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Win a Unique Stay at a Hidden House from Airbnb or 1 of 15 Dyson V6 Absolute Vacuums (Daily) from Dyson



Closing Date 19/11/2015
Multi-draw Yes


Description 1 x Unique Stay at a Hidden House, 15 x Dyson V6 Absolute Vacuums
No. of Prizes 1
Total Prize Pool $63,485.00

Entry Requirements

Open To Australia-wide
Entry Limit One per person
Entry Methods Website
Prerequisites Account/Membership
  • Account registrations on The Hidden House and Airbnb required.
  • Follow the daily clues posted on Dyson's Facebook page and guess the location of where this hidden house will be. You will be able to 'pin' this location on a map on the competition page (once you are logged in).
    • The first valid entry received correctly guesses the coordinate corresponding to the location of the hidden house will be the winner of this hidden house trip.

  • The winner of the unique stay at a hidden house will receive return economy airfares from their nearest Australian capital city to the nearest airport to the hidden house and return transfers from the airport to the hidden house (if they do not reside in the same state/territory as the hidden house). The winner will also receive two nights accommodation at the hidden house, an all inclusive mini-bar and daily breakfast, a three course dining experience for one companion and up to six additional guests (guests are responsible for own transport, including airfares), a cultural experience, bar experience, a spa treatment and a $1,000 Visa gift card. The trip MUST be taken from 27/11/2015 to 29/11/2015.

  • There will also be daily draws for entrants to win a Dyson V6 Absolute Vacuum throughout the competition period.

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  • +7 votes

    The hidden house is east of South Australia. It is close to the beach. It is in Victoria. It is close to an AFL stadium. It is in Melbourne. It is near a train station. It is in the Hoddle Grid. It is near the aquarium and St Patrick's cathedral. It is in the Melbourne CBD north of the river.

    Clue 1 (5/11/2015): When you're looking for our house below the tropic line. Your chances are higher if you inquire about the goat star sign.

    Clue 2 (6/11/2015): To help you with this mystery, here's another clue released. If Australia's your map, a layer you'll unwrap, going from South directly east.

    Clue 3 (7/11/2015): If you're taking a quick drive with a bucket, spade and ball, we know the mess grows as sand falls from your toes, but the Dyson V6 gets it all.

    Clue 4 (8/11/2015): You'll know you're getting closer if a crown & stars are seen. The Dyson V6 loves cleaning on the floor & the ceiling. Our land is named after a Queen.

    Clue 5 (9/11/2015): There are many of these around. Read between the upright lines. Hear the crowd cheering at the green clearing. It's a unique Australian design.

    Clue 6 (10/11/2015): We're in the place for you if you're ardent about clothes. Whether pretty or gritty it's the capital city. The Dyson V6 worked the shows.

    Clue 7 (11/11/2015): The Dyson V6 is beautifully engineered. The hidden house is too. Just like the colourful map, but please mind the gap in order to change your view.

    Clue 8 (12/11/2015): If you find the ‪#‎dysonhiddenhouse‬ first, Andy Allen will be be treating you to dinner. Hint - if you’re looking at the video, you’re looking in the right direction.

    Clue 9 (13/11/2015): Here's a clue, pay attention, Hoddle in real close. What an interesting guy & we wouldn't lie, it's not the street we liked most.

    Clue 10 (14/11/2015): Do you take a seat on Sundays? Or walk under the sea? Either way, you'll love your stay. So much to do and see.

    Clue 11 (15/11/2015): Today's clue is brought to you by Hayley Lauren Design. Masterpieces are not the only discoveries amongst the city’s lanes and backstreets.

    Clue 12 (16/11/2015): I spy an amazing view and the lane is in front of the house. Between grand old hotels and winter farewells. You're close if you're near an old blouse.

    Clue 13 (17/11/2015): Airbnb is your journeying ally. Search wonders down under to see. But time you'll misspend if you scour the same end as the warehouse apartment for three.

    Clue 14 (18/11/2015): Have you thought to ask for help? Or maybe ask the Queen? Or Maybe her spouse can help find the house, or maybe it's somewhere between.

