!? bastards

    • +1

      Cant have just one wicked wing.

    • +1

      Yeah rather get the other boxes with three wicked wings. Wicked wings are the BEST PART about KFC.

  • +2

    haha, $13.95 at my local store - Perth metro

    why am I not surprised


    • +1

      I guess I'll just buy two $5 boxes then.

    • I was stuffed around by one of the Penrith stores a few months back. I saw the senior manager throw my receipt in the bin. I saw a few people served & receive their orders before us.

      • cool story bro

        what has Penrith got to do with the comment you replied to?

        • Whoops. I thought It said Penrith Metro. LOL. Too much celebration after backing a Roughie in the Cup yesterday.

  • +2

    12.95 in Sydney Metro

  • $12.95 in Randwick NSW

    • WTF? I literally just went there for lunch and it was $11.95

      • Don't know what's going on but I'm pretty sure I saw $12.95 on the poster.

        • +2

          Ya, the poster says 12.95 but when they actually ring it up it comes up as 11.95

  • Shows $11.95 on there the kfc express app.(brimbank store)

  • +4

    That humongous wipe is for the restroom after dunking the number one.

    • you should see a doctor about that

      pooping out your pee pee hole isn't right son

  • How is this anything but advertisement?

    • Its not posted by a rep, so not an advertisement.

      It also has positive votes.

      • a 3rd party advertisement is still an advertisement…

    • +4

      Initially, I was going to put it on the forum, then when I looked at what was in it for $11.95, I changed my mind. I didn't realise at the time there would be conflicting prices.
      I do not work for KFC, nor do I have any friends or relatives that do. I just enjoy their food, though it can vary from store to store. ;-)

  • +3

    Throw in a receipt and get another chips and drink and that would go very well between two people

  • +6

    Wow ten different food items. I reckon on average each box will be missing two of them. Or at least the spoon and napkins.

    • +2

      Or at least the spoon and napkins.

      No biggie, they're not that tasty anyway

  • +3

    I'm gonna eat the One Box while playing my Xbox One.

    • +1

      and surfing ozbargain on your One Plus One?

    • Whilst another person is also playing with your box.

  • "Dig in and get messy with ten of your favourites and now a humongous wipe. It totally cleans up."

    You use it for wiping the other end when it comes out?

  • Hmm looks like we don't get any other item to replace this in tas, boo kfc boo

    • Nm we get mashies instead. Apparently they are good, so neener neener mainland aus

  • Where is the bargain? Isn't this just the normal price for this item?

  • $11.95 at PENRITH Westfield's NSW.

  • +1

    If they got rid of the 'delicious' dinner roll and potato and gravy it would be a much better deal.

    • +1

      I ordered with 2 Potato & Gravies. However, you can order it with 2 Chips. You can feed the Bread Rolls (From Tip Top) to the birds. ;-)

      • +1

        2 chips… thanks that's good to know.

  • +2

    It was displayed as $12.95 in Caulfield. On the receipt, it was $11.95. Thats 2 days in a row to KFC now. Thanks Ozbargain!!!!

  • I can't eat hot n spicy but thanks all the same.

  • Doesn't really stand out as a bargain to me, especially if it's pushing $13 in other places.

  • not really a deal.

    who would eat this junk anyways…

  • Am I the only one who does a cheeky chuckle, whenever he see not available in Tasmania

  • -2

    Would you like a double by-pass with that?

  • OP, Better change your heading.

    Called my local store, was told the one box was $14.95.

    Apparently that's country WA price.

    Also the KFC express app doesn't seem to work over here in WA!!

    • Done.
      I have made a note in the description.
      The 2 stores I checked yesterday are now $12.95.
      I assume a lot of Ozbargainers went in-store & questioned the price difference, and these stores complained to their Area Managers etc.
      The KFC Xpress App as far as I know is not supported by stores owned by the Collins group (ie Qld/WA/NT). Quite a few stores in NSW still don't support it, as they maybe franchised & cannot afford to support it, yet. That's what one of the Manager's said to me.

  • Streetwise Feast for $19.95 seems like better value, not as much variety of chicken types but you get 6 pieces, 3 strips, 6 nuggets, 2 large chips & my local lets you swap one of the chips for a large drink or gravy. Oh & u get the sauces which i dont bother with as they taste too msg-ish lol. I prefer to use my own bbq sauce at home.

  • I think you should all know it looks no where as "full" as it does in the picture.

    • +1

      and i bet the chicken doesn't look like it does in the picture either, just like HJ's & Maccas burgers look like crap compared to the pictures ;)

    • You can request a Thigh or Breast Piece. ;-)

  • Please note, that this offer is still on the App, and most stores still have it on their register. It should finish Sunday 6th December.