    Clue 15 (19/11/2015): We'be finally reached the peak, the rooftop, the ultimate clue. Someone will win and relax with a gin, and we hope that someone is you.


    It's in Victoria..


    ^ What he said

  • +1 vote

    It's north of the Yarra.

  • +1 vote

    near the aquarium and St. Peter’s Cathedral.


    I know which street it is in…


  • +2 votes

    This comp was won ages ago…very poor security systems from the site. The hidden house BUT the clues are not hidden!

    what a fail of a comp!


    Oh, that sucks, so if it was won ages ago, why have people not announced where it is on a forum yet?


      Comp without doubt has been won already but I really doubt anyone could get the right answer (even with all clues) before Clues 5 or 6 without the guide to tell you whether you're on the right path.

      And comp being won ages ago is only an exaggeration. Hidden house is still hidden regardless, all just a matter of pinpointing the right place.


        I meant once u see all the clues it only took me 20min to figure out where the hidden house is…if you want me to post them I will.


          I've checked out the the clues too ever since you mentioned it but I think they are patched now.

          Other than that, I reckon there's just enough "clues" to pinpoint the exact location by clue 7 legitimately.

          But yeah, if anyone pinpointed the location of the hidden house before Clue 5 then they're obviously cheating (well even if they had the clues, I'd actually don't mind if they won since they were able to solve all those super vague clues without the daily hints LOL).



          Ive figured out its i-r-t

          is that what u got



          Yeah, I pinpointed something like that although I was pretty slow since Clue 3 REALLY threw me off since it discouraged me from searching the CBD…


          @ahly92: hmm ok, well congrats in advance then! I think if by some miracle, I would've won it'd feel a bit strange for me. As I reckon it's a waste of money for a couple of nights in this expensive "hidden" house. I'd rather have the money and spend it the ozbargain way = better value for money.

  • +1 vote

    i've been playing and i think its pretty hard to pin point the house yet! i don't believe its been found. on FB it says a clue was found but the house has not yet been pinned….im going to keep trying and either way i can still have a go at winning the daily prize :)

    • +2 votes

      I don't care about the grand prize, I just want a new Vacuum!!! Ahaha, that would be so good

      But yeah, the game's pretty fun :)

    • -2 votes

      yeah when i got the clues i was like THIS ALL MAKES SENSE NOW

      ps..you will love the upcoming clues…very well written


    Yup lost again, haha..


    Good game, I lost xD

    "Unfortunately this is not the hidden house."


    I found it, fingers crossed!


      Seeing that the winners are confirmed, may I ask what location you pinned? I've pinned many buildings but today's was wrong :/

      Congratulations on finding it by the way :)


    The hidden house is 386 Flinders lane. Shame I pinned the house next door five days ago.


      It's just a regular old house!

      Oh well, congratulations to whoever won! Wonder how fast they pinned it.

      You were close too though!

      Also, I can't help but wonder how or why is the prize pool so high? It's as if the accommodation and events are worth $50,000 or am I looking at this incorrectly? Just doesn't add up.


    Yeah, I don't get it either, I looked at that house a couple of days ago but thought, pff no way for that amount of money. And it is that house! Again, I think it'd be awkward staying at a place knowing it cost so much. That's a whole lotta money wasted I reckon, give me a vacuum!! Was an interesting competition nonetheless, but don't see the value for money. Congrats to whoever won!


    It makes sense given the competition billed the place as 'the most extraordinary Airbnb ever', which I think suggested that it wouldn't be a house or an apartment. The Tonic House is pretty much perfect for it too, given it's a dynamic event space that's hosted Instameets and MSFW events.

    A curious caveat is that only registered Airbnb users are able to enter, yet the signup process doesn't indicate this at all (unless you read the T&C). It would be unfortunate if someone genuinely picked the spot (as opposed to seeing the clues that were in the HTML early) and was disqualified because of that condition.

  • +18 votes

    Shit…! Phone call to say I won a Dyson :) Woo Cheers J :)

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